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Monthly Mingle Log

Another month has passed and it is time for another oppertunity to mingle. Knowing of the curse that haunts the foreigners, Station Master has taken extra care to plan this party and the preparations only during the daylight hours. Wouldn't want to cause a giant panic, right?

Today, the little tucked away part of the plaza has been livened up with a host of spooky decorations, black cats and witches, skeletons and tomb stones, they have all been placed amongst the food tables, allowing for a casual halloween-ish mood. There are also a lot of pumpkins there, freshly prepared especially for this feast.

The tables of food are back too, filled to the brim with pumpkin pies, pumpkin squash, pumpkin cups cakes, honestly, you can put a pumpkin in and it is there. There are also large bowls of candy, free for the taking.

Naturally the two booths are there again, the one belonging to the welcoming committee, for any new (or old) character with a burning question, and the one belonging to the host club. Who knows what theme they have this week. Only way to find out is to check it out!

Finally, part of the plaza has been set up to allow for the talent contest that was to be held here, organized by a few of the foreigners themselves. Maybe it is time to check it out and see if there are any cool talents on display? Or maybe you have your own talent to display. If so, feel free to visit the show.

As every month, an invitation had gone out to all the foreigners in the day leading up to the party, reminding them of the party, the date, the times, and this time, attached had been an invitation to come dressed up. They might not be able to celebrate Halloween during the evening hours, but maybe a slightly late Halloween party would lift the spirits anyway? Station Master has certainly joined in himself too. For a day, he has exchanged his trusty cap for the scariest thing he could possible think of: a familiar white nurse's cap. 2spooky.

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