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19th-Jun-2013 10:42 pm - 3rd Fan [Let's go on an Adventure!]
gigglesnortpriestess: (fight on)
Who: Yukiko Jones and YOU
Where: City and or island
When: Backdated to earlier in the day until end of Curse Week.
Status: Open!
Style: Whichever!

For...who knows. )
18th-Jun-2013 01:33 pm - a real gentleman
grandhighblood: (█ hum drum)
who: the grand highblood + you, you lucky dog!
what: GHB is taking a pleasant little stroll
when: 6/19
where: In the plaza
style: doesn't matter
The Grand Highblood doesn't make a huge habit of grabbing foreign objects and placing them on his head, but he's a curious one at heart and the complacency of Vatheon doesn't help one bit. His cave has been sort of infiltrated by a certain vampire by the name of Marceline who comes by now and then to drop off plush shark toys or something, so he assumes its her doing. The thought that maybe it's a curse does come up, but he's too drowsy upon wakening to really care. Besides, it's just a hat, right?
It's nestled between his two large spiraling horns, wreathed by his wild black mane, a symbol of a gentleman, greatly contrasting with his image as a whole: a black top hat. A rich purple satin ribbon is wrapped snugly around it, which appealed to him and was probably one of the reasons he felt compelled to place it on his head. Anyone who sees him whether they know him or not would find it quite the comical spectacle.
When someone runs into him in the plaza, he's still walking through the bustling crowds like he always does- a look of disgust on his face, holding his posture high and intimidating. In his hand is an apple which has been half-devoured in one bite, and if you meet him later on in the day, you'll see that his hands have made their way behind his back, clasped and slight rigidness to his step.

18th-Jun-2013 10:04 pm - Open Log
gtfo_mypersonalspace: (pic#6357868)
Who: William T. Spears and YOU!
Where: Various places around the city - whatever suits your mood.
When: First day of the Hat Curse!
Status: OPEN
Style: [action pls]

What: While William usually doesn't wear hats during the day, he does have the habit of wearing a nightcap to sleep. And now, unable to remove it himself, William's gone out to find someone to do the job for him. Trouble is, he can't quite get himself to stay awake for very long before zzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzz..... So, perhaps in your own wanderings you'll stumble across him dozing on a park bench or nodding off against a lamp post. Maybe you could plop a new hat on him give him a hand? ]
18th-Jun-2013 10:16 pm - Princess Selphie! Hip Hip Hooray!~
booyaka_boom: (Wink From a Clutz)
Who: PRINCESS Selphie and any servants (ie, you)
Where: Plaza
When: Any day during curse week.
Style: Any kind!
Open to all peasants!! (ie, everyone)

In the plaza, there is a small group of locals clustered around someone sitting in a chair. Surrounding the chair, on a table, are vases full of flowers, plates full of cakes and a couple of small trinket gifts. Once one of the locals rushes away to go fetch something, Selphie is visible on that chair. She's smiling at the locals who are painting her nails a bright pink colour, and she giggles as another lifts a milkshake with a straw to her lips. On her head is a big, bright, shiny tiara. It had been too nice to ignore and, to be honest, she hasn't tried to take it off. Why would she?

One of the most self-less, generous young women you'll ever meet, taking advantage of everything she can get. She's having a great time getting everything done for her, having everything she wants. And all seems to be going well until...

"You! You missed a spot! You've ruined my whole manicure! Fix it! Now! Or else..."

Who knows what that threat might have been, but she sits up in her chair, smirking to herself as the local apologises and hurries to correct the terrible error.



17th-Jun-2013 09:11 pm - Life is ruff
redpeacoat: (dot dot dot)
Who: Shinjiro and you!
What: Shinjiro has a dog ear headband which has found its way onto his skull. Gradually, he will think he is one.
When: Anytime during the week. Dogs love attention
Where: Around the city and apartments
Style: Whatever you like.

Surely it was a joke gift from Minako. She knew he liked dogs. He loved to care for Koromaru, and seeing an animal suffering was enough to shatter his cold exterior. He left the headband adorned with two floppy plush dog ears sit on the night stand while he readied for the day.

Minako would probably want to see them on him the next time she saw him, from previous experience. Some of the armor...if you could call it armor...was more costumey than anything else. He'll never forget running around in that ridiculous butler outfit with giant axe in hand. This head gear was probably just reminiscient of those times, so he would humor her.

Once dressed, he carefully placed the headband on his head, and covered it up with his black knit cap. The sides poked out just slightly, but not enough to look strange. The teeth on the plastic headband fit firmly in his hair, so it would probably stay on if he pulled off the hat. In private, of course. Nobody needed to know he was wearing a ridiculous headpiece like this.

