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☆` no trace of sadness, always with gladness; i do.

Who: Akechi Mitsuhide ([personal profile] wavesoakedlegs), Chosokabe Motochika ([personal profile] behisstrength), Gracia ([personal profile] kagayakashi), and YOU!
Where: By the forest clearing!
When: Early evening - midnight.
Style: [ Action ]!

[ If you happen to come by the forest at around dusk, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. For tonight - and just for tonight - there is a celebration open for all. Though the ceremony itself was private, the nighttime's reserved for guests, friends, passer-by's who are curiously following the crescendo swell of live music...

There is a sign by the forest quadrant's entrance. It reads, in big bold, bright letters: "The Akechi-Chosokabe Party Reception! Come one, come all!"

The party-planner is inexperienced with the words and the tradition, but it's got its charm. Some of you probably got invites to this gig too. So keep going down the path, and you'll find the heart of the fun.

The linear path towards the inner clearing is lit with candles inside jars, leading the way forward. The warm glow sets the tone immediately. And when you finally get to the where the crowd is, it's an even lovelier sight to behold. There's a band playing jazzy French music to the right - obviously Vatheon civilians who dressed for the occasion - and a train of white cloth that goes around the clearing, the ends pinned against the barks of numerous trees. It gives the appearance of a closed space, and the white surprisingly bounces well with the rest of the lights decorating majority of the area. There are some on trees, some on the grass, and lots on the tables where guests can sit and relax. And every table is blue or purple in color tone, making a refreshing contrast from the glow of the lights against cool textures. Two buffets sit on either side of the clearing, every dish varying from the strange (is that...Greek cuisine? A head of a lamb???) to the familiar (so that's where the sushi is!) Looking at the venue from afar, it seems as if the reception is made to be a fusion of different things from different places. From the food served to the out-of-place decor on majority of the tables (think frying pans and coins hanging from the back of your chair, and on the centerpieces) - the whole shebang seems to celebrate not only the wedding of two people, but an avid attempt at wedding cultures together. The Japanese undertone in wooden accents, the white cloth, the shift from jazz to Italian ballads, and where in the world did that giant peach cake come from?

More importantly, however, the happy couple remains at the center of the festivities. The makeshift aisle has the most candles lined up on the side, leading everyone to the stars of the night. Mitsuhide and Motochika sit side-by-side on lavishly decorated pillows, keeping Mitsuhide's request for some semblance of Japanese in the reception. Long curtains are held together with sturdy poles on four corners, giving the couple enough privacy to speak to each other without completely isolating themselves from the rest of the party, and to those who wish to speak to either of them too. They take up the center of the whole clearing, and most of the pots and pans, gold and silver coins, different colored sheets, and good luck charms of varying sizes hang around them, surrounding them with perceived fortune and happiness. Warm sake sits a few feet away from the two.

And who was responsible for all this?

Well, why don't you take a look at that giant cake. In about ten minutes into the celebration, the music stops, then re-plays an upbeat song. The cake starts moving, shivering, and in a timely fashion, Gracia Akechi comes bursting out of the cake from a hidden box meant to conceal her presence and to save the cake from collapsing. With arms outstretched, a wide smile on her face, and an outfit for the party completing the surprise, she screams a jovial "Congratulations Father and Father!" before jumping out gracefully, with a slight flourish.

Welcome to the Akechi-Chosokabe reception, come one come all. Let the party begin!

(OOC: This is an OPEN LOG so you guys don't have to know Mitsuhide/Motochika/Gracia to jump in x'D This could, in fact, be the introduction we all need! Lmao, so mingle with friends, make new ones, eat, drink, greet them w/ fond wishes, eat the cake, dance with the band, etc. etc. etc. THE NIGHT IS YOUNG, FOLKS. AND LOVE IS IN THE AIR ♥ Also please imagine it's less lavish than the pictures, those are just there for visual aid)
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[Mitsuhide is very happy, and that's obvious if you take a single glance at him. It is a very special day, after all; he is dressed in fine clothing, in the company of good people, and most importantly of all is now a married man.]

