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19th-Apr-2013 08:48 pm
bestestfurrend: (Tav! }:33)
Who: Nepeta and Tavros
When: Backdated to late during the Gain and Loss curse
Where: Hive de Leijon & Nitram
Style: Prose
Status: Closed

Her hive here has become a little sanctuary for Nepeta, as warm and comforting and safe as her cave back on Alternia ever was. Not the least reason for it is her dear, sweet matesprit sharing it with her, getting to do so many things with him, both of them not only tolerating the other's hobbies but encouraging them and gladly taking part. It was good being so close to someone she got along with so very well and whose tastes were so similar to her own, and as she scribbles the outline to a new drawing over a freshly painted wall in their living block, she feels certain that he's going to like the adventurous painting she's thought up this time.


There goes the pencil. This new strength of hers is hard to control, and she knows it's not anywhere near Equius'! This event has given her a whole new appreciation for the level of control her moirail has to exert at all times.

Well. At least she can be certain her matesprit will like her painting if she ever manages to finish it.
14th-Mar-2013 07:40 pm - ==> Gather party members.
toreadorkabull: (wow really?!)
Who: Tavros, Gamzee, Summoner, Nepeta
When: Curseways
Where: Starting by the quest board
Style: o___o
Status: closed?

Tavros was practically bouncing with excitment when he noticed the quests just ready for the taking, clutching his staff in hand. His face cast in shadow, he's recognizable only by the fact that his horns stick way out of his big, floppy hat. So maybe being a mage wouldn't have been his first choice when it came to character classes, but he was still itching to go on a real adventure for the first time in what felt like forever.

So he tugged out his SFC and immediately tried contacting the people the thought would actually have to most fun doing something like this with him. Every good quest needed a proper adventuring party to ensure it's success!
aim_exorable: (nerd ♐ Take your cigarette)
Who: Darkleer, some horses, and anyone who goes to visit his backyard
Where: The backyard of the highblood hive
When: Not too long after the petting zoo announcement
Status: Open
Style: Anything you like

Initially, Darkleer had been content to keep his hands completely clean of the petting zoo escape. It had nothing to do with him. Hopefully the whole mess would be cleaned up soon.

And then one of his camerabots spotted the escaped horses and ponies.


Here we are. Him and a couple of horses in his backyard. They totally just wandered in here, he swears! He didn't lead them here. With robots bearing treats. Or anything. Really. He is as innocent as the day he was hatched.

Besides, he'd like something good for once. So anyone wandering past Darkleer's hive or going to check in on him or anything may just realize that there are two equines back there. A rather gorgeous painted horse is content to munch on grass and occasionally be pampered by Darkleer. The other...

Goodness gracious that thing is tiny. Compared to the giant that is Darkleer, it is even tinier. But it is a happy and excited little pony foal, prancing about excitedly. Guess who is head over heels in love with it? It is surely not the grown troll happily playing with it and giving it tentative little head pets.

God he loves horses.

Also, sons, he may or may not have shoved the Chocobos inside the living room so Darkleer the Chocobo would stop bothering Darkleer the troll's new darlings. Dural at least is well behaved and just occasionally perches on the horse's back.
24th-Sep-2012 09:32 pm
onlyasign: (head down)
Who: Sufferer and whoever wants to mob join him
When: September 24th, early afternoon
Where: in the Plaza to start
Style: whatever you like!
Status: totally open

In the beginning, there was pain.

Talk of blood and torture under here )

His mind whirls, remembering Vatheon, images coming to him in fractured, fragmented half-memories--Karkat, growling crabbily after getting a hug... Dualscar's fins, moving under his fingertips... Sola, asking questions with that plaintive look on his face... Zelda... Johnny... Jacob... Dave... Disciple... Spider... Psii...


He tries again to get to his feet, but his wounds and the chains on his wrists are too much, and he topples forward again, groaning as the arrow digs deeper into his side. He's worthless, useless, he led them all down the wrong path, everything he told them was wrong, he's a failure, he's failed them all...

Sufferer looks up at the bubble's dome, his eyes so bloodshot they're red almost all the way through, and his jaw works, his teeth grinding together and the tendons in his forearms standing out as he tries to clench his hands into fists. His voice is raspy, his throat raw and choked from the last time he spoke, centuries and seconds before.

He throws his head back and screams at the bubble's dome. "FUUUUUUUUCK!"

His voice ripples and echoes back to him, distorted, animalistic, the cry of a brute instead of a savior. Slowly, he bends back over his chained wrists, resting his forehead on the irons, and the red that stains the cold steel is not blood this time.

8th-Sep-2012 10:43 pm - Pass the popcorn
420: Art by Roachpatrol [at] tumblr (pic#4116547)
Who: Gamzee, Equius, Nepeta, Tavros, Darkleer, and who else feels like dropping by.
Where: Makara-Zahhak residence
When: Part one: beginning of the evening; part two: later on in the evening; part three: the next morning at breakfast
Style: Lets be honest, it's gonna be []
Status: Part one is open to just Gamzee, Equius, Nepeta and Tavros. Part two and the breakfast thread in the morning is open to anyone who wants to drop in on an awesome movie night.

[ooc: Just give me a moment and I'll set up the threads. We're gonna rock this thing mingle-style, so rather than trying to coordinate one big multiple people log, just put up a thread in the relevant log part, and use the title to mark where that thread is going down --kitchen, living room, outside to get some fresh air? we just don't know-- and then anyone can quickly tag in.]
feralfanatic: (hair down)
Who: Disciple, Nepeta, and Tavros
When: Current
Where: Tavros and Nepeta's Hive
Style: Prose-tastic
Status: Closed

Knockin' on Heaven's Door )
2nd-Sep-2012 01:13 am
bestestfurrend: (tavhugs!)
Who: Tavros and Nepeta
Where: Their hive!
When: Sunday during the lust curse
Style: Prose
Status: Closed
Warnings: Do not read this if your name is Equius

Uh oh, we're in trouble )
28th-Aug-2012 10:07 pm - Why do you build me up?
stayb100ponyboy: (hard at work)
Who: a prequel with Summoner; Equius, Tavros, and Nepeta; completing the trilogy with Darkleer
Where: The Hoofbeastfeathers Hive
When: some time before the current curse
Style: robotic
Status: closed

Equius hums quietly to himself as he strips the gloves off his hands. The procedure was a success, and Tavros' new legs are successfully attached. He's quite pleased with the new design: they're longer, to account for how Tavros has grown since being in Vatheon, and lighter than his previous pair. They also have nerve ending receptors in them, so Tavros can feel the ground under him, as well as when people touch them. Finally, there are tiny wings, shaped and modeled on Lysunder's, attached to the ankles. With some experimentation, he should be able to figure out how to make them flutter, although they're nowhere near large enough to support his weight.

He puts his tools away and adjusts the aenesthetic, lowering the dosage and setting it to gradually cut off entirely. Then he nudges one of Tavros' new knees with the back of his hand.

"Nitram. Wake up."
19th-Aug-2012 04:00 pm - Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' [OPEN]
toreadorkabull: (four wheels)
Who: Tavros Nitram and anyone who wants to pester the kid in a wheelchair.
Where: Almost anywhere!
When: any time after his robot legs god ripped off? }:D??
Style: Your choice?
Status: Open!

Keep movin', movin', movin' )
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