That was that. He had errands to do, and so he would go do them.

But for some reason everything was super distracting today. And...dare he looked fun? All these people! Surely they would want to say hello, or maybe play a game? If he makes a cute enough display, maybe he'll get a treat? Somebody's got bacon too...
replicatedcourage: (Ah!)
Who: Sola and anyone!
What: Curse shenanigans
When: All week
Where: All over
Style: Whatever, I'll match

[It's not uncommon to see Sola wandering around with a hat on. In fact, he's rarely seen without it. He only really takes it off at night and immediately plops it back on his head when he gets up in the morning, only this week someone seems to be playing silly buggers and replacing his hat with others on different days.

On Monday Sola can be found standing quiet seriously and still in front of the coral, holding his sheathed sword like a rifle against his shoulder and sporting a bearskin. He seems dead set on keeping a straight face for whatever reason. It might just be way too tempting to see what one can do to break that stalwart vigil...

On Wednesday the Hylian is much more active, though not even remotely himself. He can be found clucking and bawking in a chicken hat, apparently believing he's a member of the poultry. Just don't attack him! He is a Hyrulean chicken, after all.

For all the shenanigans earlier in the week, Friday is by far the worst. Sola can be found walking ridiculously bow-legged around town, chewing on imaginary tobacco and sporting a very large cowboy hat. For all intents and purposes he seems thoroughly convinced that he's a genuine desperado. But his accent? It's utterly atrocious.]

((ooc: Feel free to run into Sola on any given day, just go ahead and put which day in the subject line if it's not clear in the tag! Any and all CR welcome~))
17th-Jun-2013 03:41 am - ( 003 ) ♔ ( don't feed the lions )
pendragon: (sprite ♔ armor / indifferent tilt)
Who: Saber and anyone who approaches.
What: Hat silliness.
When: Monday, all day.
Where: All around the city. Please specify in your subject where your character is and when. Or, I'll do it in the next tag!
Style: I'll match what you do.

Saber (really) likes lions, so she was surprised to see a plush lion hat in her kitchen the next morning. Unable to resist (as it was ridiculously cute), the knight had placed it onto her head. And then she was unable to take it off. She had noticed her marking had glowed the previous night, so .. perhaps this was related to the curse?

The King of Knights had decided to go out early in the morning to get some information, not wanting to be seen with this hat on more than necessary. In about thirty minutes or so of making her way around the middle quadrant, Saber felt a unique craving for something with meat. Getting herself a decent breakfast, she then made her way outside again.

..And found herself extremely tired. Within a few moments, Saber found herself sitting on a bench near the plaza. And then she was on her side, and curled up. Ignoring the fact she likely looked ridiculous, and was in her armor, she napped peacefully.

And thus started a day of napping around Vatheon for Saber lion.
17th-Jun-2013 04:59 am - ♌ A True Hat-trick - [OPEN]
fundemetal: (36)
who: Leo and Anyone
what: hat shenanigans/pranking
when: All week during the curse week starting 6/17.
where: All around Vatheon - starting in the plaza, but feel free to have your character run into him anywhere public.
style: Starting with prose, but will change to match.
status: OPEN

Leo loved a good prank. He hated the last curse, but this one? Was a whole other bag of tricks. Or more accurately a bag of tricky hats. When the mark had glowed last night he hoped he wouldn't be affected by whatever wicked scheme the scientists could come up with to make his (and everyone else's) life hell.

He wasn't expecting this. But oh, was he loving it. The first hat he found was a thinking cap. He was already a pretty good thinker, but the idea of a thinking cap sounded promising, so he put it on and immediately began coming up with the best ideas! (Or what he thought were the best ideas.) He wrote them all down on a pad of paper as they came to him. But one idea stood out from the rest!

See, he had just come across the table in the plaza and it was piled with hats! All sorts of hats! It would be a lot of fun to try them all on. He went to remove the thinking cap to try on a space helmet. He quickly realized that he could not remove it. But, maybe he could put it on someone else. And how awesome of a prank would it be to go around putting these hats on other people? He picked out an array of interesting hats and began putting them into his tool belt.

A supply of hats was necessary to pick from to prank anyone he came across. And surely people would do everything they could to avoid the plaza once they caught wind of the curse, so he needed that supply to be mobile and stealthy.

[ooc: Let me know in an ooc note whether or not you want him to be able to get a hat(s) onto your character. I'm up for both successful and failed pranks as well as your character pranking Leo in return!]
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