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6th-Aug-2013 12:03 pm
zipperlips: (Default)
Who: Kurloz and Mr. D
When: When the curse started
Where: Wherever they end up meeting
Style: Whatever
Status: Closed

Kurloz has been in Vatheon long enough that waking up to a strange ceiling on a Monday morning isn't a cause for panic, though it is a cause for irritation, particularly when he discovers that the reason the ceiling is different is because it's a house that isn't his, up on the island. There's also the small matter of the body not being his, either.

It's fortunate enough that he recognizes the face on this body, otherwise he would be feeling a lot more wrathful. This humanoid body, with its lack of horns, with it's strange little quirks and lack of stitches, is an inconvenience, but there are secrets in his own body, secrets that must be kept. With Mr. D he has a better chance of making sure they're kept.

Still, he'd better hurry. He barely hesitates to pull on one of the strangely-patterned shirts, and begrudgingly accepts that he won't be able to paint his face, before sending a quick message to his own SFC. Hopefully Mr. D will heed the warning in it and stay put, but Kurloz doesn't bother to wait for an affirmative response, he just starts off toward the elevator.

There is one benefit to this body. It's very good at scowling. The locals aren't trying to stop him at all.

27th-Jul-2013 12:25 am - ♑ & ♑ | Misery loves company
420: Art by Pizcu [at] (pic#5455942)
Who: Gamzee Makara & Kurloz Makara
When: Some time after this mess
Where: beach
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[Gamzee isn't really sure on how long he has been sitting here since... just since. He hasn't been zoning, he knows that much. Zoning is pleasant, letting his thoughts go all adrift in the fog that makes up the majority of his pan. Now there are no pleasant thoughts, and the fog is starting to run a little thin. He should be getting his slime, dose himself in a fresh batch of miracles, but that'd involve climbing to his feet, getting off the beach and he don't got an interest in that right now.

But some motherfucker to speak with... that'd be real chill about now.

His movements are mechanical as he brings out his SFC, and he's already halfway down to scrolling to Karkat's name on sheer muscle memory before he realizes what he is doing. For a moment his hand jerks up, SFC clutched in it, like he is making to toss it in the ocean, before he drops it, too tired for anything really.

Slowly he returns to scrolling through the list once more, his fingers making to scroll to certain names before realizing that they aren't there no more; Mrs Brisby, Zelda, Minato... seems he been losing too many motherfuckers what can help him get his peace on. His fingers hover over Signless' name for a few moments before he scrolls along. He can't. Not right now. He digs Signless plenty, appreciates his opinions, but he's too much like Karkat right now, like he'd be trying to fit a too similar motherfucker in the hole in his pump meant for another. His eyes skim the list some more before-- yeah.

Kurloz could help him, he knew he could. With a few taps, he's got the message screen pulled up.]

HeY MoThErFuCkEr
YoU GoT AnY TiMe tO SpArE On a bRo?
I NeEd sOmEoNe tO GeT My sPeAk oN WiTh iF YoU AiN'T Be mInDiNg tHaT

[Yes, the mute mime was definitely the proper choice to talk with. Definitely.]
20th-Jul-2013 06:17 pm - 013
makainoou: (maniacal laugh)
Who: Laharl the Terrible and YOU!
Where: One of those new jewelry stores
When: Evening
Style: I'll match
Status: OPEN! Heroes, villains, or innocent bystanders welcome~

Forget the rest of the so-called villains. Their ideas of villainry just don't mesh with Laharl's--all that nonsense about distracting the heroes and tiptoeing their way around a good fight.

Laharl is a demon. He enjoys overpowering others more than outwitting them or outmaneuvering them. And it's difficult (and not much fun) to convince anyone of how strong you are without a good demonstration. He doesn't know what foolish mortal summoned him to this world, but since they haven't done a very good job of binding him to any contract, it's high time to exert his own will on the city.

The self-proclaimed Lord of Terror can be found robbing one of Vatheon's largest, finest (and newest) jewelers in broad daylight (well, maybe the more later stages of daylight; he still can't be bothered to wake early). After frightening them into submission with a show of literal fire power, he's enlisted the staff and customers to clean the cases for him. This isn't only about getting loot that isn't wads of paper, it's about recruiting minions. The grin on his face is about as far from friendly as it gets, and he's eagerly anticipating that one of those heroes will show up any minute now.

