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Ending Log

[After a couple of weeks of planning and work, Vatheon is ready to end their captivity.

Team One:

The information that has been brought out during the last Station Master session is that the Scientists are south from the outside barrier surrounding the Island. It appears they are on an Island on their own just out of sight from Vatheon’s Island. There will need to be a team to get through the barrier to get to the Scientists there to, hopefully, apprehend them and bring them to justice. The Station Master wants them to answer for what they have done.

If using the Corridors were the plan, then sending someone ahead of time to run recon of how far the Island is would be a good thing to do. Going gung-ho would also be an option. It’s entirely up to anyone involved.

There is also a broken submarine characters can fix up in the old Lab.

Those are just suggestions and there are other ways to go about this as well if anyone chooses to be part of the break-out-of-the-barrier-to-get-to-the-scientists team.

Team Two:

There is the problem of Fluffy guarding the barrier. A team needs to injure, kill, or otherwise subdue the giant Mosasaur. This should be accomplished while Team One is breaking through the other barrier.

If anyone Feferi wishes to distract or even befriend Fluffy, now would be a good time. As long as they hold his attention long enough for Team One to break through the barrier, then it'll work.

Team Three:

Team Three will need to guard the City as well as go after the Head Nurse. This should happen at the same time that Team One has landed on the Island. They need to take out the Head Nurse and the Scientists close to the same time in order to keep one from tipping off the other. She may use curses to get the upper hand and, if her April Fool’s Day prank was anything to go from, is very ruthless.


When everyone has finished their parts with the Head Nurse either disposed of or apprehended and the Scientists all locked up in the old Lab back on Vatheon Island, the Station Master will contact the outside to get authorities to send boats to Island.

Everyone will have a choice to stay in the world that Vatheon is part of or go back home.

((Plotting can be done Here.

Please note that the mods will be unavailable to play any of the NPCs. You are allowed to NPC them as needed.))
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[Yashiro - or rather Adolf K. Weissman - was not a strong fighter at all. The Silver King's powers relied almost entirely on defense and the ability to move about quickly without getting caught either by sheer speed or his manipulation of gravity.

Knowing that other groups with likely be arm deep in battles, he chose to go with those attempting to get past the barrier.

Of course how to do that remained to be decided, and even though he was a scientist himself, he wasn't sure what resources were available to do that.

Something had to be done, though. For the moment the white haired teen simply floated near by any of the others planning and plotting, legs crossed and chin on his fist, a serious, contemplative look on his face.]
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Can I join in?

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[Akashi himself is not a fighter. But well, he got his brain for himself, and at least he could do something to help the bubbles out. He is well prepared to this, and expect him to lead this team to victory?]

What's going on here? I heard that something is happening.
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Of course

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We need to find a way out of the barrier above, to make it to the mainland some how and alert the locals there as to what's happening, and what the scientists are planning to do to us.
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I see. Then we first need to figure out how to escape this barrier, do you have any info of how to break it?

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... except if anything, Shiemi's more concerned with the safety of those who are fighting and/or escaping... and because of her lack of defensive abilities and fighting ability she's taken it upon herself to join in with those who are currently trying to escape the bubble and find the scientists.

Which she's not sure what she's going to do when she finds them, but she'll worry about that when she gets there.

Whatever the case, she's got a bag full of various herbal medicines and first aid supplies on her back and she's... currently wondering what to do right now. Bother her? ]
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[As much as Lloyd wanted to be one of the ones to strike back at the scientists, when someone had mentioned the problem of the sea monster guarding the barrier, he knew he had to change his plans. There wouldn't be that many people who could attack a monster in the water, even if it was at the surface - but with his wings, he could. Even if he wasn't the only one attacking Fluffy (what kind of name for a monster was that?), he knew he couldn't just leave it to the others. If the team going after the scientists was going to have any chance at reaching them, this team was going to need all the help it could get.

This is why Lloyd's in the air, ethereal blue-green wings keeping him aloft as his eyes search the water below. His swords are in their sheaths for now, but all it would take is a moment if he needs to draw them out.]

All right, where are you...?
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[Down in the water, a small blonde was treading with little difficulty, wearing one of the Zora tunics as well as his own pink and black jammers and holding a weapon he really had no training in. Damned if that was going to stop him, though. Iwatobi Swim Club members were not quitters!

Though not being a quitter didn't make him any less scared. Nagisa had run in to "Fluffy" before it was not a pleasant experience.

Hearing Lloyd above him, he looked up, letting out a nervous laugh.]

M-maybe it already ran off... ?
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[Lloyd hadn't really expected an answer to his question. He blinked, looking down at the shore. Oh, right, he shouldn't forget that he wasn't the only person trying to tackle the monster. Though... did that guy even have any experience using the sword in his hands? His grip looked all wrong from Lloyd's position. He looked pretty nervous, too, but that could just be because they were trying to find a monster. Most people would be nervous about that.

Shaking his head, he let himself sink down a little closer to the surface. Fluffy wasn't near (yet) so there wasn't any point in staying so high up that he'd have to yell.]

I don't think so. That monster's been keeping people here for years now. Why would it leave right when we decide to break out?
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It's probably just biding its time until enough idiots gather close by to make a good meal.

[Laharl isn't the least bit nervous, even if he doesn't appear to be armed. If anything, he looks like he's looking forward to the fight. His scarf is flared out in the rough shape of wings, letting him hover in the air.]

