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lamorteblanc: ([hurt] | Look about this loveless)
Who: A fallen Muraki and Vatheon
What: So what happens when a certain someone looses his eye...
When: The third of January, morning
Style: Lazy third but I'll match you
Status: Open like a chest cavity

[ This isn't the first time he's entered the city like this. Of course, the last time saw him soaked to the bone and blood ridden, barely recovering from what seemed to be the beginnings of third degree burns. This time he's actually passed out. The doctor is leaning against the fountain in what appears to be a loose yutaka of elaborate design, his energy levels evidently far lower than they were the last time anyone saw him. If anyone could read the dark energy he usually draws his power from, it's halved. Almost as if it was ripped right from his body.

And perhaps it was.

If one were to take a closer look at the doctor's face, one would see what appears to be blood dripping from his right eye. If one were to pry even closer, one would notice something pretty damn evident: it's hollow. He's left with his good eye. His glass eye? Who knows. At any rate, it won't be glowing any time soon.

So he lies there, half the power he once had and who knows as to how his mental stability is at the moment. The question falls to you, as always.

What do? ]
6th-Dec-2012 02:08 pm - 004: Just a dream...
lamorteblanc: (Default)
Who: Muraki, Yukio and a side order of Night to follow
Where: Right in the forest
When: Backdated December 4th, early morning of December 5th
Status: Closed
Style: Starting in lazybutt third person, will follow you.

Sent to take you shake you make you scream )
24th-Nov-2012 07:39 pm - The Doctor Arrives (again)
thelastgallifreyan: (Sonic time)
Who: The Doctor and You
Where: Standard Plaza Drop
When: Late Morning, just before Noon, November 24th
Style: Brackets preferred but I'll match
Status: OPEN

[A rather damp man in a tweed dress jacket and red bow-tie suddenly appears in the plaza next to the corral.

He spins around quickly, observing and taking in the scene before him in a rush of information.

He runs his hand through his hair nervously only to discover that it is wet.]

I'm wet. [He brings his hand down from his head and inspects it. Sniffs it. Then tastes it.]

Correction. [He looks down at the rest of himself and flaps his jacket out a few times as if to get rid of the excess liquid. He begins to straighten his bow-tie.] I'm soaked... [There is a pause.] with salt-water.

And I'm inside a bubble under an ocean next to an enormous piece of coral.

Ooookay. [He claps his hands together and tilts his head to one side and then the other.]

No TARDIS in sight. [He checks his pockets.] Sonic accounted for, that's good. [He removes his sonic screwdriver and takes a reading. There is a green light and an electric buzzing noise for a few seconds. It turns off and he flips the device up to his eyes to inspect the data.]

Well I haven't mis-aimed. There is certainly something odd about this place.

[He places the sonic screwdriver back in his waterlogged pocket.]

So here's a question. [He continues to talk to himself and walks in a semi-circle around the coral.]

Why does this feel oddly familiar?
14th-Oct-2012 02:15 pm - Visiting hours aren't limited
dolljudas: (Dark Look)
Who: Riff and anyone visiting him
When: All month
Where: His apartment in Larmline, first floor, room six
Style: I'll match <3
Status: Open

[Riff hadn't had much to when he'd been placed on house arrest. There was only so much cleaning, baking, and tea-making one could do when by themselves, and with his hands mangled, use of them was limited as it was.

Then, not even a few days into his accepted incarceration, he'd lost his ability to see. He'd heard the broadcast and he understood why it had happened, but that fact didn't help him find his way in his unfamiliar apartment. He would trip over things he'd forgotten were there and he'd broken a couple glasses and mugs trying to reach for them and knocking them off, really, he wasn't doing all that well.

He knew that, with time, he'd get used to his surroundings enough to function, but it was a frustrating process. The added stress of knowing he couldn't leave and his only interactions were likely to be people wanting to know things Riff couldn't tell them often made him wonder if it wouldn't be better to find one of the people so eager to end his life and let them.

Lord knew he wished he could do it himself.

He thought about it often enough, it wouldn't be the first time he'd tried, and it wasn't like he had his lord Cain to live for anymore. But he couldn't. The risk that Riffael would be back in control and Riff would be unable to stop him from hurting others again was just enough to stay his hand.

