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14th-Sep-2013 11:22 pm - 17: dead man walking [OPEN]
paladaddy: (gun over shoulder)
Who: Shiro and OPEN
When: Just after the Station Master meeting
Where: the Villa + various locations
Style: action
Status: open

time to tie up some loose ends )
14th-Aug-2013 07:28 pm - Matesprit Shenanigans
devwocean: (Default)
Who: Dualscar and Dolorosa
When: Today...ish...
Where: At Dolorosa's hive!
Style: Action

[Dualscar hasn't actually accosted Dolorosa at her hive before. Always in the past, he's invited her out, or they've met up serendipitously, but it's long overdue for him to check out where his new matesprit actually lives, and how.

So he's at her door, knocking confidently, with a little something hidden in his captchalogue.]
1st-Jul-2013 01:09 pm - Cuddlepile!!
replicatedcourage: (hugs!)
Who: Sola, Sora, and EVERYONE EVER
Where: In the plaza
When: All curse week
Style: Affectionate
Status: Open to everyone!

[At first the curse was actually kind of nice considering Sola had his matesprit readily available for prolonged cuddle sessions. Honestly that much wasn't even out of the ordinary, but when the two started to get cold in spite of the contact, Sola came up with a plan. A very simple plan, at that.

Hugs are awesome, so he should just offer them to everyone and then everyone can keep warm!

Of course he's not the only one who had this idea. It's a natural thing to think for generally affectionate people, after all, and when Sola made his move on the plaza with a big fuzzy blanket and some pillows, he found Sora there already with a sign.


[Deciding that they're of one mind there, Sola and Sora will both be providing the much needed service of cuddling the cold out of anyone who needs it for the duration of the curse! Of course they can't both be there at all times, so if you'd like to catch one or the other of them alone, just put your preferred cuddler's name in the subject line. Otherwise, you'll probably get both boys copping a hug.]
20th-May-2013 04:25 pm - Open Log
devwocean: (Come at me bro)
Who: Orphaner Dualscar and YOU
When: Any time throughout the curse week
Where: Out and about in the bubble or the island
Style: Starting in action, but I'll follow your lead
Status: Open

[Dualscar's taken careful notice of this curse, and is pretty sure what it's all about - and that he's not affected. As a highblood troll, it would be practically unconscionable for him not to take advantage of this opportunity.

He may be deliberately visiting your character - if you're someone he knows - or it could be a chance meeting. Either way, he may be trying to ferret out information. Or there might not be anything in particular that he cares to know.]
17th-May-2013 04:44 pm
wavesofjade: (14 ♍ Waves Will Crash All Around)
Who: The Dolorosa and the Sufferer
Where: Sufferer's hive
When: Shortly after returning to the bubble
What: Awkward conversation...
Style: I'll match!
Status: Closed


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15th-May-2013 06:25 am
sylphauxiliatrix: (Default)
Who: Kanaya Maryam and the Dolorosa
Where: Disciple and Dolorosa's reclaimed hive
When: Evening
Style: I'll match
Status: Closed

Three whole weeks. It was a lot of time to lose. Plenty of people had responded to her network post announcing her return, but there was someone that she felt she had to tell in person. Of course in all the chaos of exodus from the bubble who knows where she was? Kanaya could have just tried to call her... but she kind of latched on to the idea of surprising the Dolorosa with a visit.

She waited for a little while after the bubble was cleared, to increase the odds that her ancestor would have returned home. Finally ready, she knocks on the door to the hive of her two favorite adults.
wavesofjade: (16 ♍ In My Arms)
Who: The Dolorosa and anyone who comes across her
When: April 21st
Where: The island, on the beach
Style: Starting prose but if you want to use brackets I'll follow that!
Status: Open


But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. )
13th-Apr-2013 01:02 am - witty title [open]
secondcoolest: (Default)
When: Curse 42 week shenanigans really
Where: the Villa
Style: whatever you want
Status: open!!

[ It's about that time again! More open log stuff at the Villa. Residents, friends of residents, and random passers by are all more than welcome to join in on the shenanigans. Go nuts kids. ]
10th-Apr-2013 07:51 pm - Disciple goes back to nature
feralfanatic: (Default)
Who: The Disciple and Whoever
When: Throughout the Curse Week
Where: Around the bubble, or Island
Style: Whichever you prefer
Status: Open

[Throughout the week, those attempting to find or speak with the Disciple may have troubles. Her bedroom lies empty, her SFC discarded, sitting on a table next to her bed. The window appears to have been smashed outward, shards lying on the ground outside. There is a fair amount of olive-colored blood immediately outside the window, but it quickly stops as it trails off into the city proper; almost too quickly.]

[It seems for this curse Disciple has lost as lost her culture and regressed back to her near feral state of her first arrival. In return she has gained something of a regeneration ability, and can recover from some pretty grievous wounds. She can be found throughout the bubble, and eventually the island, once she finds her way up there. She is avoiding large crowds of people, and loud noises. Who even knows what she will or will not remember from her time in Vatheon?]

[Those who know here might know where to start looking for her, those who do not might end up stumbling upon a near-feral half-naked adult Troll as she tries to avoid the more 'busy' parts of a civilized world that is bright and confusing.]

(OOC:Feel free to encounter her wherever, and however you want. She will be all over the place. Woods, Back alleys, anywhere on the Island. The one place she will avoid above all others is the Plaza, however. Way too busy. Message me if you want to set up anything in particular)
25th-Mar-2013 07:30 pm - Dancing Under the Sea
devwocean: (I'm sexy don't deny it)
Who: Dualscar and Dolorosa
When: Right now!
Where: A bar with like, music and stuff.
Style: Action
Status: Closed to all erstwhile saboteurs of Dualscar's romantic life.

[Earlier today, Dolorosa had received a box on her doorstep, along with a note.]

Meet me at Club Deep, and wwear wwhat's inside this box. Don't wwear heels that're too high, you'll be glad you took my advvice.

Come alone.


[Inside the box is a pretty dress, along with gold and pearl necklace, bracelets and earrings to match.

Dualscar is sitting at the bar at Club Deep, a night club featuring a brilliant wall of aquariums, and smooth, slow jazz - perfect to dance to. He can't stop himself from looking at the door every ten seconds, wondering if Dolorosa will take his gift, and show up. He's drinking a cup of some kind of fizzy mixed drink - not too fruity, okay, but sweet - and determined that it'll be the only one he has tonight.

Well, unless she doesn't show. Then all bets are off.]
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