[He's also incredibly embarrassed, and is looking a little flushed.]

[Perhaps he should have expected something of this scale from his daughter, but that would not have stopped him from feeling awkward. Being the center of attention has never been something he deals with easily.]

[Unlike his now-husband.]

I wasn't expecting something so, ah...

[He pauses, and laughs softly as he glances around the clearing from his little seat.]

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[Motochika laughs himself, bumping their shoulders.]

Why not? [He challenges playfully.] Gracia's spirit is irrepressible.

[Motochika's own bone-deep contentment and delight is clear for all to see, though he wears it entirely unabashed. Certainly he holds himself with pride. Flashing his wrist tattoo -- their mon, side by side -- he sweeps out his hand, encompassing all of the clearing before them with his gesture.]

This is her expression of love.
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[Mitsuhide smiles softly, thinking about the young woman. It's quite easy to picture her setting all of this up; no doubt she was a ball of excitable energy. Never in his life has he known someone quite as full of life as her.]

I do not deny that.

[He drops his head and turns his hand over, staring at his own wrist in a kind of disbelieving fascination. It's still hard to believe all of this is really happening; that he could possible deserve it.]

It's just more than I would have done. That's all.
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[Motochika looks to Mitsuhide and follows his husband's gaze before flicking his eyes back up to study Mitsuhide's expression. He smirks at what he sees.]

She restrained herself out of consideration for your tastes.

[He strokes his palm along Mitsuhide's forearm.]

Even so, I think its vibrancy echoes our joy well.
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[This is restraint? Mitsuhide's eyes widen visibly as he imagines what Tama might have done had she not shown that restraint. His mental pictures are rather outrageous and vaguely terrifying (somehow exploding doves make an appearance), but despite that, it's not something that out of the question for someone like his daughter.]

Oh, oh goodness...

[Motochika's caress brings his mind firmly back to reality, however, and his attention firmly upon his lover. Raising his head, Mitsuhide regards Motochika fondly.]

Ah, you... you have been doing that a lot today.
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And why not?

[Motochika smiles at Mitsuhide as he slides his palm further, then takes hold of Mitsuhide's hand, threading his fingers between Mitsuhide's.]

You are my husband.

[He says it with particular delight.]
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[That comment makes Mitsuhide flush a little deeper, and he smiles in a rather shy way. It will take some time to wrap his head around the fact they are now wed.]

That is true.

[This, at least, is a gesture Mitsuhide is not embarrassed by. For the most part. He squeezes Motochika's hand lightly in response.]

Does that mean you intend to make a habit of it?
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[Motochika laughs in response, deep and promising. After, he turns and kisses Mitsuhide's cheek.]

Will you? [He questions invitingly.]
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[Oh. Mitsuhide tilts his head, and bites his lip briefly before replying.]

I am not...

[There is a pause, as Mitsuhide tries to find the right words. They slip out sounding incredibly shy.]

I am not very good at it.
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[Endeared by Mitsuhide's response Motochika squeezes Mitsuhide's hand and gentles his tone, setting aside his teasing for pure affection.]

Do not worry, Mitsuhide. Leave it entirely in my hands.
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[Cielo had stumbled upon the party, well, not exactly by chance. He always makes rounds of the forest at night whenever he isn't working both out of duty to his tribe and simply because he likes touring the forest.

It was the glow of the candles and the lights that first drew him, and he assumed that it was one of the forest's residents that set it up. But as he drew closer, he could see that it was a party going on!

And they have food!

With nothing stopping him, he approached the buffet. One of the best things about parties was the food. He reaches for a dumpling then stops himself.

He's probably not supposed to be here, and therefore this food must belong to someone else.]
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dancefloor = selphie = OPEN

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Wow! Gracia has really outdone herself with this. Selphie couldn't be prouder of her friend. In fact, the whole thing has been made so pretty that Selphie's poor little heart is swelling pretty hard.

