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15 - Take Me Anywhere

Who: Dhaos and you
What: the big fluffy sheep needs to talk to people
When: all this week
Where: all over the island

[So this scientists were insisting on having a few last bits of fun with them before cutting to the chase, hm? Well, that suits Dhaos just fine. If they're still being messed with as normal - even if it seems to be a repeat - then nobody has been tipped off that they know. Still, he must admit that the first time was rather less of an annoyance than the first time. Being part unicorn had certainly had its drawbacks, but at least then he had had the advantage of opposable thumbs. He would definitely need to remember to replace the back door at some point next week. It was a shame to break it down.

Regardless of his current impediment though, things need to be done. Sadly, said things rather requiring thumbs. So anyone on the island being approached by a particularly fluffy yellow ram about 4ft at the shoulder, don't be alarmed. He probably just wants a favor done.]

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 photo 57lyphialj.png

... Oh, uh. Hi there sheep.

*Pascal got off light, it seems. Just cat ears.*

... Sheep don't eat cats, right?
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[Pascal follows with no suspicion whatsoever of the sheep and his evil schemes!

Or not-so-evil ones. Whatever.]

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 photo 88grimoriolj.png

Can do!

[Aaaaand she's off.]

[... A few minutes later, she's back. With a large amount of catnip. But also everything Dhaos requested, neatly organized.]

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[Lloyd hasn't been affected by the curse this week. Mouth, nose, and opposable thumbs all accounted for!

Of course, being human doesn't necessarily mean he understands why a giant yellow sheep is staring at him. That's... actually kind of creepy.]

Uh... hi? I mean, baa?
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[Lloyd isn't sure what he'd been expecting, but it certainly isn't that! Not a familiar voice coming from a sheep's mouth! Lloyd's mouth drops open and he gapes.]

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You got cursed to be a sheep?

[Over the top? What's over the top? This is a totally justified reaction to hearing a friend/sort-of-almost-family-member's voice come out of an animal's mouth.]

What kind of help did you need?
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[Sorry, Dhaos, but no matter how much you try to act like this is no big deal, Lloyd's still talking to a sheep that can talk back to him. This isn't something he can just brush aside.]

Well, uh, I'm pretty good with repairs. I could do something about that. What happened to it?
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[ Hello Sheepy roomate.

Duke stops his inspection of a variety of rocks to stare back.

... Might not be able to reach what you want.

[ Of course, if Dhaos lets him climb on, that could be fixed. ]
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[ He can hold it and smash it against something. ]


[ And it may be shortly clear that his new rather fluffy-when-dry from is not suited for walking on land. He sort of bounds over, and stops. ]

.... what if I caught them fish.

[ Dogs can eat fish, right? ]
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... I will find fish then.

[ He might eat a few. ]

Can you find a basket?

[ If the handle is of the right sort, Dhaos can probably carry one in his mouth that way. ]
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[Even when he's a fluffy ram Dhaos looks big to Fai. Big, but fortunately not very scary. The reindeer ears he'd been granted this week twitch as he's being approached but it's more out of (new) instinctual caution than anything else.]

I um, I guess you're somebody that got hit by the curse too?
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Oh, hello. [The voice he recognizes, at least, although it does take him by surprise.]

Well enough... [You know, considering they were told there's a good chance they'll die soon. Fai scratches at a spot near the base of his antlers in a terrible effort to distract himself from thinking about his possible fate too much.]