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And then they had fishbutts

Who: Makoto & Nagisa & then later you!
When: August 16th
Where: Wiggling through the streets and then later at the island
Style: whatever you want
Status: first part is closed, second is open

---closed part---

Makoto was usually a morning person.  Back home he had to get up early not just for school, but to help his mom wrangle the twins and get them ready.  So it was still pretty early when he yawned and sat up, blinking blearily at the dim light filtering into his room.  His first step when getting up was usually to head to the bathroom and splash some water on his face to wake up.

He hit a roadblock the second he got up out of bed.  Or fell out of bed to be more accurate.  Because his legs were gone.  Or fused together or.. basically instead of the lower half of his body there was definitely a huge black and white tail thing... an orca tail? He'd figure it out later. After he was done freaking out a little.

"Uh Nagisa?!" he tried to to make his voice loud enough for his friend in the next room to hear... though that was at odds with his voice also being alarmingly high pitched and squeaky right now, "Are you missing some legs over there too right now?"

---open part---

Later on in the day, much later, you can probably find the boys up on the island, goofing off and getting used to swimming with tails and considerably less freaked out the earlier in the day.  Or earlier you might run into them attempting to wiggle their way to the elevator.  Don't laugh at them, they're trying their hardest!
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There wasn't any response from the other bedroom when Makoto first called out, and it wasn't because the other teen didn't hear him. The groggy blond had attempted the same exact thing - to get out of bed without incident, mostly because his friend was yelling and obviously that needed to be seen to.

A thunk and a crash sounded not long after, but once again there was nothing but silence, until...

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Well, he wasn't fully a fish, thankfully, which meant air certainly wasn't an issue here. But he was properly freaked out, and when Makoto arrived at his door he would find the blond pointing at a bright pink fish tail flopping about on the floor coming from his hips.

"Wh-what is this?! Where did my legs go?!"
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Right, okay, breathing is good. Breathing is needed. Not panicking is also good.

That part is a little harder, though.

Still, when Makoto says "mermaids" something in Nagisa's mind clicks, and--

"... curses! Th-there was this girl when I got here, she mentioned curses, a-and I think it was in the pamphlet!"
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He's seen Mako in serious panic mode. It's a bit scary and usually results in everyone else (minus Haru) around him panicking, too. Luckily this isn't so bad, even if it's still pretty damned unnerving and upsetting for both of them.

"... oh! Right, I do! It's--!"

Nagisa attempted to move towards the nearby end table, but his movements only got him about an inch forward before he dropped face first on the florr.

"... in there..." came the rest of his muffled line, finger pointing at it.
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"Owwww... Mako-chan, your voice is making my head hurt worse..." came the still-muffled groan. Nagisa raised his head, a light red blemish just below his hair line where his face had connected with the carpeted floor. Whining loudly, he rubbed at it with a hand while keeping himself somewhat propped up with his other.

"I'm fine... I just have a headache now."
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[ So they're swimming about?

Someone is floating about and quietly judging watching them. That might be a rock on his belly, and a clam in gripped with both paws.

Judging for all those waves the goofy swimming is providing.
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... Makoto, I think there's an otter staring at us.
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See?! That's what I mean! That otter is judging us!
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You splash a lot.

[ Yep, the otter is judging you. Those paws have gone to holding the rock and clam to his belly while the waves reach him. ]
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UWAH! I-it talked!
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W-well... we don't usually have mermaid tails, either...