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26th-Nov-2012 01:03 pm - ☆Turn 3☆
machiavellingly: (08I waste for these)
☆Who: Lelouch Vi Britannia
☆Where: Lelouch's Apartment
☆When: Daytime, Monday
☆Status: Closed. Peony is invited to tea.

[Of course Lelouch has been watching quietly since he arrived now. One of the first people to greet him had been, by far, one of the most interesting. He'd expected to encounter other people here who held status and title but... not so soon.

Even royalty needed their own vassals, protectors and knights. The hardest part for him had been figuring out exactly what Peony's title was. He could safely rule out he was not a duke, count, viscount or baron due to how he'd seen what was said in passing. Jade, was it? Jade was part of the military from Auldrant, he'd found that out from simply asking -- and the other... Guy. Hn. That was more difficult to say. He knew the least about him.

It was possible that all of them possessed powers that could prove useful to him. However, if he didn't have to waste his Geass he didn't want to; and, if they followed Peony it would be sufficiently easier to have him issue orders for them to follow.

If he wanted to get to the bottom of this God's rule and find a way home he was going to need allies. Allies could not simply be won over with words, however. It was more likely he could get Peony to simply admit who he was if he implied he knew... Well. He'd have to see. That was why he'd offered to meet him over tea, if he wanted to know what sort of person he was (and he felt he had a rough idea at this point). He would need to test him.

He's already gathered his Geass is significantly weaker than it was, he can only cast it twice per week, if that and at great physical strain to himself. Which is somewhat to his advantage, he has no means to make a contact to disrupt it but... having it be in such a state also means that he'll be unable to reach the God's consciousness who holds them all captive. Before he makes a move he needs to gather as much information as possible -- and thus far any citizens he'd attempted to glean it from had been vastly unhelpful. As though they were hiding something and someone had ingrained it in them (maybe even on a subconscious level not to speak of it) which left him with few options.

There are several problems right now with trying to plan... from what he's gathered both living and dead can be brought here irregardless. That would mean disrupting this peaceful utopia for lost lovers, friends and family. None of his own had shown their faces as of yet which he supposed he had been very fortunate about -- all the same. It isn't right that their fates be dictated by any God. Something is wrong with this place but he can't quite put his finger on it.

So he waits for his guest in his apartment, it's clean and well organized. There's a pot of tea and a few pastries sitting out on the table, as well as enough silverware and dishes for two.

Now, come to me, Peony. Let's find out the truth about your identity. You're sure to be a valuable asset to me... All I must do is learn who you are and what you're capable of.
30th-Oct-2012 10:35 pm - ☆Move 1☆
machiavellingly: (02For Memories)
Who: Lelouch Vi Britannia
Where: Fountain
When: Daytime, Wednesday
Status: Open

[Violet eyes open slowly, he's staring up at what (at first) he thinks is a clear blue sky, but it isn't. His brows furrow a little. He struggles, he's soaked to the bone and he gasps as he pulls himself out of a strange fountain and collapses onto the ground next to it. He clutches at his chest.

He remembered pain. He remembered the pain he had caused others, both from where he sat on the throne and from the seat of his knightmare frame. The sword of justice was double-edged and he'd tasted both for better and for worse -- despite this, despite his atrocities and his triumphs, those he murdered and waged war for... the beat of his heart is steady. There is no wound. There is no pain.

Trembling slender fingertips go to his chest and feels along it where he's entirely all too certain he had been pierced by Suzaku's blade. There isn't even any torn fabric on his elaborate Emperor robes.

His eyes widen, he inhales a quick breath and he looks around himself. It isn't frantic but he feels his chest tighten -- what happened? Where is he? Is he alive? This surely cannot be the afterlife! There was (supposedly) a consciousness one joined after death; but, had he not been fortunate enough to be counted among them? No, of course not, this could be his own private hell for all he knew. After the crimes he had committed he should expect whatever deity there was would severely punish him. He notices a ... starfish... thing and a welcoming brochure -- the more he reads the more upset he becomes. Well isn't this fortunate?

He feels a bit dizzy but forces himself to stand to his feet. What in the hell is this kind of place? Vatheon? He must be dead, he wants to be convinced of that and he doesn't want to have to start a whole new fight for survival. But he just might have to at this point. He is trapped with no way home, unsure of if anyone he knows might be here and he may be completely powerless -- or maybe he'll have some power left. He'll have to test it.

The starfish is a communication device is it? He'll have to greet whatever network he assumes there is later. For now he needs to adjust to his surroundings and get a feel for this place. He'd curse out loud but bites his tongue instead -- so much for remaining unassuming in these robes. He needs to take care of that first.
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Who: Shirley, Lelouch, and C.C. to start; Nunnally and Suzaku to follow, if they're interested in jumping in.
Where: Lelouch's apartment
When: Backdated to last week with the kawaii flowers plot
Style: [Action for the lazy, por favor?]
Status: Closed

[It isn't necessarily safe for Shirley to let her guard down here-- not with Mao around. But nevertheless, not even Mao could stop her from enjoying the beautiful flowers that have recently started popping up all over Vatheon. She couldn't help herself, and picked a whole basket's worth, even bringing some home for Suzaku--although there's a lot more here than just that.

It's way too much for just Suzaku, so naturally, anyone who knows Shirley
knows who she's thinking of giving some to. It's just a matter of getting the courage to go over there...

To approach him the way she did before, and start over fresh.

Could she do that...?

Heh. She doesn't really know; but she finds herself knocking on his apartment's door anyway, alone and without moral support. Perhaps it's the flowers that have put her in a good mood; she doesn't seem to think she needs any.

Strange...but she wouldn't want to bother anyone anyway.

2nd-Apr-2012 12:27 am - ♚ revisiting
relive: (i don't think so.)
Who: Shirley and anyone
Where: Near the coral/later near the elevator
When: Late evening, sure.
Style: I will always match, but slight preference for brackets.
Status: Opeeeennn \o/

[There seems to be a red-headed girl near the Coral today; her hair, and her...well, everything soaking wet from the trip down. She's breathing heavily, still recovering from...something, as suggested by the blood on her shirt, but she at least doesn't seem to be in pain anymore--so she is able to walk on her own two feet, her head held high, despite the circumstances.

She doesn't seem at all bothered to be here; with a mere towel around her body (a rather pathetic attempt to hide the blood, until she can get changed), and another for her hair, she walks on, rediscovering the city she once knew.

...It's like a dream, being here again. This is so hard to believe...

[And then she keeps going until she comes across a rather large elevator, staring at it with awe.]

Ah-- this wasn't here before!

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Who: a witch ([personal profile] sigil), her bitch ([personal profile] geass), and the most adult of us all ([personal profile] chosehope)
Where: lelouch/nunnally's apartment
When: late evening after c.c. arrives
Style: first
Status: closed

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