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25th-Jun-2013 03:42 pm
pierrotdemonique: ([mm] | Is a dream.)
Who: Mephisto and Grell
When: Early evening
Where: Ordo 4 and who knows where else
Style: Starting in third but I'll match!
Status: Closed

[ He was prone to his late night walks. After all, the city did look its best at night, what with the moonlight and the water and the schools of fish passing overhead. Just as he's about to leave for this evening though, he hears the knocking. Normally, it doesn't really faze him. Whoever it is can wait. He'll be there eventually.

But then the knocking turns to pounding and that's when Mephisto decides it be best that he tend to this asap. So he heads to the door, umbrella by the crook of his arm.

There's a pause of surprise though as he spots Grell by his doorway. ]

I knew I'd find you pounding on my door eventually but not this soon...

[ He pauses, shutting the door behind him and offering her his arm. ]

Now then, my dear... what has gotten you so upset that you've come without warning?
14th-Jun-2013 04:11 pm
pierrotdemonique: (Default)
Who: Mephisto, the Maid Cafe and [community profile] vatheon
Where: Near the forest
When: Early morning - all day
Status: OPEN

[ That topiary garden was most definitely not in the forest clearing yesterday but hey, it's up now and looks to be the sort that should have taken weeks to set up. There are rosebushes in both white and red (some of those red ones look red. How odd.) as well as several pieces of topiary shaped like leaping hares and mock turtles and dormice. Amongst the topiary in a clearing are white tables and chairs set for what seems to be for tea. The maids of the cafe are dressed in blue and lace, along with matching striped white and blue stockings and mary janes. It seems the Master of Ceremonies has chosen Alice In Wonderland as the underlying theme for the maid cafe's debut event.

The food is, as well, similarly themed. Tea comes with delicate little sugar rabbits. Pastries are adorned with tiny playing cards. Feel free to order whatever your little heart pleases.

Mephisto himself is seated in one of the chairs in the corner, eyes trained on the girls and any incoming would-be patrons. He's calmly sipping his tea, stirring in one of those sugar rabbits and looking quite pleased with the way things seem to have turned out. There's a small sign on his table that reads "Kleine Engel - now hiring".

When evening comes, paper lanterns begin to surround the parameter of the topiary garden and setup. Fireflies start to come out, adding a surreal glow about the area.

Care to take a load off? Have some tea and cake? Inquire about any open positions?]

[ ooc: SO! Due to quick plurk discussion, here is the maid cafe's initial open house/recruitment post. Feel free to use this as a mingle post, the maids can make their own threads, interested parties can reply to the recruitment thread, go wild. ]
11th-Mar-2013 02:08 pm - oo5. // Indecision
diehardreaper: ([um] Say that you want me)
Who: Grell and Ronald
When: 3/10 - mid-morning
Where: Grell's place?
Style: Whatever works~
Status: Ajar? Closed to Ronnie and Grell but Madam Red can pop in if she wants to.

[ Truth be told, he's been a little distraught the past few weeks. His job at the bar was definitely helping him get his mind off things but that little chat he had with that poor anonymous sod on the network just brought his little problem back up to the surface. Truth be told, Ronald didn't really know where to turn at the moment. Talking to Mister Spears didn't help any. After all, he didn't seem to have a lick of experience when it came to this sort of thing. He had been used to getting accepted, to dumping and only on occasion being dumped but this was something absolutely different.

So on to the one reaper he knew he could go to who at least seemed to know what she was talking about.

It was then that Ronald found himself at Grell's domicile. There's a sharp breath in as he frowned slightly. ]

Here's to nothing.

[ And knocking on the door now. ]
3rd-Feb-2013 10:58 pm - .
gtfo_mypersonalspace: (Put a dime in my jukebox)
Who: William T. Spears, Angelina Durless & Grell Sutcliff
When: 2/2, directly following this thread
Where: Angelina and Grell's flat
Style: Action tagging
Status: Closed

[ An can probably hear William huffing and grumbling behind her as they walk towards her flat. Seems every time he wipes his glasses free of water droplets, more just end up falling from his bangs and fog up his view. Plus, just having his hair out of place is annoying him, in and of itself! ]
26th-Jan-2013 03:26 pm - Burial at sea
beautyindeath: (Wrap in laughter)
Who: Undertaker & you
When: Shortly after his arrival
Where: The Plaza
Style: Will match
Status: Open

Oh my. When Undertaker had chosen to perform his experiment on the Campania while out at sea he hadn't expected as much as this. To be stuck under the water in a strange location. For the moment he was sitting on one of the higher pieces of corral, watching the residents pass by and observing them. It was certainly more interesting to watch them this way than on the device which he had received or by reading the brochure. The pictures on it appearing similar to what one would watch with the cinematic record. It was curious to watch the residents around him, even in this fishbowl setting their interactions and behaviors were intriguing. How many had he seen seemingly lifeless until that moment when they touched the coral? Not to mention the mark which some had left quite exposed and open in clear sight of all.

