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[Day 541]

Who: Roxas and you~
Where: Near the ice cream shop
When: Afternoon
Style: I'll match
Status: Open!

Another summer ended, another birthday spent in the wrong body. At least he was around friends this time, although he's not sure if any of them remembered. He might have forgotten himself if certain people didn't keep reminding him of his age.

Rationally, it doesn't seem like the time to celebrate anyway. The curse proved that the order to terminate the experiment hasn't gotten through yet, but how long is that going to last? He should be trying to think of a way to fight back or escape.

But it's only the second birthday he's ever had. Shouldn't he get to celebrate a little bit?

Roxas can be found hanging around the vicinity of the ice cream shop in indecision. Maybe he can just call some friends up for an ice cream party. Do people do ice cream parties? If not, it should totally be a thing.
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Sora hadn't forgotten, but when you were stuck as a young cat for a whole week it made getting presents rather difficult.

He was running around trying to find Roxas, when he spotted him near the ice cream shop.

"Roxas!" Sora shouted and ran up to the blond, sliding to a stop before he bowled him over.

"Finally! You're not easy to find sometimes!" Sora smiled. "Happy Birthday,Roxas!" He held out a small black and white checkered back with black and white tissue paper crammed haphazardly into the top.

"Hope you like it!"

It was a hasty gift, and maybe not as good as his other presents had been, but Sora knew Roxas's penchant for checkered things and he hoped the new wallet and the white knight ring would suit Roxas's fancy.
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It was as if Roxas was always at the ice cream shop. He could have been other places too!

"Of course I remembered! I just had a hard time getting away."

Being a cat had not been as easy as Sora had thought it would be.

"So, how's it feel? You're seventeen now!" And poor Sora would not get to see that age for himself, at least not with the way things were going in Vatheon.
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A slow smile appeared on Sora's face. He put his hands on his hips for a moment and leaned in to peer at Roxas before walking around him as best he could.

"Hmm, I don't know." He paused back in front of Roxas and put a hand to his chin to think it over.

There was something a bit different about Roxas now, he actually looked a little taller lucky duck. His face was maybe a bit thinner too, some of the baby fat gone to the year.

But Sora wasn't going to mention that.

"Nope! You look like the same Roxas to me."
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Sora laughed at the shove. "Okay okay!"

He wrapped an arm easily around Roxas's shoulder. Was he actually a little taller than him now? It felt like it.

"I guess there's something different about you." Sora smiled. "How's it feel?"
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"Yeah, we'll get through this." He squeezed Roxas's shoulder. "You just wait! Next year, you'll turn 18, and I'll be right behind you."

Sora wanted to mean it. Roxas deserved all the time he could be given.

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Namine hadn't been busy, though mostly her company had been her new bunny. But during that time, she had made something for one of her best friends. Memory was the blonde's specialty, so of course she remembered her friend's birthday had come to pass.

So here she was attempting to find him, though thankfully her first guess was right. As she neared the ice cream shop, the familiar mess of blond came into view. She hid the seemingly square gift behind her back before calling him out, "Roxas!"
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Namine matched his smile, "Something like that." She said, "I was actually looking for you."
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Namine nodded, "I was." She concluded. Upon hearing his question she took a minute to think before nodding once more, "Maybe in a second, I have something to give you first."
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"Of course it's a present." She said, her smile widening. From behind her back she pulled out what she had been hiding. It was wrapped nicely with a little bow on top, and in it contained a painting of their little group (Roxas, Axel, Sora, Kairi and herself) that she had done. "Happy Birthday Roxas. Sorry it's a little late though." She said, handing him the present.

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Well, Axel's week has certainly been eventful. From that last curse, events with Saix, to a whole slew of information about this entire bubble's fate he's not quite sure what to do with, his body and mind are completely frazzled and spent. Of course, Axel being Axel, he wants to do nothing more than stay in bed and sleep the thoughts away, leave them to mess around with tomorrow morning...

But he'll have to face the music at some point no matter what. He can't keep running away and ignoring what's blatantly there.

It's later in the afternoon when he decides to head out, however, in hopes that a nice walk will help ease his mind. He's dressed down today--having grown more accustomed to leaving his Organization uniform neatly tucked away into his closet--with a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt and pair of red sneakers. It's nothing fancy by any stretch of the word, but it's comfortable... and it feels like it suits him better than that old coat anyway.

Turning a corner, Axel looks up in time to spot a familiar face up ahead and after managing a little grin he walks up, hand raised in greeting. "Yo, Roxas. Hanging out all by yourself?"
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To be honest, Axel's not entirely sure why he's deviating away from his usual outfit more and more frequently now. Maybe it's because he believes he doesn't need it if he's not portaling around as often. Maybe it's because he as some affirmation now of who he really is. Whatever the reason, it feels good to leave the coat behind most days.

"Were you?" he asks as he stops in front of Roxas. "Don't you get enough of me at home?"
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"I do not sleep all day." Axel huffs at that with a roll of his eyes. But suddenly towards that next comment his eyes widen and he tenses up. Oh. Roxas' birthday. Hadn't he mentioned something about that not too long ago?

Shit! ... At least Axel has the right mind to hold himself back from saying that out loud.

"Ah-- Right!" Dammit and he didn't get him a present or anything. Geez, isn't he just the bestest of best friends? Rubbing his neck, Axel lets out a sheepish laugh. "S-so. Uh. Were you just planning a party for yourself or something?"
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Well, he doesn't think his own birthday is that spectacular, ok? Roxas' birthday is totally different and deserves special attention which he didn't give and now he feel like a jerk. Well. An even bigger jerk.

Lowering his hand, Axel tilts his head. "The same thing? You sure you don't wanna do something more special than that?"

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