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26th-Sep-2012 07:38 pm
testsubject031: (that hurts)
Who: Labrys and You!
When: Afternoon
Where: Out and about
Style: Whatever floats your boat
Status: Open!


[Labrys is seated on a bench in the center of town, looking a bit zoned out for a moment as she finishes up some internal maintenance. She wants to make sure the curse didn't leave any nasty surprises for her.]

Global Positioning System is out of date. Scanning for update... No updates found.

[That's the only thing that seems to be off, but it was like that when she arrived. So everything is fine. She returns to the conscious world and looks around while going through her memories. Despite being out of body, she is able to save her memories of being human to the system.]

Heh, what I'd give to have some of that ice cream again. Or strawberry shortcake. Playing in the water was fun too.

[She raises her metal hands in front of her and wriggles her fingers, then rests them against her lap. There were a lot of things that humans couldn't do, but there were also a lot of amazing things that they were capable of that she'd love to do again.]

Well, I guess it ain't meant to be. But it was fun while it lasted.
1st-Sep-2012 12:13 am
testsubject031: (what's goin' on here?)
Who: Labrys and You
When: Afternoon
Where: Somewhere in the plaza
Style: Whatever floats your boat
Status: Open!

[Improper Shutdown Detected. Restarting System...

Possible water damage to system. Running diagnostic scan for errors... No errors found.

Global Positioning System is out of date. Scanning for update... No updates found.

System will start shortly...

Nngh...did I go and get myself hacked again? The nerve of that guy...

[A robot in a school uniform with white blouse and houndstooth skirt frowns, slowly getting up from the ground. This place is unfamiliar to her, and she can't figure out where it is in regards to her last location.]

Mitsuru-san? You around?

[Or maybe possibly...]

Yu? Chie? Teddie? Anybody?

[She's worried. Without her friends, what will people think of her? Are they gonna try to take her away? Shut her down because she's dangerous?

No. She's gonna stand up for herself. She's more than a weapon.]
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