Selphie's come along via her invite, and is all dressed up [http://www.hibridal.com/1305-2347-thickbox/short-bright-yellow-short-bubble-dresses-for-prom-or-homecoming.jpg Can't Even Use HTML]. She's swaying along in time to the music - be it a waltz or something more upbeat. Come dance with her Vatheon, she looks like she's having a really good time!
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Mitsuhide isn't sure about dancing himself; doing it whilst others watch seems to be a bit too embarrassing, for him. But he fully intends to greet everyone who has taken the time to come to his wedding, and so, after watching her for a short while, the young samurai approached Selphie.

"Hello, my Lady," he said, bowing deeply. "It has been some time. Thank you for coming."

Selphie's dress was interesting; Mitsuhide thought it looked like something his daughter would wear.
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Selphie turned to the samurai approaching her and tilted her head, "It really has been...and you look good!" She giggled at the bow and gave her own deep curtsy.

"So this is your wedding, huh?" Selphie stood up and smiled around at the event, "Gracia did an awesome job!"
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Mitsuhide flushes instantly at the compliment. When he straightens up again he takes a moment to brush away some stray fringe hairs from his gave before responding.

"You are too kind," he replied modestly. "I am certain it is merely because of the clothing my Lord Motochika chose for this day."

Glancing downwards, the young samurai smoothed his hands down the fine cloth his wedding clothes were made from. Motochika had chosen well, and not gotten carried away at all.

Which had, in truth, been one of Mitsuhide's fear (it was okay to admit that now that he had been proven wrong).

"She certainly put in a lot of effort. I am not sure I would have managed such a display."

He rose his head again and laughed softly.
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Selphie watched him for a long time, noticing how happy he looked, and sounded, at how warmly he spoke of Motochika. She couldn't help but grin, beginning to bounce on the balls of her feet - bright yellow shoes Gracia got her for Christmas!

"He really did do well. They both did an awesome job!"

And then she jumped forward and threw her arms around him, squeezing him hard, "I am so so happy for you! I'm so happy that you're so happy and in love! You're so lucky and I'm so glad!"
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Mitsuhide is very startled when he is hugged.

He is not one for unexpected physical contact usually, and is even a little uncomfortable with the expected kind. For a moment he freezes up, clearly feeling very awkward, before forcing himself to calm down.

She is showing affection and congratulating him. Mitsuhide knows he needs to deal with it, and accept the gesture as a kind thing. Because that was what it was meant as, after all!

"Thank you, my Lady," he replied, patting her shoulders and sounding incredibly embarrassed. "I, ah... I know I am very blessed..."
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Sorry about that, Mitsuhide, but Selphie is just so happy for you! She clings to him a moment more before giving a squeeze and finally letting go. Selphie notes his expression, and can't help but giggle a little.

"You really are blessed! It must be amazing to be loved so much. I can't wait to find a real love like you have one day..." Nearly twenty, and she's already feeling like she's running out of time. "So congratulations!"
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Open to all;

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[Sadly, there is at least one person who can't enjoy the fireworks to a great extent.]

[And that is Mitsuhide himself. The newlywed is stood staring at Gracia rather than the beautiful display, clear worry etched onto his features. He knew that his daughter had made the fireworks and that alone was cause for concern, in his book.]

[Goodness, she is even lighting them with her own magic! That has to be dangerous. Pressing his hands together, Mitsuhide makes a worried sound.]

Oh... oh goodness, I hope she doesn't hurt herself...
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[The fireworks catch Gale's attention, enough to actually draw him into the party. He's seen that they're used for celebration, after they were used during the New Year, and he'd seen Gracia fiddling with some during the curse- apparently she'd figured out how they worked safely enough to use them for this.

Gale doesn't intrude much on the rest of the party, since it's not his, but he does stick around to watch these.]