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Santa Malik

Who: Graces House or anyone who wants to visit
When: Late Evening December 14th
Where: In the Living room next to the fireplace
Style: Whatever!
Status: Semi-Open: If you know members of the Graces cast or would be visiting the house jump in

[It's rather late for Malik to return home, even after his normal return time from an evening working the bar at the Golden Victory.

He heads into the living room and starts a fire in the fireplace. It's not clear what he's been up to since his shift was over, but he's carrying a small bag with him. He sets it next to his big leather chair.

He's been wearing a red velvet shirt with a black vest to go with the seasonal decorations up at the host club. Home now, he begins to unwind by unbuttoning the vest. In addition to his more formal attire, he's also taken to wearing a Santa-hat and a big, white, fake moustache while working at the club. He thinks about removing them, but decides not to. To be honest, he's growing a little attached to them. Everyone seems to enjoy this holiday and his accessories tend to make people smile.

As the fire begins to catch he makes his way to the kitchen to prepare himself a nightcap.

He returns to a crackling fire and a warming chair. With a bit of a grunt, he lowers himself into it. He takes a sip of his drink and closes his eyes.

There's an empty chair or two right next to him bathed in a warm and toasty glow from the fire.]
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[ You mean there was an empty chair by him! As is her tendency, Sophie meandered into the living room when Malik came home in order to take her place in the chair beside him. ]

Welcome home, Captain!
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[ Whatever she'd come down with was lasting a bit longer than it should have ... but she'd been taking care of herself and was now on the final stages of it. And of course, as soon as she was feeling well enough to walk around without the room spinning, Cheria was .. walking around.

This evening, she wanted some tea to help her relax. So, she got up to go to the kitchen and make some, only to find Malik and Sophie. She smiled, walking to stand by the chair Sophie currently sat in. ]

Sophie, Captain. Good evening.
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[ She nods. ]

Much better, thank you. I'm still not completely over it, but ...

[ and that opportunity was perfect for a small coughing fit. ]

... t-that's about all it is now. Just annoying.
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It's good, Captain. [ Ah! Mom! You should be resting! Although it was good that Cheria didn't look quite so pale, all the same, Sophie hops out of the chair to take Cheria by the hands. ]

Cheria, I want to make you some tea. Captain showed me how to use the oven. Can I? [ Looking anxiously between Malik and Cheria. LET HER SHOW YOU HOW SHE CAN NOT BURN THE HOUSE DOWN MOM :D ]
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[ She looks between the two, then finally, she sighs and smiles down at Sophie, nodding a little. Well, it's good that she's learned that ... ]

All right. I trust Captain Malik has taught you well, but I'll still be around to make sure. Is that okay, Sophie?

[ She squeezes Sophie's hands a little. ]