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2nd-Mar-2013 11:11 pm - 1 - I shall sing a song
aprettyred: (Are you going to pick me up too?)
Who: Anna and anyone!
Where: The Plaza
What: Arrival
When: March 2nd Evening
[ Style ]
Status: Open

[She isn't sure she likes all the blue about here ) ]
14th-Feb-2013 04:05 pm - EVENT - VALENTINE'S DAY
thalassino: (Default)


The host club's doors are closed for most of the morning, locals scurrying in and out with an odd flair to help set up for the big event. That sure is a lot of pink and red being carted inside. They must be going all out for this Zelos fellow. Who knows why.

Residents that wander around the plaza for any reason will find a local approaching them, hyping up some aspect of the party that might appeal to them. The lights, the music, the dancing! The chance for gossip! Here, if your date goes poorly, we'll treat you to a drink. If your date goes well, we'll treat you to a drink. If you just want a drink for the sake of it... hey, you get the picture! It's something for both the single and taken alike, and the people of the city seem to be more than happy reminding you of this fact whenever they can.

When it hits noon, all characters who have signed up for blind dates will receive an anonymous text. They will be wished a Happy Valentine's Day, congratulated on their upcoming date, and be asked to arrive at the host club between 5:30 and 6:00 pm. They will be given more instructions upon their arrival. And wear something flattering~! <3


At 6:30, the club is opened for everyone else. Feel free to adventure up to the bar or glance around at the couples. They might be a little unrecognizable, what, with those strange masks on. They look so familiar, but you just can't place who is who. Oh well. Mingle a bit and solve the mystery with those around you! Have a drink. Talk about your love life or lack thereof. A bartender is always there to lend you an ear.

At 7:00, the tables are cleared, the lighting is dimmed down, music is turned up, and the center of the club becomes a dance floor! Plush red couches line the edges for those that have had a rough night, and small tables of chocolates, sweets, heart-shaped h'orderves and various colors of roses dot the area. Locals are working alongside the host club and maid cafe to make sure things are kept in stock. No getting close to the bar if you're under-aged or we may just have to end your evening right here and now!
16th-Jan-2013 09:10 pm - a little Italy~
savemegermany: (ve ve)
Who: Chibitalia and you all!
Where: Plaza
When: 16th, midday
Style: whatever. I'll match
Status: Open

There was a Chibitalia in the plaza )

In the plaza, a kid Italy was scampering about. Much smaller and higher voiced, Italy was donning a dress and a handkerchief on his head, his extremely large curl peeping out from underneath. It was what he wore as a kid (as everyone seemed to believe he was a girl), so he didn't think much of it.

He was busy gathering things for his bakery, not doing so well. He had a giant (well giant for his size) bag of flour in his arms, gripping on to it for dear life. "Ve~~~ Being small again is hard." Then a thought came across. "If only Holy Rome showed up right now." Oh that would make it great to see him once again!
27th-Dec-2012 02:22 pm - 24 - Rogue
radiantwingedone: (To be winged)
Who: Duke and ANYONE
Where: Plaza
When: All week! Monday and Tuesday at intervvals but... just about any time day/night for the rest of the week o/
Style: Brackets, but if you want action, I WILL FOLLOW

[ So Sunday had been a particularly bad day for Duke, although it did end up with him eating a bit more than usual because wow, it should not have been that easy for him to get knocked down-

But monday morning felt fine. Mostly because he got hit with the curse, and once again was able to sprout wings and... ignore any normal needs. Although he did find it a little harder to talk this time... Perhaps he was a different sort of angel? Still had a crystal... Oh well.

This mostly left him with a great deal more hours than he had for the past weeks, and so the ordo-Zel house is swiftly filled with the smells of apples and baking... Because if he remembers the days right, then this is close to that gift-giving holiday and...

He can't really think of much.

The problem with a full twenty four hours to spend doing something is that he ends up with way more apple pies than he has people he knows. Everyone Duke knows the name of gets 1(one) Apple Pie with 1(one) slightly magicked pie tin. The tin will keep the pies at a nice warm temperature, and will do this again if they are cooked in the pie tin. Something to do with "absorbing and storing heat from the oven and giving it slowly back over time", the note explains. Don't make cold pies in this tin, obviously.

This does leave a great deal of pies left over, and after some thought, Duke takes them to the plaza and the coral. This was newcomer time, wasn't it?

Now there's a table with pies, notes attached explaining "keep-warm pie tins", and a small paper sign proclaiming them as free apple pies. Yup.

(OOC: FEEL FREE TO FIND HIM DELIVERING PIES TO CHARACTERS WHO HE KNOWS. Just mention "christmas" or something in your tag and I will know it is his gift-giving o/ ANYONE CAN GET PIES FROM THE PLAZA...

