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five -- ceremonials

Shiemi Moriyama and YOU.
When: After the Station Master meeting.
Where: Mostly around the Villa.
Style: Whatever works for you!
Status: Open

[ To say that Shiemi was feeling sick after finding out about what was going to happen in the future would be an understatement.

Between the news of their possible extermination and the fact that this was all going to be over soon, the young woman's been a mix of emotions; scared, anxious, worried, happy, sad... she's gone through the whole spectrum in her confusion so many times that she's not sure what to think or feel. And it scares her, too...

What's going to happen to them? It's that fear that worries her to no end, especially since she's painfully aware of how useless she is without Nii-chan... was there anything she could do? What if she was nothing more than a burden at this point?

Perhaps she was thinking over it too much, but...

Either way... their adventure was going to end, right? Despite being so scared, Shiemi's taking it upon herself to wander around the Villa. Looking to say words that were left unsaid, or perhaps hoping that the knot in her stomach would come undone... even she doesn't know why she's doing this.

But it's better than doing nothing at all. ]
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[Rin had already had an emotional roller coaster of a day, and he held more than his fair share of worries and fears about what was going to happen. But he had to go home eventually, even if the only idea on his mind right then was to drop in to bed for a few hours of sleep.

Entering the Villa, having no idea what Shiemi was up to, he kicked off his shoes at the entrance and put them in the cubby shelf that was inside the foyer, calling out more out of habit than any needed reason.]

I'm home...
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... y-yeah. I was with... with my family.

[Including Night.]

Is something wrong? ... b... besides the obvious, I mean.
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I don't blame you...

[He lets out a nervous laugh, rubbing the back of his head]

I... I know I need to go home eventually... a-and I know it's selfish but--... fuck. I don't wanna leave! I wanna die even less but if the other option is leavin' Maka and Kid--!

[The outburst quiets as quickly as it starts, a shaking hand dragging down his face]

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I'unno. I wanted to believe that but...

[He's just filled with doubt and worry and too many other emotions to properly deal with all at once.]

... this is seriously fucked up...
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[He has his doubts, and his doubts eat away at her words even as she says them, but he knows if he doesn't cling to some kind of hope then he'll just fall deeper until he can't do anything to help what's going to happen.

Swallowing hard, he returns the hug.]

Th... thanks. Sorry...
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Whatever happens... whatever happens we're gonna stick together through all of this. Our friends from home, our friends here.

No one... no one gets left behind.
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[hello Shiemi where did this come from?

Rin doesn't really know what to say to that, too busy staring in surprise.]

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[Izumo was back from her talk with Bon, and was heading up to her room when she saw-]

... Shiemi?

[... when had she started calling her by her given name? Oh right, it was back during that talk they'd had... But really, that wasn't important, was it? Something was up.

Izumo cleared her throat, and tried to get her friend's attention.]

You okay?
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[Izumo nodded, and then said something she never would have said several months ago]

Well, come with me to my room. We can talk about it...?
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[Izumo nodded, and led Shiemi up to her room. Once she was there, she motioned for Shiemi to sit down next to her]

Is this about the announcement?
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... If they don't try to kill us, that is.

[Izumo was being blunt, but there was no use softening the blow for Shiemi. She had to know the reality]

... and I don't have my familiars, either. But you can't give up... I mean, where's that weed-like tenacity you're known for?

[and she smiles... yeah, it was an insult when she used it first, but this time, it was actually meant to be encouraging]
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[she reached out, and took Shiemi's hand]

Look. I'm not the type of person who says we'll survive if we don't give up. We may not. That's a risk we decided to take when we became exorcists, right?

... but that doesn't mean we should give up, either. Doesn't a weed keep fighting up until the point you pull it out?
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[Izumo nods, slowly]

I hear you there... I need to find some way to contribute without my familiars...

... But at the same time, I guess... we should both find a way to settle everything with everyone before it all goes down, just in case. I mean, I don't want to frighten you, but it's being realistic, right?

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