Why don't you flail a little, kid? I've heard prey in distress is supposed to be more enticing.

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Re: Team Three

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[This was it. This was the most important fight Masaru or any of the others would have to face since coming to Vatheon. This was the culmination of them being brought here... and they had to take one of the people who'd done this to them down in order to do it.

Once the Station Master got Masaru and the others who'd agreed to help take her down inside, it was a matter of getting through the facility and taking the Head Nurse captive. And unfortunately, it didn't look like they would be able to get in without the Head Nurse knowing, considering there were automated defenses now activating to stop them all.

But no one said this would be easy, right? They just had to punch on through... or at least, that was Masaru's reasoning as he ran towards a gun turret, using his Digi Soul to both deflect bullets and punch through said weapon.

They just needed to get to where the Nurse was... they'd been warned about what to expect, but fortunately, they had that C woman on their side as well to help counteract whatever she might throw at them.]

OOC: ((I talked to some of the people in charge, and I'm gonna be handling NPC duties for this one. Once they get to the Head Nurse, she'll be using controlled curses to counteract the people fighting her. Also, if anyone wants to try and have their character disable the automated security, that'd be a good approach too.))
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[Sailor Venus was all up for helping once more, for the very last time at least. It would be a good ending and one she could be proud of being a part of as se used her Love an Beauty Shock to at least take out another gun.

She knew that she couldn't get up close and personal to this guns, so this was her best bet for the meantime. All she could do for now as she watched the others, seeing what the others had planned before making her next choice.]
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Aerial Barrage!

[Sharp, rapid shots rang out behind Masaru and Sailor Venus, a certain blue haired lieutenant roughly in the center of the team charging through to find the Head Nurse. The bolts of energy that fired from his dual pistols exploded red upon impact with the turrets, taking them out in no less than two shots each.

He paused for a moment, checking with a swift gaze around him to make sure at least some of his current allies were within range. Even if no one was injured, there was no reason to not take preemptive measures before they reached their final destination.

A pale green glow surrounded him as he recited the incantation for his only healing arte.]

Rays of light shine upon us! Healing Wind!
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[It may be a time for celebrations, but Bro is far from celebrating. Great as it is that the Head Nurse got her ass handed to her and the scientists won't be up their business anymore, the newfound freedom means something else entirely. It means that while other people can go, he needs to stay. He has to, because he has no home to go back to. Davesprite, Dirk, the little misses Crocker and Harley... He hasn't seen Rose in a couple days, but he assumes she'll be leaving tomorrow too. They all have their heroic ventures to finish.

While others may be dancing through the streets, Bro is standing in a quiet corner of the plaza, leaning back against a wall. Lil Cal's slung over his shoulder- a desperate reminder that he won't be entirely alone once the kids leave. Not that it's working. No offense to Cal, the little dude's still his best bro, but there's a difference between bros in the pal sense and bros in the brother sense.]
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[There's at least one person in Vatheon who understands entirely. Sufferer steps up quietly next to Bro and leans with him. He has nothing to go back to, but he's okay with that. It's not his world out there anymore... his world is here.]


[He pulls an orange Faygo (an almost forgotten gift from Gamzee, a long time ago), and offers it to Bro.]

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[Well well, look who's still here. Bro barely looks up as Sufferer approaches him, though he does draw a deep breath almost like a sigh. The orange Faygo, on the other hand, convinces him to truly acknowledge the troll's presence. He gives a mild shrug, then holds out a hand to take the soda.]

Sure, why the hell not.
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[Sufferer opens the bottle, listening to it fizz, and hands it to Bro. He doesn't say anything. He has a pretty good idea why Bro isn't celebrating, and if the oldest Strider wants to talk about it, they'll talk. If he doesn't, then they'll share a drink and he'll go on his way.]

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[Davesprite, while happy the operation went smoothly, isn't in a festive mood, either. If anything, the victory is a bittersweet one. He does, after all, have a choice to make. Well, not really a choice per se, but he'll be good with having the illusion of a choice to make.

He could stay. There are two important people in his life that make it a very tempting offer. Not to mention that Davesprite has grown up quite a bit about himself, and it might all go away once he leaves for home. He knows he has to, but can he bring himself to throw it all away?

The answer, quite frankly, terrifies him.

Davesprite is quick to find Bro, and he's not at all surprised to see that his big brother isn't celebrating. He moves to hover beside the man.]


[It's...all he can bring himself to say for the moment.]
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[Bro doesn't turn or raise his head, he barely even glances Davesprite's way. It's so much easier to look at a nondescript place on the ground, really. He knows they're going to need to say their farewells, but goddammit he's no good with words and he doesn't want see Davesprite go. It's an inevitability that he just isn't ready for.]

... Sup.

[He knows Davesprite isn't Dave. He knows they're two completely different people, but... He always meant what he said. Dave or no Dave, Davesprite is just as much his little brother. Whether it was one baby or two at the time, he technically raised them both.]
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[Despite the celebration that's been going on for hours now, the victory still feels unreal. Even so, Lloyd can't keep the grin off his face. It's over. It's finally over. No matter what comes now, it'll be because they chose. Their lives aren't in the hands of the scientists anymore.

It's with that thought in mind that Lloyd seeks out the people he's come to know. They can choose...

So, where are they going to go now?]