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5th-Feb-2012 08:03 pm - It's an Age-Old Tale...
thalassino: (Default)
Characters: Princesses, Princes and Vatheonites all
Location: All around the fairy tale world
Time: All day erryday-- on Monday
Style: Whatever works best!
Status: OPEN. Threadjack, threadhop, spam away!

[Welcome to the curse, Vatheonites. Welcome to the fairy tale.

And with the tale, the world has changed. Nothing remains of the city that once was; now there are fantastical and crazy things, things that would be only found in books--and yet here they are.

There are a few places of note, however. A few places that might draw the intrepid adventurer, the curious.

To begin--

The Forest-- here can be found...well, trees. But other than trees, there are fairies, and curious shadows and eyes and things hiding where you do not want things to hide. Overall, it's not very safe anymore! Wolves might be on the prowl, mystical creatures that think that you sure do look a lot like lunch. And hidden deep within the forest in a system of sprawling caves lurks a dragon. Sitting on a pile of golden treasure.

The princess can be found there. Sure hope the dragon isn't sitting on her, whoops.

The Pirate Ship-- this one is much more straightforward. Namely, that there are pirates and they're out for your blood. But the ship itself is winding and filled with (empty) treasure chests and nasty sea critters that are, surprise surprise, also out for your blood. You might have to fight a pirate chief to save the princess in this labyrinth.

The Briar Patch/Towers-- where the carnival once stood there are now a couple of ominous towers, empty or filled with scuttling, skittery creatures or perhaps an unlucky slumbering foreigner. There are nasty thorns growing all over, but maybe if you're careful you can break through and find the one tower that houses the witch. Be careful--she has spells to throw at you. But she's also guarding another princess, so maybe it's worth the fight and...the flying monkeys.

The meadow-- deep in the lower district there is now a large meadow. Looks harmless, right? Only if you venture too far in, you will come across what look to be...monsters? Monsters of all shapes and sizes, vicious and ready to kill...except they're just illusions. The illusions get more and more real the closer you get to the center of the meadow, however. Some of them might even be able to actually bite, so be careful. Deep in the meadow there is a unicorn who is holding a poor princess captive. Can anyone rescue them?

Anyone is welcome to make a thread--princesses or princes or average Vatheonite pixie! Threadjack, have fun, be creative! Just remember that only the princesses' ~one true love~ will succeed...but everyone is welcome to give it a shot.]
1st-Feb-2012 07:34 pm
halfbloodalways: (My only true friends by cblack-graphics)
Who: Severus Snape and OPEN
Location: Near the coral reef
Time: February 1, early evening
Style: Prose
Status: OPEN

Severus Snape would be loath to admit it but he was curious - curious about the strange reef that he had come to realize he had to touch once in awhile or else he would suffer the side effects he had seen in others. The Potions Master had no desire to pass out or something of that sort so he dutifully made trips to the reef.

On this occasion, though, he was feeling restless. Examining the organism in the past had not revealed it to be anything more to him than a simple coral reef. Of course, he knew his senses were deceiving him on this front.

Adding to his sense of unrest was how little contact he had had with others. As much as he liked to pretend he was able to live without human contact it was something that all humans needed from time to time and he was no exception. He had found himself a comfortable loft to reside at but no real companions or associates. So now he found himself at the reef, his critical gaze mulling over it and his present situation.
7th-Jan-2012 04:21 am - 009 ∫ Seeking and Finding
selfless_stag: ([Hogwarts] Hmmm)
Characters: James Potter and Severus Snape
Location: Wherever James finds Snape
Time: Whenever James finds Snape
Style: Any/All
Status: Closed

It took James a few days to sort everything out about his little sleep. He's missed Christmas it seemed but he managed to be with his friends over the new year. All the while, his conversation with Sirius played on his mind. The conversation about Snape.

So that morning, he could take it no longer. He dressed, left Lily a message and kiss, and left the house in search of his previous enemy. He'd also remembered to take his wand and SFC but hoped he didn't need either of them.
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