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17th-Oct-2012 03:11 pm - Let's play ball
topsseifer: My ReiRei <3 <3 <3 AKA Divergence (pic#3656567)
Who: Hayner and anyone
Where: The Plaza
When: Wednesday morning or afternoon (you pick)
Status: Open
Style: Pick and I will follow

[The Island’s weather getting cooler and the rain going on and off up put a damper in Hayner’s plans. He had been thinking of filling the light house up with these plastic balls to give a certain Gargoyle something interesting to wake up to, but he wasn't sure how it’ll be up there. And he didn't want to risk dragging in mud to where his acquaintance slept.

Instead he decided to opt to sticking to the comfortable and rain free city under the sea.

Morning Option )

Afternoon Option )
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