"See? Everyone cooperates and I might just spare you any unsightly burns."
17th-Jul-2013 08:56 pm - How many souls will fall from the sky
zipperlips: (pic#6088727)
Who: Kurloz/Jack Jeckel/Undertaker
What: The streets of Vatheon are no safe place to wander late at night.
When: Late at night on Wednesday.
Where: A side street somewhere in the bubble.
Status: Open!
Style: Prose to start, but I'll follow you.

This week, it's easy to get into trouble, wandering the streets of Vatheon late at night. Any law-abiding citizens would surely have gone to their homes by now, to avoid the dangers of being stuck in a crime-infested city at night. This particular street is almost deserted, though there is one particular pedestrian who seems entirely unconcerned with where he is, and what time it is. Maybe it has something to do with the way he's dressed, a full skeleton costume, including a skull painted onto his face.

Maybe it has to do with the skull he carries in one hand. Is it a model? Maybe. But it certainly looks real. And the way his eyes linger on everyone that passes by... there's something unsettling about him, something's just off. Whatever the case, this man doesn't seem like the type you want to look in the eye.
16th-Jul-2013 02:50 am - A meeting of villanous minds
thalassino: (» head nurse)
Who: Head Nurse ~Medica~, Kurloz, Bro, Shirley, Laharl, Grimmjow, Yotsuba, Renge, and Kanaya
When: So late at night that it's morning, 7/15 (7/16 technically)
Where: A secret lair that stands where the church used to be
Status: Semi-open

["Medica" (as the Head Nurse is now calling herself) waits in the church-turned-lair for all the selected villains to make their undoubtedly flashy entrances. She seems as cool and collected as ever, though if one takes a very close look at her there is something just a little different.

Perhaps she's a wee bit excited.

The lair itself seems to be a bit of a catch-all, containing all the things a good villain might need. Creepy monitors overlooking the city, doomsday devices, eerie labs, a place to keep hostages, places to store loot and anything else the enterprising evil-doers can think up. There seems to be a section tailored to each villain. Clearly, Medica intends to work together.]

((Consider this as a bit of an IC mingle for the villains to meet and greet! After all, there's no badge identifying good and evil. Time to make alliances! Heroes are welcome to try and sneak in if they dare, but they definitely aren't invited...))
redcladidealist: (Concerned)
Who: Lloyd Irving and anyone
Where: All over!
Style: Either
Status: Open

[Lloyd's on a mission. He has no doubt it'll probably be awkward at some points, but it's an important one nonetheless. The nurse told him that people need hugs to keep warm, but not everyone would know that. Who knew who might be freezing to death because they didn't know what they needed to cure it?

Not that hugs fix the problem completely. The effect of the last hug Lloyd had gotten is already starting to wear off. Still, once people know, it'll be easier for them to make sure they get enough physical contact to keep them warm.

So here he is, searching for anyone who looks like they need a hug.]
28th-Jun-2013 02:05 pm - oo1; acquaintances
reiks: (Default)
Who: Prince Hal
Where: Around the park
When: June 28th
Style: Prose but I'll match
Status: Open!

should've gone to that thing. )
18th-Jun-2013 01:33 pm - a real gentleman
grandhighblood: (█ hum drum)
who: the grand highblood + you, you lucky dog!
what: GHB is taking a pleasant little stroll
when: 6/19
where: In the plaza
style: doesn't matter
The Grand Highblood doesn't make a huge habit of grabbing foreign objects and placing them on his head, but he's a curious one at heart and the complacency of Vatheon doesn't help one bit. His cave has been sort of infiltrated by a certain vampire by the name of Marceline who comes by now and then to drop off plush shark toys or something, so he assumes its her doing. The thought that maybe it's a curse does come up, but he's too drowsy upon wakening to really care. Besides, it's just a hat, right?
It's nestled between his two large spiraling horns, wreathed by his wild black mane, a symbol of a gentleman, greatly contrasting with his image as a whole: a black top hat. A rich purple satin ribbon is wrapped snugly around it, which appealed to him and was probably one of the reasons he felt compelled to place it on his head. Anyone who sees him whether they know him or not would find it quite the comical spectacle.
When someone runs into him in the plaza, he's still walking through the bustling crowds like he always does- a look of disgust on his face, holding his posture high and intimidating. In his hand is an apple which has been half-devoured in one bite, and if you meet him later on in the day, you'll see that his hands have made their way behind his back, clasped and slight rigidness to his step.

