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3rd-Dec-2012 01:59 am
fighting4afuture: (introspection)
Who: Trunks and Angelo
Where: Up on the island and no he doesn't care about the cold
When: December 3rd
Status: Closed
Style: [lazy]

one by one, everyone's leaving again. )
30th-Oct-2012 11:21 pm - nightmares never last
fighting4afuture: (Default)
Who: Trunks and open
Where: Island
When: Nighttime, Tuesday
Status: Open

but while they're around they can make your life hell )
28th-Aug-2012 07:35 pm
fighting4afuture: (pwned)
Who: Trunks and whoever.
Where: Plaza!
When: 28th?
Style: Action
Status: Open like my heart

Will not make a Bon Jovi lyric reference, nope. )
beauchevalier: (♦ 03)
Who: Angelo and all of Vatheon.
Where: All over the plaza, mainly at the local restaurants (feel free to specify any locations).
When: Afternoon into evening (backdated to the 1st and again, feel free to specify).
Style: Either first or third, I don't mind.
Status: Very open!

[After having to deal with a day of having to be pulled from what he was doing back home to an entirely new town, then ending up soaking wet on top of it, he wasn't in the best of moods at first. Once he finds a local restaurant to go in though, he gets himself a nice drink of red wine to sooth his irritation while seated at one of the tables. What anyone who finds him will notice right away is he looks like a certain someone, except his clothes are quite different as is his hair being much longer with a different shade altogether. His voice is vastly different too. He'll also be carrying a rapier in its hilt hanging off his hip belt, while on the other side there's a bow in a type of holder tied on said belt. He may be speaking to no one in general as well, primarily to himself if you have to name someone.]

If I knew I was going to be dragged from home, I would have brought more with me. Ah well, c'est la vie I suppose. At least I'm able to enjoy this wine, I couldn't ask for anything better. Though I wonder what else there is to do in this town. Hmmm. I'll have to see for myself, won't I?

[For the rest of the day, that is exactly what he's doing. Heading out of the place he's in, he goes out to other various restaurants mainly and stores to see how things are, also finding more ways to get dry (even though he did use the towels he obtained to dry himself off with). Small towels were not enough for him, if only he had the Sizzle spell he could dry off immediately. Instead, he decided to try having fun in town.]
12th-Jun-2012 07:12 am - 7th Combo
redcladidealist: (Why?!)
Who: Lloyd and anyone who might be interested
Where: Island
When: Backdated to the curse week
Style: [Action]
Status: Open


Dammit, not again!

[Lloyd glares at the two broken sticks in his hand, frustration mounting. Ever since this curse started, he's been breaking everything. He'd always thought being super strong would be really cool.

It's not. Not when you can't control it. )
3rd-Jun-2012 01:57 pm - 6th Combo
redcladidealist: (Here I come!)
Who: Lloyd Irving and anyone
Where: Island beach
When: Morning
Style: Either
Status: Open

[There aren't very many good places in Vatheon to get away from everyone. Not that Lloyd is trying to avoid anyone, but it's usually a good idea to go someplace out of the way when training with new mana techniques - and that's exactly what he's doing today. He'd found a good stretch of beach that was, for the moment, unoccupied - probably because of the chill in the morning air discouraging casual beachgoers. There might be more people in the afternoon, but he'd no doubt have called it quits long before then.

So, while he still has the beach to himself, time to get to work! Drawing both his swords, the teen in red runs through a basic warm-up before settling into a familiar routine. Without calling on his own inner mana, he goes through the motions of the techs he thinks are closest to what he's trying to achieve. Demon Fang, Tempest, Beast, they all involve molding mana around his blades. If he can just keep it there, instead of unleashing it...

Anyone passing by this particular stretch of beach will either see a teenage swordsman hard at work training himself - or they'll pass by just in time to get blasted by mana and sand from one of Lloyd's failed technique attempts.]
fighting4afuture: (awkwaaard...)
Who: Bulma, Bulla, and Trunks
Where: Bulma's capsule house(?)
When: May 1st (what is this thing you call backdating)
Style: Action
Status: Closed

Vatheon's own little Jerry Springer re-enactment )
1st-May-2012 06:42 pm - (3) | When in doubt, go shopping
vulgarwoman: ([Nerd] Oh it's in binary)
Who: Bulma and YOU
Where: Some place where you can shop for the foodstuffs!
When: ...Today? :D;
Style: Always brackets
Status: Open!

[The interruption of the sudden broadcasting of dreams was mildly upsetting, but Bulma—having done the magical solution of not touching the "dream" button on the communicator—considered it nothing more than a bump in the road. She's a woman that knows how to keep herself busy, that's how she's always been, and today she had a picnic to plan on her agenda.

So she's gone grocery shopping! It sure is a lot easier when you don't have to pull out cards and can just show them the mark on your back. No problem! It's not like Bulma has a problem with wearing things that expose that part anyway.

She's not sure exactly how much her future kids eat, and Gohan himself...well, he's half Saiyan, so she's already got quite a haul stored away in her capsules with only a few actual bags in her hands. (Just as a precaution so people don't assume she's a wandering around Vatheon for no reason and try to pull her off into something else or whatever it is the locals do around here.) Bulma's not anywhere close to done yet, however, she's still got fish and meat to take a look at.]
18th-Apr-2012 01:00 am - Arrival
the_next_tsahik: (Let me think)
Who: Neytiri ([personal profile] the_next_tsahik) & you
Where: The Plaza
When: 18th, mid afternoon
Style: I'll match yours~
Status: OPEN

And so another life begins... )

((OOC: There's a 9 & a half foot practically naked cat alien sitting next to the coral in the plaza. What will you do?))
15th-Apr-2012 10:14 pm - (1)
vulgarwoman: ([Serious] Just shut up and listen)
Who: Bulma and YOU(!!)
Where: Plaza areaish?
When: TODAY MORNING 'O CLOCKNOON?? (Mid-morning more like)
Style: [Brackets]
Status: Opeeeen

There be words here or something. )
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