For now he would have to endure and help make amends as best he could.]

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7th-Oct-2012 12:36 am - "This truth drives me into madness"
suture_guy: (Default)
Who: Dr. Franken Stein and Anyone
Where: The Plaza
When: Evening, September 30th (backdated)
What: Another new arrival (at long last!)
Style: Prose preferred but we can do action, too
Status: Open!

Maybe it was the lighting, Stein thought, as he stared somewhat blankly at the screen of his desktop, at the new design he was devising, a replacement headbolt to counteract the increasing bouts of madness he was experiencing. Marie had been after him to "cheer up" his living space, adding more lights and hints of color, and while he was inclined to think her suggestions were just her being her usual optimistic self, she might be on to something.

Maybe it was the effect of Asura's madness: anyone already susceptible to madness was a prime target, and he fit that profile a little too well.

Maybe I'm simply working too hard, Stein thought, leaning back in his swivel chair, taking off his eyeglasses and kneading his brow with the backs of his wrists. He'd practically been living off cigarettes and inspiration the past few days and even with the kind of control he had over his body, he needed something more substantial.

As he pulled his hands away, the shadows of the lab seemed to ripple and hiss for a moment, before snapping back into silence. Maybe it was just pressure on his eyes, or low blood sugar.

Tea, make himself a pot of tea and be done with it, he thought. He pushed his chair away from the desk, propelling it across the floor toward the kitchen.

Pushing the door open with his elbow must have taken more energy from his momentum: he felt the chair catch on the metal strip on the threshold and tip over backward...

He expected to hit the floor with a crash, but he felt the fall continue as he dropped, first through empty space and then through water...

...Folk passing by might find a tall man in a white lab coat, drenched to the skin and lying on his back amongst one clump of coral, a tipped-over roller chair to one side among another clump.

"A fall like that... should have rendered anyone unconscious..." he notes, stunned.
21st-Sep-2012 08:41 pm - .003: Stranded in the Offering
lamorteblanc: (Default)
Who: Kazutaka Muraki and anyone who wants a light show
Where: In the forest
When: Late night of the 18th
Style: Action
Status: Open

Its like test driving a Ferrari )
12th-Sep-2012 10:43 pm - ♚ visitation.
pactum: (♚ &#39;til I save your heart)
who: ciel & muraki.
where: vita 4-2.
when: early evening.
style: first.
status: closed.

not having a butler is hard :( )
12th-Sep-2012 05:56 am - Amaravati
bufudine: (searching for something lost :|)
Who: Serph and YOU
Where: In the Plaza
When: On the 12th!
Style: [action] preferred, but I'll match!
Status: OPEN

[It's been a long time since Serph's disappearance. Maybe it seemed like he wasn't going to be coming back to Vatheon.

But if you happen to be passing through the Plaza, there's someone appearing out of thin air and... falling into one of the fountains with a great splash. If you're curious enough to look at the water, it's gaining a reddish tinge.

...Yeah, that's blood mixing with the water.

But wait long enough, and there's a guy pulling himself out of the fountain, looking like a drowned rat. There's a break in his abdominal armour. But while there are some stubborn bits of blood at the break's edges, there's no wound in the flesh underneath; the skin is unmarked, like it had been healed perfectly.

Serph's back. And he's alive.

...And totally dripping water all over the Plaza again.]
24th-Aug-2012 06:02 pm - Introductions. Test 001
mad_puppeteer: (This has all been very interesting)
Who: Relius Clover and You.
When: Today; 8/24/2012
Where: In the Plaza
Style: Prose or Brackets. I will follow your lead.
Status: Completely Open

The experience of waking to a sky one did not remember would unsettle most people. For Relius Clover, this was the second time it had happened. He stared up at the shimmering water above the city, his eyes taking in the water, the barrier shielding him and this place from it, and the coral that seemed to grow upwards towards the barrier. Could it be holding it up or was it a threat of breaking it? Bursting the bubble, so to speak.

He slow stood up and looked himself over. His clothes were dripping wet and he felt the coldness of them stick to his skin. He had a faint salty smell wafting from his as well. Saltwater was the only guess. How could he be covered in salt water, however? This truly was strange. The oceans were still much covered in seither in his world yet he saw none of its taint on the water above.

