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5th-Jan-2012 10:37 pm - Fuuka Yamagishi ✽>> 001
angelicvoice: (Nervous // "I hope he's okay ...")
Who: Fuuka and Zelos
When: After this conversation.
Where: Around Vatheon :D
Status: Closed!

*Five minutes early. Well waiting wasn't so bad, she supposed. Leaning against the coral, she stares up at the waters above.

Meeting a total stranger face-to-face is rather nervous task for her, but she'll try her best to, in a way, fulfill her duties. Come to think of it, this is her first time doing anything else a Welcoming Committee member, isn't it? She hope she can do a good job of guiding him.

She checks her communicator - it's eight - and searches the streets for the red-haired man.

He won't be late, would he?*
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