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black_dogstar: (Out the Window)
Who: Shin and Sirius
Where: Somni When it was there
When: Afternoon of 27th
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[Sirius circled the city that had replaced the island, partly to get a better idea of what it looked like and partly to kill time while he was waiting to meet Shin. They were supposed to go on a walk through this new area and explore.

A few days ago it probably would have been more exciting to think about.

But now, looking out over this city all he could think was that James would've loved to have seen it. But Prongs wasn't here...and neither was Lily and, as much as he wanted to deny it, it had been too long. They were gone.

He couldn't even take solace in the fact that they had gone home. James was dead and Lily only would have had about a day before she was too.

That wasn't even the only thing that was bothering him, it was the biggest, but there were other issues. He just hoped he could get through this walk without letting on something was bothering him. Of course...knowing Shin, his boyfriend would be able to figure it out whether Sirius wanted him to or not.

Sighing, Sirius made his way back to the elevator and hovered over the enterence to wait for his Dolphin.]
20th-Mar-2012 09:43 am - Action-Packed Dinner-time!
amomentofsympathy: (Cute doujin!)
Who: Nasuti, Shin, and Touma
Where: Nasuti's Apartment - more specifically, the kitchen and dining room
When: Following this post
Status: Closed

"Ow!" Nasuti hissed between her teeth as she brought a finger to her mouth. It was difficult trying to remember what equipment she needed for the kitchen in order to make pasta. It was only natural that she'd forget a screen to keep the tomato sauce from spitting at her as it cooked.

Flimsily shaking her hand and turning the sauce onto low, she stepped away from the stove in order to get the table set. The boys said they would arrive shortly, and it had already been a good ten minutes since they cut off their network feeds. So it was only a matter of time before they arrived.

She wanted to get as much completed as possible before Shin arrived. Knowing him, he'd want to steal her apron and take over the kitchen. Not that Nasuti entirely objected to it...perhaps it would take his mind off of things, after all.
29th-Feb-2012 10:19 pm - time to feel better
sky_protector: (In The Distance)
Who: Touma and Shin
When: March 1st
Where: Touma's apartment
Style: Up to you
Status: Closed

As soon as he'd realized that Sirius was gone, Touma had become concerned. He was aware that Shin could wear his pain out in the open and knew that he would be impacted by the loss. That was more than enough for him to want to check in on him, maybe try to help him feel better. Of course, he wasn't always the best at that so he'd settled for telling Shin to come over to his place.

He'd obtained this apartment so he could have a place to be alone. He liked being around other people but sometimes they were just too overwhelming all at once. It was easier to focus if he had quiet when he needed it. Besides, it was the eighth floor of the Yutopil apartments, just the kind of thing that he enjoyed. Height.

The goal for today was to have snack foods and video games. It worked for him so he could try to cheer Shin up the same way.

...He was at least trying here.

Hearing a knock at his door, he went over to answer it. "Hey, Shin. Come in."
18th-Feb-2012 10:09 pm - A tease a day keeps Marauders happy
shounenphelps: (♓ feeling like a number one)
Who: Mouri Shin and James Potter (open to Marauder house)
When: Midday
Where: Marauder House - anywhere
Style: Action
Status: closed (except as above)

Especially the founders )
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