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Zelos Wilder ([personal profile] chosen_gigolo) wrote in [community profile] vatheon2012-11-10 10:21 am

[GV] - 5 - A Lapse

The theme switch for the Golden Victory this month is virtually non-existent. Gone are the Halloween decorations but nothing's been done to take their place unless the other hosts have taken it upon themselves to decorate. It seems their fearless leader isn't quite so fearless after all and needs some extra time to recover from the most recent curse. He's been absent for almost two weeks now, save to come in and take down the previous month's decor. 

Per usual the rules and employee roster are posted near the door. It seems the staff has thinned a bit.

Asbel Lhant 
Duke Pantarei
Fai D. Flourite (assistant chef and appointments)
Guy Cecil (bartender)
Jade Curtiss (bartender)
Malik Caesar (bartender)
Peony Malkuth IX 
Rin Okumura (chef)
Sora and Roxas
Zelos Wilder (Only takes appointments with women.)
Please note that some hosts may be unavailable due to coma.

The staff may make use of the wardrobe upstairs to find whatever they feel like wearing this month, or even simply don their normal attire. Tired as he is, it doesn't seem Zelos cares much what the others wear when he finally makes his appearance.

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