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18th-Mar-2012 02:35 am - l'amour sous-marin
rougerogue: (<3)
Who: Spy and ladies anyone
Where: Around town
When: 3/17 noon
Style: Action
Status: Open

[Spy is still adjusting to this new underwater city. He's not exactly fond of the ocean, but hey, it seems more enjoyable than his last job. One thing in particular pleases him. Now that he is no longer on the base, he is now finally surrounded by beautiful women. Excellent. He was sick of being stuck in a stinky base with grumpy men anyway.

As a Spy, he's adept at hiding even his own thoughts. Though on occasion things will trigger suspicious flashes or judgement. His bubble gives off a carefree sort of vibe, but tends to show a more perverse nature at times. He hopes this will only make him more alluring to the ladies, but perhaps it will offend them.

Today, he's wandering about the town, trying to seek out a new suit. His current one suffered in his entrance and has deteriorated in quality.

If you happen by him, he will be a perfect gentleman. Especially if you are of the female persuasion. Hand kisses and suspicious smiles abound.]

17th-Mar-2012 06:55 am - Keep it blank or share it all.
red_medic: (Default)
Characters: RED Medic and...?
Location: The park
Time: March 15th
Style: prose or action
Status: open

Working with a bubble that displayed all his thoughts had been... Difficult. Not just did it distract the patients he talked to, but also it could get quite... Well. Embarassing. Especially when he got bored. Or... Distracted. Not many patients valued the sight of themselves cut open and mutilated on their doctor's examination table for some reason or another.

That was why Medic had taken to insert more breaks into his work schedule. Breaks he would use to clear his mind and concentrate on keeping himself and his thoughts in check.

Which was hard. Hard enough to make the mercenary twitchy. His mind and thoughts just used to be the one place where he always could live out any idea that came to him without anyone bothering him about it. But now they were all open to everyone.

Reason enough to take the day off and spend it somewhere quiet. Somewhere where he could let his mind wander or just try to keep that annoying bubble as clear as humanly possible. And as Medic sat at the edge of a small lake in the park, the bubble displayed but one thing: Itself.
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