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3rd-Apr-2013 09:21 am - 29th Combo
redcladidealist: (Wings on my back)
Who: Lloyd Irving and anyone
Where: Starts off en route to the elevator, then continues up on the island
When: Morning, Noon, and Afternoon (please specify)
Style: I'll match!
Status: Open!

Warnings: Anyone who tags into the Afternoon runs the risk of being accidentally targeted by a powerful but miscast spell. If you want your character injured, go right ahead! o/ Just please, no character death.

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14th-Feb-2013 04:05 pm - EVENT - VALENTINE'S DAY
thalassino: (Default)


The host club's doors are closed for most of the morning, locals scurrying in and out with an odd flair to help set up for the big event. That sure is a lot of pink and red being carted inside. They must be going all out for this Zelos fellow. Who knows why.

Residents that wander around the plaza for any reason will find a local approaching them, hyping up some aspect of the party that might appeal to them. The lights, the music, the dancing! The chance for gossip! Here, if your date goes poorly, we'll treat you to a drink. If your date goes well, we'll treat you to a drink. If you just want a drink for the sake of it... hey, you get the picture! It's something for both the single and taken alike, and the people of the city seem to be more than happy reminding you of this fact whenever they can.

When it hits noon, all characters who have signed up for blind dates will receive an anonymous text. They will be wished a Happy Valentine's Day, congratulated on their upcoming date, and be asked to arrive at the host club between 5:30 and 6:00 pm. They will be given more instructions upon their arrival. And wear something flattering~! <3


At 6:30, the club is opened for everyone else. Feel free to adventure up to the bar or glance around at the couples. They might be a little unrecognizable, what, with those strange masks on. They look so familiar, but you just can't place who is who. Oh well. Mingle a bit and solve the mystery with those around you! Have a drink. Talk about your love life or lack thereof. A bartender is always there to lend you an ear.

At 7:00, the tables are cleared, the lighting is dimmed down, music is turned up, and the center of the club becomes a dance floor! Plush red couches line the edges for those that have had a rough night, and small tables of chocolates, sweets, heart-shaped h'orderves and various colors of roses dot the area. Locals are working alongside the host club and maid cafe to make sure things are kept in stock. No getting close to the bar if you're under-aged or we may just have to end your evening right here and now!
10th-Jan-2013 04:02 pm - 25th Combo - Rune Crest
redcladidealist: (Nervous)
Who: Lloyd Irving and castmates/CR who would be aware of the Rune Crest stuff going on
Where: Winespring Inn and forge
When: Today, morning and evening
Style: Either!
Status: Closed... ish? If you feel you have an IC reason to stop in, feel free!

Note: Please mark in the subject whether you are tagging before or after the making of the Crest. The actual forging of the Rune Crest is going to be handwaved to help simplify things.


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29th-Nov-2012 09:09 pm - The Cakes are not a lie!
lucentpalisade: (Bu-fly!)
Who: Sophie, Mithos, Cheria Barnes, anyone else in the family (i.e. Asbel, Malik, Hubert, Pascal) who'd be at the house.
Where: Tales House of Graces!
When: Uh... a couple of days ago!
Style: Either
Status: Semi Open

So shortly after inviting Mithos over to get his wedding cake, Sophie had trotted out to get some aprons since she promised both Tifa and Pascal one. She would give Tifa hers later, of course. Having tasks Malik to guard the cake in case Mithos arrived first, Sophie was lucky enough to get back home quickly enough that Mithos had yet to arrive.

Tiger Festival, however, had found the cakes and was currently intently staring at the counter, gauging if it was safe to jump up onto. The wedding cake is in danger!
22nd-Nov-2012 02:35 pm - ( open ) turkeeeeeeyyyy
spiria: (⌠ fond ⌡)
Who: Kohaku and anyone in Vatheon who wants to come and join the potluck!
When: NOW. Thanksgiving Day. 11/22/2012.
Where: The Plaza
Style: Starting in Brackets, go wild and do whatever!
Status: OPEN

[ As she had planned, Kohaku had set up a line of tables somewhere in the plaza, with some of the food she'd already prepared for the event on the table and chairs on each side of it. Over in another area, there were a couple of games, so that people who wanted to could have some fun with that; the games included 'pin the tail on the turkey,' and she'd brought some jump ropes out.