Could he have fallen into the Cauldron again? No. His memories were all in place, unlike his last dive into the Boundary. This was different. Another source had brought him here but what? Could it be the Imperator's doing? Maybe Hazama's? He was sure not even Hazama had the power to do something like this. He would need more information.

First, however, he had to check one last thing. He raised his hand and snapped his fingers. "Come Ignis." In a flash of purple and blue light she appeared; his greatest creation to date. He moved over to the battle doll and began to inspect her. Unlike himself, she was completely dry. Perhaps she was shielded from the transfer. He still had to make sure she was functioning properly.
12th-Aug-2012 06:02 am - secret tunnel thru the mountain
thalassino: (Default)
Characters: [community profile] vatheon + an eventual mystery guest star
Location: island + new area
Time: all week starting monday
Style: any
Status: open - threadhop & theadjack away

[ after the kicked up damage wrought by yami in the south forest quadrant settles down and becomes surveyable by monday, characters are in for a little— or, well, a big surprise that is the secret research facility. the entrance of it is easy enough to find, thanks to the destruction— although a lot of the research facility itself is destroyed as well. the power still works, at least! although whatever network it had seemingly been hooked up to is currently (and likely permanently) offline.

near the ENTRANCE of the facility, characters will likely find a very large chart on one of the walls— it resembles a map with handwritten annotations and will undoubtedly prove useful in further exploration. there's nothing else interesting near the entrance, sans for a few empty desks and a trash bin full of what appears to be torn up employee information of some sort. the other areas that can be found will be as follows:


↪ pretty self-explanatory, although they are extremely minimalistic and completely abandoned. it's likely that the scientists made use of these— some of the beds seem a bit unkempt, as though they were recently used; whereas some rooms have full garbage bins with various papers. many of them are unuseful or flat-out irrelevant, others appear to be outdated schedule data— the dates on most of the papers seem to be from a little over a year ago. basically, the bins are filled with what they were made for— trash.


↪ deeper into the facility, it's obvious that quite a lot of research had been being conducted within— multiple rooms seem to be arranged for just that purpose. most of the rooms are empty or have a lot of strewn tools within them as though they were emptied in a hurry. although one room in particular was left as it was; it's both locked and blocked off though, and might take a little force in order to get into. once inside, a completely white room will be found that might feel familiar to people who had been directly involved in a strange event that had happened quite a while ago... the room is slightly less white than any "experiments" might remember, however. in fact, there seems to be quite a bit of dried blood about the place. the blood can be found on nearly everything in the room— the table accompanied with surgical tools, the cabinet filled with both syringes and old vials of a blue fluid, and a prominent list visible on one of the walls.


↪ one lab in particular found further within the facility appears to be bigger and better than all the others— it's also the only lab with a multitude of computers. due to the power being on, computers will be responsive— although because whatever network they once runned on is no longer online, the only data accessible is offline data found within any harddrives or memory devices.

and there is plenty of that. however, any data found is heavily encrypted and unlike anything ever seen before, so even a normally excellent hacker will have a problem getting past the security walls; and the only file that can be opened immediately seems to make no sense whatsoever:


furthermore, nearly everything resembling paper evidence has been torn or shredded, as evident by the completely empty and ajar file cabinets— not to mention the fact that there are plenty of scraps of unreadable paper strewn across some parts of the floor.


↪ in the deepest part of the lab is a peculair hallway that seems to drop downward— which is curious, since the facility is located so closely on the edge of the island itself. although everything becomes clear should one reach the room near the end of the lowering hallway— a majority of the equipment is damaged, but it is indeed a submarine exit of some sort. could this be how all of the scientists left so suddenly..? in fact, most of the submarines are missing— sans for one, but it's quite old and probably nonfunctional in its current state. you're fully allowed to try and fix it, but it will take both a team of people and several weeks.


↪ also in the deeper part of the facility, although closer to the main lab than the submarine exit, is a completely closed off area— mechanical doors and a digital lock that seems to be online block all from entering. the door seems to open automatically for a keycard, but there's also an emergency override function— that activates via a password. blinking in an almost mocking fashion, it prompts you:

enter password: |
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