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zim: (MY SPINE!!)
Characters: ZIM and anyone
Location: The plaza
Time: Around noon...?
Style: Any~
Status: OPEN

[If you decide it is a nice day to take a walk around the city and somehow happen to cross the plaza, you may come across an interesting scene. There is a short, green and wet person that seems to be very busy trashing around on the floor, running in circles and, well... Screaming.]


[He has not noticed yet, but right at that moment Zim is making a scene out in the open without even wearing his disguise. And that is how the short alien stops his flailing for a bit to point up at nothing in particular and yell on.]

Horrible, Earthen LIQUID! How DARE you do this to ZIM?! YOU WILL PAY HORRIBLY FOR THIS!!
brbstealingpknm: (Misery's silent tears)

Characters: Silver and you!
Location: Plaza
Time: Monday 13th, mid morning.
Style: I'll follow you!
Status: O P E N! All CR Wanted!

[If Silver knew that he'd revived, he didn't show it - though, getting memories of what he did under the curse - of draining the life out of some innocent kids and enjoying it - was more than shock enough for him. It was enough for him to fin the nearest bin and throw up, not even bothered to keep his hair out of the way. It needed a cut anyway and he could just use this as an excuse.

Silver shook by the time that he was done - angry at himself, even if he drew blanks on most of what had happened in the curse
. ] Damnit. This place --

[Nor did he care if anyone saw him in this moment of weakness.

He'd just use them as a verbal punching bag if possible.
] Fuck it!

[OK, so the bin is cool to kick it seems.]

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