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4th-Sep-2012 01:36 am - The Cat Who Runs in the Town
snagglefang: (cats are fucking weird)
Who: Kuro & Anyone
Where: Mostly the heart of the city, but anywhere.
When: Monday afternoon
Style: Either or. Recommended music for this log is this.
Status: Open.

this cat has no need for a name )
caesar: (Always Mirthful Laughing Strong)
Who: All of the Shin Megami Tensei casts + Amaterasu
Location: Volo dorms
Time: Backdated to Christmas eve, December 24th
Style: Action for the sake of ease
Status: Closed to the SMT crew (+ Ammy)

[If you can use a Persona, there's a good chance you woke up to this text message in your inbox:]

Christmas Party at the Volo Dorm

You're invited to a Christmas gathering at the Volo Dorms, hosted by Minato Arisato and S.E.E.S.

Time: 6:00

Come for a night of relaxing and fun - there will be cake and a gift exchange.

We hope to see you there - S.E.E.S

[It's not the most creative or formal invitation but hey - presents and cake? Sounds like a good night.]

[ooc: GENERIC INTRO IS GENERIC. Threads below are just suggestions, feel free to branch off if something you want to do doesn't fall below any of these headings.]
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