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25th-Sep-2012 06:21 pm - I can show you a whole new... bubble.
feralfanatic: (BS Ara2)
Who: Disciple and Nepeta
Where: The Island
When: Backdated to last day of the body swap curse.
Status: Closed

Text under here. )
tsundyne: (mental keysmash)
Who: Yukari, Yosuke, and anyone passing by
Where: The Plaza
When: Backdated to last day of curse 33 (bodyswap)
Status: Open! to ridicule and embarrassment

[Yukari had made it a point not to really show herself much this week, with her being stuck the way she is. Knowing-- or, well, hoping that it would be the last day, however, assuaged her somewhat, and she finds herself wandering around the plaza. It’s around the end of the month, about the right time for new people to be arriving. New and old...

But no matter how many people she’s met or seen, human or not, she hadn’t expected to run into... herself.

It takes her a moment to process it. And then it hits her.


[Oh. Well this was awk. Especially since Yosuke was in this outfit. (minus the tanktop in the second link--)

Anyway. He jumps a little when he hears his name being called. Oh.

...Oh...hey Yukari. [He’s a little sheepish right now. Oops?] What’s up?

[She’s. Just going to pause, and stare at her own midriff, exposed. Why she’s even surprised to see this, she doesn’t even know. She won’t even answer his question.]

Wh- What are you wearing?!

...What do you mean? What’s wrong with what I have on?

[There's another pause, because there are simply no words. But finally, she sputters:]

Tch! Only everything!

[......Welp. This will end well.

Jump in? Laugh? Pop some popcorn...?

(( OOC: backdated joint curse post! replies will come from [personal profile] tsuncanned, who is Yukari in Yosuke’s body, and [personal profile] garbagedyne, who is Yosuke in Yukari’s body. also, Yosuke-mun is still on hiatus so replies from her might be slow! ))
22nd-Sep-2012 01:16 pm - 16 - Knight Lancer S
radiantwingedone: (Focus)
Who: Duke, who is currently in Zelos' body, AND ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED
Where: That clear space where Serph had all the training stuff set up.
When: morning of 22nd - Before Angelo's post.
Status: Open!

[ After having been interrupted by Zelos in his all-day-reading in the library - why did he need his hair washed again, he didn't attempt to sleep or laze about or anything! - Duke completely skipped Saturday's washing-of-hair, and escaped to play with something that interested him.

Like Zelos' magic.

He'll just. Keep avoiding him. Maybe all of tomorrow too. This may explain why Zelos' hair doesn't look absolutely perfect, where he's sitting and trying to figure out how to make these Fireballs go where he wants them to.

Maybe he should start with the ones that feel new. Like the Lightning.

(OOC: Replies will come from [personal profile] radiantchosenone)
22nd-Sep-2012 05:41 pm - The Shinigami and the Cat [CLOSED]
fakegod: (SERENE)
Who: Aizen Sosuke ([personal profile] fakegod) // Sebastian Michaelis ([personal profile] xthecorvus).
Where: Aizen's house @ Ordo neighborhood.
When: Saturday night.
Style: [ACTION]
Status: [CLOSED]
Warning: none (yet).

[Aizen usually just listens. To the people around him, to the continuous flow of voices on the SFC. He listens and dispatches the discovered informations. The way Vatheon works, his most or less interesting residents... There is always something to catch is attention.

This week, for example. Witnessing such a curse is quite a distraction and a relief to not be affected by it. Aizen does not wish to think of the consequences if someone else had been in his body, discovering his powers. Also, he was not sure that this unfortunate person would have been able to survive the whole experience.

The Shinigami smirks at the thought and then switches the SFC off, something poking at his mind. There is a very familiar presence not far from him, from his house. A certain young man that he met a month ago.

