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Who: Isaac and Shiro
When: Waaaaay backdated to August 15th
Where: Library
Style: prose to start but I'll follow
Status: closed

Isaac was excited! Like ridiculously so.  All his life he'd been interested in the occult.  Demons, fairies, herboloy... you name it he LOEVED it.  However in his world the limit of what he could learn was mostly limited to what he could find in the odd book or two.  And the accuracy of said books were occasionally negotiable as sometimes they presented different information or even conflicted one another.

But here... here he met this awesome guy who seemed to be a fountain of knowledge in regards to absolutely everything he was interested in.   And Father Fujimoto had agreed to teach him a thing or two.  This was like the best thing that had happened to him since he came here! Which... wasn't THAT log, but still! It was so cool.

Now he was just waiting for him in the library, occupying his time by filling the margins of his notebook with little doodles and rough demon seals.  He'd been here a while now... he was afraid of being late so he might have arrived at their scheduled meeting spot like an hour early.
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Shiro showed up eventually, which he counted as 'right on time' because paladins are never late. Still, he was surprised to see Isaac already there, as he had a habit of arriving before his students ever did.

His students. The thought of being a teacher again brought a smile to Shiro's face.

"Yo," he said, giving Isaac a friendly wave as he approached. Even though he was coming here to teach, he hadn't brought anything with him. There was no need to bring weapons or anything, not for a basic lesson like this.
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"Not as busy as I was before," Shiro admitted, "So don't worry about it." Back home, he had taught classes, raised kids, AND was the Paladin, all at once. Teaching one student a few things was not too difficult.

Shiro moved to take a seat at the same table as Isaac. "First things first: how are you with memorization?"

Protecting against demons via aria chants involved a lot of reciting, so Shiro was hoping Isaac had a good memory.