17th-Jun-2013 04:59 am - ♌ A True Hat-trick - [OPEN]
fundemetal: (36)
who: Leo and Anyone
what: hat shenanigans/pranking
when: All week during the curse week starting 6/17.
where: All around Vatheon - starting in the plaza, but feel free to have your character run into him anywhere public.
style: Starting with prose, but will change to match.
status: OPEN

Leo loved a good prank. He hated the last curse, but this one? Was a whole other bag of tricks. Or more accurately a bag of tricky hats. When the mark had glowed last night he hoped he wouldn't be affected by whatever wicked scheme the scientists could come up with to make his (and everyone else's) life hell.

He wasn't expecting this. But oh, was he loving it. The first hat he found was a thinking cap. He was already a pretty good thinker, but the idea of a thinking cap sounded promising, so he put it on and immediately began coming up with the best ideas! (Or what he thought were the best ideas.) He wrote them all down on a pad of paper as they came to him. But one idea stood out from the rest!

See, he had just come across the table in the plaza and it was piled with hats! All sorts of hats! It would be a lot of fun to try them all on. He went to remove the thinking cap to try on a space helmet. He quickly realized that he could not remove it. But, maybe he could put it on someone else. And how awesome of a prank would it be to go around putting these hats on other people? He picked out an array of interesting hats and began putting them into his tool belt.

A supply of hats was necessary to pick from to prank anyone he came across. And surely people would do everything they could to avoid the plaza once they caught wind of the curse, so he needed that supply to be mobile and stealthy.

[ooc: Let me know in an ooc note whether or not you want him to be able to get a hat(s) onto your character. I'm up for both successful and failed pranks as well as your character pranking Leo in return!]
16th-Jun-2013 10:01 pm - ♑ | Gamzee and beach parties!
420: (pic#1234342)
[The first part of this post is a network text, backdated slightly to yesterday.]

AiGhT, lIkE, i hAd mE SoMe hElLa sWeEt pLaN AlL FoRmInG In mY PaN HeRe wHaT I WaNnA PuT To yOu pEePs, So iF YoU CoUlD Be aS To lEnD Me yOuR MoThErFuCkIn hEaRdUcTs tHaT'D Be cOoL.
A MoThErFuCkEr cOuLdN'T HeLp bUt gEt hIs nOtIcE On fOr wHaT SoRt oF BiTcHtItS WeAtHeR We'vE BeEn bLeSsEd wItH.
GeTs a bRoThEr aLl sOrTs oF In tHe rIgHt fUcKiN MoOd fOr cHiLlIn oN ThE BeAcH AnD FiNdInG HiS WiCkEd zOnE, yOu gEt mE, cAuSe sHiT If tHeRe aIn't aLl bEiNg nO PlAcE BeTtEr tHaN ThE MoThErFuCkIn bEaCh fOr sPeNdInG YoU TiMe aT
BuT ThEn i wAs tHiNkInG LiKe, MoThErFuCk, I CoUlD Up aNd bE SpEnDiNg tHaT SwEeT TiMe oN My mOtHeRfUcKiN LoNeSoMe, FeElInG LiKe sOmE KiNdA GrEeDyTiTtIeD NiNa sTeAlInG Up aLl a tHoSe bEaUtIfUl mIrAcLeS FoR MySeLf.
Or i cOuLd iNvItE YoU BrOs aLoNg
So, ToMoRrOw i'm gOnNa fUcKiN ChIlL AlL DaY On tHe bEaCh aNd aNy oF YoU MoThErFuCkErS WhAt wAnTs tO BuIlD SoMe sIcKnAsTy pArTy wItH A BrO ShOuLd dRoP On bY AnD ThEn mAyBe wE CaN AlL HaVe sOmE FuCkIn fUn tOgEtHeR.


[True to Gamzee's word, on Sunday afternoon, there is indeed stuff on the beach fit for a beach party. Which, lets all be honest here, is something we should congratulate him on cause the chances of him forgetting a party he suggested in the first place are about 42.0% .

It is very clearly not a strictly organized beach party however. A variety of beach related things (seriously, the shopkeepers were hella awesome here and had gladly helped Gamzee bring up a whole load of shit he hadn't even known existed) lay strewn on the sand, everything from beach balls to small, colourful shovels for sand castle building (no buckets, wow, what was he, some kinda perv?) to various drink coolers stocked with faygo, faygo, some more faygo, and just for the people wanting something different, some faygo too.

Hope you like faygo.

Or brought your own drinks.

But seriously, anything you might need to have fun at a beach party is there (except, as mentioned, tiny plastic buckets, please this is a very culturally sensitive beach party) up to a few surf boards, even. So grab whatever you want, find a friend or make a new one, and have some fun.]

[ooc: Please treat this post as your general mingle log! Gamzee invited everybody, so come on up, grab a cold faygo and have fun.]
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