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five -- ceremonials

Shiemi Moriyama and YOU.
When: After the Station Master meeting.
Where: Mostly around the Villa.
Style: Whatever works for you!
Status: Open

[ To say that Shiemi was feeling sick after finding out about what was going to happen in the future would be an understatement.

Between the news of their possible extermination and the fact that this was all going to be over soon, the young woman's been a mix of emotions; scared, anxious, worried, happy, sad... she's gone through the whole spectrum in her confusion so many times that she's not sure what to think or feel. And it scares her, too...

What's going to happen to them? It's that fear that worries her to no end, especially since she's painfully aware of how useless she is without Nii-chan... was there anything she could do? What if she was nothing more than a burden at this point?

Perhaps she was thinking over it too much, but...

Either way... their adventure was going to end, right? Despite being so scared, Shiemi's taking it upon herself to wander around the Villa. Looking to say words that were left unsaid, or perhaps hoping that the knot in her stomach would come undone... even she doesn't know why she's doing this.

But it's better than doing nothing at all. ]

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