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15th-Sep-2013 12:37 am
thalassino: (» station master)
[If you've visited the island any time in the past week, then you would have had the briefest conversation with Station Master in the elevator, right before you stepped off onto the island, demeanor as polite as ever as he speaks--]

I'm trying out some new cookie recipes and wanted to know if you wanted to try some. Stop by, when you and your friends are able. I’m thinking of baking up a big batch on Saturday and pass them out where we met before. You really should come.

[--before the doors of the elevator will close, dissuading further conversation. He certainly looked far too serious to be talking about cookies.]


[For those who take Station Master up on his offer, he'll be waiting by the warehouse up on the island, distracted, before waving people inside. Inside are cookies, muffins, and cups of water, but those aren't the real reason he's summoned you here. When Station Master steps inside, he removes his hat, but his gaze is still distant, as if he has other thoughts preoccupying him.]

I’m sorry for calling everyone here on such short notice. I’m afraid I had little choice though and my message is not an enjoyable one.

[His expression is serious now, very serious.]

This morning I intercepted a message meant for the Head Nurse from the lead scientists who are behind this experiment. I was able to erase the message, leaving her unaware of its existence for now but I’m afraid I’ve only been able to buy us some time, nothing more.

[He’s reaching into his pocket now, drawing out a folded piece of paper. The message for those who’d rather read it black on white.]

It said they have gathered all the data needed and are shutting down this project. They’ve also given her the all clear on eradicating all left over assets. That is to say… you.

((Now with a summary))
enfire: (:()
Who: Heat & YOU!
When: Early evening, dinner time, heheh...
Where: the Forest
Style: Will match! Anything goes.
Status: Closed
Potential warnings for hungry cannibal.

Things just... hadn't been going well for Heat lately. )
1st-Jul-2013 02:41 pm - July mingle log
thalassino: (» station master)
[The mingle party this month is taking place in the field on the North end of the park. There are balloons, streamers, flags and signs all showing the way to the gathering. There is a table set up with fresh fruit, cookies, cupcakes, sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers. Another table consists of various beverages and pretty blue jars to use as drinking glasses.

In the middle of the field one can find a large
ball pit with inflatable sharks inside. There are also a couple of bounce houses and buckets full of water balloons. Towels and reclining lawn chairs were close by for anyone who needed to dry off or sunbathe.

Last but not least, there is a large tent full of pillows of all shapes and sizes. There is a movie projector set up to use a tent wall as a movie screen. Bring your own movies or choose from the great classics like The Count of Monte Fishto and The Seven Samuray. Outside of the tent was a photo booth set up with a
box of silly props. A whole bunch of silly props.]
10th-Jun-2013 07:25 pm - [gv] - 9 - jungle
beauchevalier: (♦ 04)
For this month, the Golden Victory has taken on a more exotic dress. Upon entering the club, customers will see a very unique doorway before coming inside to see that the club has the appearance of a jungle forest. All around the club is wide varieties of animal decorations as well. The tables and bar have been decorated to match the theme. A long buffet table on one side of the room is carrying various tropical fruits, vegetables, meats, and other assorted food along with a large punch bowl.

With the costumes for the month, our hosts will be walking around in outfits themed around a specific jungle animal from various regions. They range from mammals, birds reptiles, and even insects. As per usual, the rules and host roster is posted near the front door for new and old customers.

current list of hosts )
3rd-Jun-2013 10:17 am
sylphauxiliatrix: (Default)
Who: Kanaya Maryam and You!
When: Anytime*
Where: Kanaya's shop.
Style: Action, or whatever. I'll follow.
Status: Open!

Kanaya Maryams Storefront For Commissioned Ragripping And Seamstressing With Display Space For Artistic Clothing Creations is finally open again. Kanaya spent about a week getting things repaired and ready in the shop after the bubble was fixed. Even once the debris was cleared and the ruined items tossed, Kanaya took a little time to make some new items for the display room before opening the doors to the public.

*Feel free to backdate, all the way up to when the bubble finally opened back up. If you're there during that first week, the shop will be closed, but unlocked. Kanaya's expecting some friends to come help, after all. After the first week the store will be back to it's regular unusual hours, open whenever Kanaya feels like getting some work done. Please indicate the date when you want a thread to start.
23rd-Apr-2013 08:22 pm - A change of scene.
champ_coordinator: (Default)
Who: Wallace and Fai
When: April 23rd
Where: Wallace's Apartment
Style: Prose
Status: Closed.

Wallace adjusted the cushions on the sofa as he gazed around at the blue living room. He had painted the place up a nice aqua blue and hoped Fai liked it when he arrived. He had invited his friend around to see the new place and hoped the feedback would be positive. Wallace always had an eye for colour. Milotic moved to slide around the sofa and made herself at home as she usually did.

She never spent time in a Pokeball because she didn't like it. Some Pokémon didn't. Wallace sighed then sat down and waited for the doorbell to ring.
19th-Apr-2013 11:21 am - All bubbles pop eventually
thalassino: (Default)
Yesterday was a day of celebration. For once, it seemed that the foreigners were able to affect the coral, and in a positive way at that. The coral lit back up, the barrier strengthened, and everything looked like it was back to normal again.

Unfortunately, it doesn't last.

Overnight the coral begins to dim again, flickering wildly along with the bubble itself. Those who stayed up on the island might notice the strange lights coming up through the waves if they're awake. The ones who stayed in the bubble will notice more than that. The atmosphere is tense, and every now and then there's an echoing crack, like a massive piece of glass is slowly losing its integrity.

By the time the morning arrives, the crack in the bubble is evident. After hours of threatening it, the crack finally falls open with a thundering snap, allowing the ocean to rush in. It hasn't yet given up entirely, but there's a steady stream of water pouring in to the plaza and on to the coral. The waterfall would be a pretty sight if not for the situation.

Hopefully no one stayed down there that long.

((OOC: The bubble has cracked! Feel free to use this post as a mingle log if desired. The elevator is still functioning, so anyone down in the bubble will have some time to escape.))
10th-Apr-2013 07:10 am - [gv] - 8 - garden
beauchevalier: (♦ 58)
This month the Golden Victory is decorated in a different way than usual. When customers enter, they will be greeted with garden arches covered in roses before coming inside to see the club has become a beautiful rose garden itself. All around the garden room are various seats with tea and snack trays for the customers and larger tables with decorations and having trays of their own, while the larger tables also have matching tea trays much like the smaller tables.

At various spots in the club too, there can be seen long buffet tables (all decorated the same way) carrying all types of food (from fruit to meat) on each table. For our hosts themselves, they will be dressed as butlers wearing matching top hats and colored roses matching their personality with special meanings. The usual rules and host roster is posted near the front door for any new customers or old ones looking for their favorites.

current list of hosts )
9th-Apr-2013 03:46 pm - A day on the beach
not_heavens_adam: (Content)
Who: Johnny and open!
When: 4/9, midday into evening
Where: On the island
What: Soaking in the sun
Style: Whichever!
Status: Open
Sun-loving fun )
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