Sebastian, don't be shy. The kitchen's window is open. Come in and say hi.]
420: Art by xamag-homestuck [at] (pic#1234362)
Who: Gamzee Makara ([personal profile] 420) and The Summoner ([personal profile] rebull)
Where: Starts at the lake and then to the beach.
When: Backdated to the 17th, after this convo.
What: Summoner and Gamzee giving their new seatroll bodies a try-out.
Style: [Totally self indulgent bracket nonsense]

[All in all, it doesn't take Gamzee long to get to the lake. In fact, he's finding it a little hard to stay still. Maybe it is the effect of not having any calming sopor in his system for once, or maybe it is just cause holy fuck, getting the swim like a seadweller? That sure is some motherfuckin' miracle what he dreamed of for ages. Or perhaps it is cause all his normal energy is stuck in less than five feet of troll instead of the normal slightly over six feet. Yes. That surely is a very logical explanation that Gamzee will totally buy.

He's currently wearing some of Feferi's clothes, mostly on account of having tried his own clothes on but having found them far too big. His normal shirts are practically dresses like this and his pants, well, getting them to stay up on his hips was just a lost cause! So he's just wearing one of Feferi's colourful skirts over one of her bathing suits. He can't complain. Actually, these skirts are pretty fun; breezy and stuff. His fins keep waving in obvious excitement as he waits for Summoner to join him.

This is going to be fuckin' amazing as balls.]
420: Art by stervi [at] (pic#1233708)
Who: Gamzee Makara ([personal profile] 420) and Karkat Vantas ([personal profile] bethehugejerk)
Where: Starts at home then to the beach!
When: 20th, during the body-switch curse.
What: Hijacking those fins they got for a swim-around.
Style: [Totally self indulgent bracket nonsense]

[After going for a swim earlier this week with Summoner, Gamzee came to two conclusions: 1. fins fuckin' rock and 2. Karkat had gotta get in on this too. He knows Karkat isn't usually all about the water funtimes, but goddamn, this was just so off the hook amazing, even Karkat hadda experience that miracle for himself.

Still a few days pass before Gamzee actually contacts him about it though. It would be nice to think he was doing that to give Karkat a chance to adjust to being in a half-blind, highblooded body, but it is mostly cause shit slipped his pan with all the other things going on.

Finally, when he recalls his earlier idea, he immediately reaches for his SFC, to send the message. For a moment he gets confused, unsure whether to send the message to Karkat or Eridan's SFC (did they switch around SFCs too? Are they still the same? Who the fuck even knows) but he masterly solves that riddle by just sending the message to both of them.]

AtTeNtIoN My bEsT Of nOw fReShLy mOtHeRfUcKiN FiNnEd bRoThErS.
PaCk uP YoUr mOtHeRfUcKiN FiNs aNd gRaB SoMe fUcKiN ClEaN UnDeRnEtHeRtHiNgS FoR WeArInG
We'rE GoInG SwImMiNg!

[This is so totally ---ExCiTiNg.]
17th-Sep-2012 11:51 pm - //To be alive is to be vulnerable \\
relinquishing: (☽And in the spring I shed my skin)
Who: Guy Cecil ([personal profile] trepidity) and Zelda Hylia ([personal profile] breaksthefontech)
Where: Ordo 3
When: Evening of the 16th >>> Morning of the 17th
What: Guy's staying the night. Only awkward things can come from this.
Style: [Brackets and lots of words!!]
Status: Closed, locked, bolted.

When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability. To be alive is to be vulnerable. )
17th-Sep-2012 04:35 pm - ♋ ↔ ♒
bethehugejerk: (Default)
Who: Karkat and Eridan.
Where: Their shared hive.
When: September 16, right as the curse takes effect, and before Karkat's network post.
Style: Action.
Status: Closed.

at least he gets to be tall )
17th-Sep-2012 05:20 pm
mothersunlight: (No baths!!)
Who: Luke Amaterasu!
Where: Wandering around the plaza or market!
When: All day
Style: Action
Status: Open!

[Like many others residing within Vatheon, Amaterasu was subject to a body exchange as well. "Luke" is wandering around, as though he's just now figuring out how to walk on two feet, and looking remarkably disoriented.]


[With a miserable, dog-like whine, it's fairly clear that it's certainly not normal behavior for a teenage boy! There is simply so much to still figure out about this body, that Ammy wanders over to people, pawing at them with hands (though she's had them three times, thumbs are still just the strangest thing) to get their attention.]

Hnn... oof! Woof!

[The attempts at barking are likely attention-grabbing, as well.]
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