Naturally the Undertaker had checked himself, finding the same brand on his arm as he had pulled up the sleeve of his robes. And while he personally didn't care for it, the impurity and ugly brand which he figured must mark all of those in this place, it was quickly accepted. Rather what he fiddled with while watching was the starfish which had taken the place of the treasure which the earl was keeping for him. For now though the ex-shinigami would have to entertain himself with the very souls he was watching before him, hoping he might have an opportunity to find a first rate laugh. Or the chance to examine them a little close and dress them up. A small somewhat manic laugh escaping at the thought as his lips curled into a smile.
13th-Jan-2013 03:29 am
adoptedalien: (Suprised)
Who: Mamoru and anyone else.
What: Mamoru is patrolling the city, looking for things he could help out with.
Where: Various locations around the city
When: Mid-day to dusk.
Style: Using Prose but can switch as needed.
Status: Open!

Just trying to help! )
chosen_gigolo: (Bedroom eyes)
It looks like Zelos has become enamored of Earth culture yet again and has outfitted the entire club like an American 1920's speakeasy. Each member of the staff has been outfitted with a 3-piece 1920's style suit (in the fabric style of their choice) complete with a matching fedora. Even the ambient music is much jazzier this month!

Per usual the rules and employee roster are posted near the door.

Asbel Lhant
Duke Pantarei
Fai D. Flourite (assistant chef and appointments)
Guy Cecil (bartender)
Jade Curtiss (bartender)
Malik Caesar (bartender)
Peony Malkuth IX
Rin Okumura (chef)
Sora and Roxas
Zelos Wilder (Only takes appointments with women.)
Please note that some hosts may be unavailable due to coma.

This month guests are encouraged to get up and dance with their hosts, all the tables having been arranged to each side and the center of the room's floor kept clear for such activities. The bar has its regular assortment of drinks but there's something else called "moonshine" for this theme. 21+ only please!

((ooc: Thank you to Umi for this month's theme! If you have an idea for a theme you want to share, please either PM Zelos' journal or shoot me a plurk on reikofanel, thanks!))
20th-Oct-2012 07:16 pm - A date for two Shinigami [CLOSED]
fakegod: (SOFT)
Who: Aizen Sosuke ([personal profile] fakegod) // Grell Sutcliff ([personal profile] reaper2die4).
Where: around the City.
When: backdated to Friday evening.
Style: [ACTION]
Status: [CLOSED]
Warning: none (yet).

[Tonight finds Aizen standing near the Coral, protecting himself from the rain under a pristine and white umbrella, waiting. Once again, he left his usual hakama for a very elegant suit, certain to please his date.

The chosen one ? Grell Sutcliff, one of the most interesting and intriguing persons of Vatheon, a dark and red creature who recently caught his attention.

And she is late.]
1st-Oct-2012 08:11 pm - Monthly Mingle Log
thalassino: (» station master)
Normally this particularly part of the plaza lays a little quiet and secluded but today there is a difference. The otherwise quiet spot is bustling with activity today, and shall be every first of every month from now on. It sure was a bit of trouble preparing all of this, but no effort was spared. It is for a good cause, after all!

The set up, though fairly simple, has clearly been aimed at making things comfortable for those attending. Broad tables filled with food and drink (and a few locals attending to them to make sure they won't run dry) stand amongst small tables, perfect for a few people to gather around and enjoy the delicacies. Some chairs and benches have been set up too, for those that'd rather sit while talking, but there is still plenty of space for walking around too. Beyond that, there stand at least two booths, one manned by the Welcoming Commitee, armed with replacement flyers, maps, hotel directions and anything a person new to Vatheon might need. They certainly look ready to answer any question that someone might have and then some. The other booth seems just as welcoming, though perhaps a little less on the informative side. This one is manned by Vatheon's very own Host Club. Are they recruiting? Trying to find new customers? Or just here to do their part in welcoming new people to Vatheon? Better check it out and be certain.

Today, the party seems to be dressed up with a rather obvious autumn flair. The tables, chair, benches and table-cloths are dominated by warm, fall colours, and all the food that stands on the tables has a very definite fall flavouring; apple and pumpkin pies stand side by side, with caramel apples near by and what looks to be a mass of cookies. But there are soups too, warm and hearty for those that want them. And lets not forget the drinks. The locals are tireless in refilling the cups so there is never anyone lacking some warm tea or warm chocolate, cider, or just plain old apple juice. Ask and you shall most definitely receive!
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