It was a pretty last-minute, not too well planned event, but it turned out pretty great, right? All that mattered was that people enjoyed it. ]

( ooc: It's a potluck! Have your characters bring food, add to the games, and do anything else that they wanna do! Go crazy! As long as it's within the rules of the game, I'm probably going to be pretty chill with it. B) I know there was some talk of spiking the drinks ... )
15th-Nov-2012 07:49 pm - Wandering the Plaza [Open]
crabbygenius: (Default)
Who: Washu and YOU~
Where: The Plaza
When: today [Nov.15th]  All day
Style: [brackets] preferred, but willing to adjust.
Status: Open~

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1st-Nov-2012 04:48 pm - 6ᴛʜ sᴇʀᴀᴘʜɪᴍ
martelapproves: (Mithos: Mortified)
Who: Mithos Yggdrasill and anyone.
Where: Lamufao
When: Just before sunrise.
Status: Open

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16th-Oct-2012 04:19 am - Arshis
strength_of_tomorrow: (Curse 35 - WAT.)
Who: Kratos Aurion and Vatheon
When: October 15th, morning
Where: Pendilium, the path from Pendilium to Ordo, Ordo
Style: Either
Status: Open!

[Kratos had quite been looking forward to the end of the house arrest. Lloyd is clearly unstable, he wants to get back to work on gathering materials for a Rune Crest. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be in the cards for the terminally unlucky angel. Sunday at midnight, he finds himself suddenly trapped in a very familiar form - the arshis. Whether he's exactly the same as Noishe now or not, he can't be certain. Noishe was the last one remaining in their time, but there were more once, supposedly. Thankfully, he wasn't alone when he changed. Zelos was there as well, and he let him out in the morning when his release was scheduled.

He didn't have to laugh quite that much about it, though.

Curious if Yuan turned into anything, Kratos makes his first stop at Pendilium 3-1, pawing insistently at the door.

After that, he makes his way down and out of the apartments, heading over to the Ordo neighborhood. At least he'll be able to keep an eye on Lloyd like this.]
24th-Sep-2012 08:22 pm
stickinthemud: (All the unsures)
Who: Yuan and anyone who wants to run into him!
Where: The plaza.
When: September 24th, late afternoon.
Style: [Action]
Status: Open.

[When Yuan awoke, it was in the streets of Vatheon's middle district, around 2 PM. To say he was disoriented would be an understatement. To say he was paranoid this was another one of Mithos' tricks would also be an understatement- He was almost sure of that. Some sort of 'punishment' for betraying Cruxis' ideals. It'd be just like him.

But then he'd found the welcome brochure and began to read. The more of it he'd absorbed, the more his head started to hurt. It seemed more and more unlikely Mithos was responsible for this, but that knowledge did nothing to settle his anxiety. If there's one thing he didn't like, it was being 'stuck'. Was he really supposed to believe there was nothing he could do to get himself out of here? And who else was here?

He would use the communicator to ask these questions, but after looking it over, he decided he didn't trust this device as far as he could throw it. There was no telling who would be listening, after all. He pocketed it for future investigation, but there was no way in hell he would be using it right now. So instead, he decided to seek out this Welcoming Committee. It seemed to be his safest bet for getting more information.

Starting later in the afternoon, anyone would be able to find him in the plaza, either staring up at the welcome building indecisively or observing people as they passed by. At some point, he would actually enter the building to see if anyone was inside, only to return to the plaza afterwards.]
23rd-Sep-2012 07:25 am - 17th Combo
redcladidealist: (Why would you-?)
Who: Lloyd Irving and Kratos Aurion, possibly Dhaos and others later on?
Where: Some back alley in Vatheon
When: Afternoon of the 23rd
Style: [action]
Status: Closed

The first of the victims to be found alive... )
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