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8th-Jul-2013 05:41 pm - Sleepover tiiiime
flared: (♣ schadenfreude)
Who: Axel ([personal profile] flared), Roxas ([personal profile] coolerthansora), and anyone else they would have invited to this little get together... which is everyone. Except Saïx.
Where: Axel and Roxas' apartment
When: Evening of the 7th (Axel's birthday shhhhhh), during the cold curse
Style: Either
Status: Open~

This curse makes having a get together quite easy... but why just have a get together? Axel sees this as an opportunity to upgrade that– so after a few messages to invite people, he sets out and gathers some of the necessary things for the best sleepover ever. Axel's secretly 12.

He and Roxas technically just live in a two bedroom apartment, but with some pushing to get the couch, TV, and coffee table pushed to the wall, there's more than enough room in their living room to fit at least five or so people. That's a good thing, too, since they'll all need to be as cozy with one another for the duration of the week. ... It also helps that Axel is a personal space heater, so.

With sleeping bags, hundreds of pillows, stuffed sharks and starfish, and all sorts of snacks scattered about, this is totally going to be the best night ever. Scary stories, s'mores, movies, pillow fights, hide-and-seek, ice cream on the roof– Yeah. You don't want to miss this.

((ooc: There's not gonna be any specific threads, but feel free to start your own and threadjack/thread amongst yourselves as you see fit~ You're free to assume that if your character has had a thread with Axel or Roxas in the past, then they were invited and can find a place on the floor/their beds to crash. Except Saïx. B|))
7th-Jul-2013 11:36 am - Hugs are the best~
runbysmiles: (ot3 hugs [Riku|Kairi|friend])
Who: Sora, Kairi and Riku
When: Sometime during the curse week.
Where: Larmline Apartments, Floor 1 apartment 6 aka home sweet home
Style: Starting in prose but we can match whatever~
Status: Closed to the trio~

Especially when they're between friends. )
17th-Jun-2013 06:42 pm
idkmybfftheking: (lies a tiny child who sleeps alone)
Who: Some Destiny Island Keybrats (Kairi, Riku, Sora)
What: The weather is warmer, and that means it's time to leave the bubble. Sora had something to talk to Kairi about, and some time later, Riku and Kairi happen to discover they had the same idea and decide to walk on the beach for a while.
When: 6/17/2013
Where: The beach on the island.
Style: Action

Riku's Invitation. )
2nd-May-2013 02:09 am - Monthly Mingle Log + Marks
thalassino: (» station master)
Though things are certainly a bit busy, Station Master has decided to go ahead with the welcoming party for the new arrivals. Partially because he had decided to take this task upon himself and he certainly wasn't going to slack, and partially because making things appear as normal was as good a cover as they had right now.

However with how much has been going on, this party is not quite as extravagant as previous ones have been. The location is near to the elevator, on the beach. A large banner hung between two trees proclaims a cheerful 'Welcome to Vatheon'. The long food tables that normally take up most of the space are missing. There simply hadn't been the capability of whipping up the sort of food they normally served. What is there however is a lot of fruit. Fresh apples and pears. Bananas. A few bowls of strawberries and pièce de résistance several large and perfectly ripe water melons. One or two have already been split, the water melons pieces set out on small plates on one big table ready for any to take. Drinks are available too. Fresh water and fruit juices. The weather might not be entirely the best for this kinda thing (though occasionally the sun seems to peek out from between the clouds!) but at least it isn't raining.

But that is not all.

In the cover of the storage building turned bubble reparation headquarters sits C. She has been contacting the people who signed up for catching the fish, asking them to start bringing them to her today so she can start working on the marks. Similarly the people who have signed up for early mark change have been invited too to drop by today or in the next few days so the first step in making sure the coral is returned to proper working conditions can be taken.

[ooc: This month the monthly mingling log is combined with the log for the fish catching + early mark changing. Also, if your character is new but you want them to learn what is going on, please leave a small ooc note on your comment and we'll send a NPC your way. The mingling log part of this post is only on the first, in the afternoon. The fish catching and mark changing parts will serve as a collective point for threads of this nature for this whole week.]
30th-Apr-2013 12:21 am - The arrival of one Princess
destinyembrace: (So I'm writing the future)
Who: Kairi and you!
Where: On the island, anywhere
When: Shortly after she arrives
Status: So very open
Style: Going with prose, but I can match!

When she agreed to come along to train at Yen Sid's, this is not what she was expecting. He was literally sitting in front of her, talking to her one moment, and the next, she's on an island. For a brief moment, she thought she was home, back on her little island. Had it all been some sort of dream?

No, it couldn't be. And a brief look around quickly disproved her initial assumption. This wasn't home. But then, where was she? Had Yen Sid sent her here as some kind of test?

Something didn't feel quite right about this. They hadn't even begun to talk about what her training would entail, so surely he wouldn't just throw her into it without at least some kind of explanation.

"Where am I?"

To say she wasn't a little scared would be a lie, but it wasn't the first time she wound up someplace unexpected. So with a deep breath, she sets off, trekking across the unfamiliar terrain, hoping to see someone who could help her.
24th-Apr-2012 10:17 pm - Lesson One | Just Practicing
quakega: (pic#1254431)
Who: Terra and KH Cast?
Where: Starting in the 'island'/'Somarium', will eventually be... idk, wherever the hell he's led for the party.
When: 4/24, starting a little after noon, lasting until the evening.
What: Terra's trying his hardest to ignore the fact that he's now twenty.
Status: Open-ish?
Style: [Action] brackets, please.

Earthquakes, fireballs, and possibly Darkness being flung around... just another training session. :3 )

8th-Apr-2012 01:47 pm - It's fun exploring new worlds!
runbysmiles: (stranger things [cocky|talk])
Who: Sora and all of Vatheon!
Where: Wherever you want~ Sora's probably managed to find the place.
Style: I'll match
Status: OPEN
Summary: It's a new worlds, and there's no way Sora's not going to go exploring!

You never know who you're going to meet. )
1st-Apr-2012 08:43 pm - [Day 1]
coolerthansora: (Default)
Who: Roxas and whoever!
Where: Plaza
When: Late evening
Style: However
Status: Open!

This is the best cut text. )
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