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21st-May-2013 06:53 pm - She's a Maniac, Maniac!
encore_dueling: (Fucking skulls man)
Who: Jake English and everyone else
Where: Anywhere
When: Anytime during curse week
Style: Any! I'll match you!
Status: Open!

[You know what sucks the most about being in a coma? Not being able to explore the place you just got dumped into!

Granted, for the first couple of days or so, that grease is still in his hair no matter how vigorously he washes it. How the hell that stuff got into it, he doesn't know and he's not sure he wants to know.

Anyway, this kid can be found looking at everything Vatheon has to offer, both under the water and on the surface. He's a very curious lad, after all!

Jake...also has no idea that a curse is even happening. Yeaaaah, fun times ahead.]
17th-Mar-2013 05:32 pm
kringlefuck: ([ blush ] ☠ like a willow tree)
Who: Jake English & Jane Crocker.
When: March 17th in the afternoon.
Where: The Alpha House
Style: Action pls.
Status: Closed to Bri.
Warnings: This log has Jake English in it.

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2nd-Feb-2013 10:48 pm - it's hard and nobody understands
kringlefuck: (pic#4723239)
Who: Jake English + Dirk Strider.
Where: Jake's room.
When: The evening of February 1st.
Style: Action pls.
Status: Private, but still on going. Continued from here.

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25th-Dec-2012 12:18 pm - Good tidings of comfort and joy
shippingmath: <user name="fruitballs"> art by <user name="mozarelli" site=""> (So robots?)
Who: Dirk, Jane, Roxy, and Jake.
When: Christmas Morning!
Where: Alpha house
Style: Whatever!
Status: Private

[It's Christmas morning.

Specifically, it's early Christmas morning. But who lets a silly thing like the time of day stop them when it's Christmas and there are presents to open and various Christmas things to do? Certainly not these kids. Maybe they were woken up by a certain member of the household, but why bother grumbling about that when the living room is full of gifts?

Dirk has been awake for a while, which is nothing unusual, he's been an insomniac for years. What's different from normal is that he hasn't gone into the garage or stayed in his room. He's been sitting around in the living room instead, poking at his SFC but not really getting anything done. Basically, he's waiting for everyone else.]

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