Duke is also a Symphonian Angel for this -)
24th-Dec-2012 11:42 pm - Informal Christmas Concert~
akumanotrill: (professional smile)
Who: Hijiri Minase, Libertà, Marty McFly, Ioder, Jade Harley, Motochika, Cain Hargreaves, Selphie Tilmitt and YOU (Everyone's invited! ^^)
When: Evening of 24th Dec
Where: Central Plaza
Style: Action or Prose!
Status: Open

Hijiri looked around to make sure all the musical instruments and seats were in place. He'd prepared a number of extra seats. He'd also managed to get a piano and a drum set out onto the plaza along with some tambourines for anyone who might be passing by and want to join in. Passersby were of course welcome to borrow instruments from the music store nearby to join in or just sing along if they wanted to. Hijiri had already spoken to the store owner about it and she was glad to help. Hijiri can be a very charming flirt when he wanted to~ ♥

Now Hijiri set down and tuned his violin a little before playing a bit of Ave Maria to warm up as he waited for the others.

The evening's programme was to be a mix of classical, pop and even rock Christmas tunes. Anything his fellow musicians wanted to play. Hijiri just wanted everyone to have a fun musical Christmas~

Merry Christmas, Vatheon!

19th-Dec-2012 10:07 pm - Dashing through the snow
behind_my_smile: (Weeee crossdressing!)
When: Wednesday the 19th, all day!
Where: Up on the surface
Style: [ ] for speed
Status: Open!

Fai had already gone up ahead and made all the necessary preparations. A battlefield had been marked out in an open area. Out of bounds areas were set up that housed the tents for making snow cones, as well as bleachers that could be considered safe from the war that was about to take place.

With the help of Nepeta, piles of snowballs and snow forts were already prepared for the days festivities. And in case anyone got too chilled, a tent with a heater was set up to take away some of the edge of those icy temperatures.

There was a light snow that continued to fall even though the sun was out, helping to take a little bit of the bitter coldness away. It was the perfect weather to have a snow ball fight! All that it needed was the participants and the spectators.

Teams are posted )

OOC: This is a free for all, mingle post! There will be categories below that you can tag into that feature the actual snowball fight, the snowcones, post-war, and Open mingling. Feel free to do whatever you want even if you aren't part of a team!! If anyone wants to be a part of the snowball fight that didn't sign up, you totally can! Just jump right in.

Have fun!!!
27th-Nov-2012 10:44 pm - ➟ [action] ▘ 001
outtatime: (Default)
Who: Marty McFly and [insert your character here]
Where: The Plaza
When: From Wednesday through the end of Curse #36 {Your choice

[When Marty first heard about being "cursed" in the Bubble, there was this feeling of uneasiness at the back of his throat he couldn't ignore. I mean who wouldn't? When he thinks of a curse, he thinks of seven years of bad luck with a dead-end scenario he can't escape from. Wait a minute...

But he swallows that uneasiness whole and continues to press on. That is until he butts heads with said curse by being glued onto some stranger earlier in the week.

Now there is an air of caution he carries along when venturing about but Marty ain't scared of being stuck on another person. That would just be silly. Inconvenience sure but not enough to push him off the deep end to saturate his body with oil, wrapped whole with saran wrap. He just has to be a little careful about where he is walking.

What better way than going carefully headfirst into a highly populated area? The operative word here being carefully. He's got a plan. Play his "guitar" by the fountain side (really a broken guitar he was able to pick up from the garbage side that is still out of tune) or staring at the different chotchkies from the various shops around here.]
20th-Nov-2012 08:00 pm - Ice cream for two friends [CLOSED]
applepies: (glasses &amp; food)
Who: Tsuzuki Asato ([personal profile] applepies) // Hijiri Minase ([personal profile] akumanotrill).
Where: a City's ice cream shop.
When: Tuesday afternoon.
Style: [ACTION]
Status: [CLOSED]
Warning: PG, just to be sure.

[Comfortably installed in a booth of his favourite ice cream shop, Asato peeks over the menu he is currently and closely examining to look by the window. Cinnamon is there too, lying at his master's feet, enjoying a probably very welcome nap.

Asato sighs and peeks at his watch. Maybe it would have been a better idea to pick Hijiri up at his place instead of directly meeting at the shop... The Shinigami is still not sure that his young friend knows the City well.]
5th-Oct-2012 06:06 pm - Tea Time with Ammy
mothersunlight: (Feeding Time)
Who: Amaterasu and YOU~
When: All day
Where: Vatheon proper!
Style: Action
Status: Open!

[Amaterasu is out again today! But instead of roaming about like she usually does, she's got something set up...

cut for image )

And behind her is a GIANT FREAKING THING OF TEA. Seriously that barrel is bigger than Ammy is, who even needs that much tea? And how did she get it all set up with that fire burning underneath it and clean water boiling and-- Ammy. Ammy please. And it's not only the tea, there's also a barrel of sake.

Ammy herself is at least sitting politely on one of the pillows, sitting and waiting for someone to join her, apparently. She's particularly eager to meet the people she met when she was body-switched, but hey, there's all kinds of new people to meet.]
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