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4 --> Support

Who: Saix and whoever is near the portals
When: Endgame, and aftermath
Where: The Corridors of Darkness between Vatheon and the scientists' island
Style: Any
Status: Open

During the assault

Anyone who's kept up with the planning is probably aware of Saix's role in things. Or, at least, they will be once the plan starts to go into motion. Anyone heading to the island to take care of the scientists will probably pass him by as he keeps open a swirling portal of Darkness alongside a couple of other figures. He won't often say anything, his face shrouded in shadow thanks to his hood. But occasionally, someone might have these words said to them-

"Don't fail, and make sure you get information from them."

Well, it's the closest to 'good luck' you'll get from him.

For those who are staying with him to keep open the Corridors, well, they might notice over time that he's not as usually resilient as usual. His shoulders will slump, and he'll clutch at his chest now and then.


Feel free to celebrate, everyone. Or heal. Both. Saix, however? Well, anyone up on the island will be able to find him, breathing hard and staring up at the moon. He's recuperating in his own way.

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