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Trick or Treat!

Who: Radical Edward and you!
Where: All around the bubble!
When: Halloween night!
Style: I'll follow you!
Status: Open!

It is Halloween, and a certain visitor to the bubble is not going to miss it, Nightmare fairies or not. Those who are staying at home will be having a knock on their door, or the ring of a doorbell if they one. If you do not answer it, Ed will move on, taking the time to trick cut into candy time. Those that choose to answer their doors, however, will be met with the sight of a scraggly little human girl with a small brown corgi in tow.

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[personal profile] spacecase 2012-11-01 06:40 am (UTC)(link)
[Hello scraggly little human girl.

Meet a dog girl.

Trick or treat?? Didn't the Squiddles do this once?

Oh yes, then they fed it all to their behemoth.

She needs to give this child a tasty treat!]

Hello! Please hang on for a moment! [Zip! She's gone in a crackle of green electricity, then back again holding a cheesecake.

Yes, an entire cheesecake.]

Here you go!
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Well, if Ed likes the cakey thing, then yes, Ed gets the cake. If not, Jade would be happy to bring Ed something else.

--Err, I mean I would, hehehe.
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[Oh they carry around bags? Is that right? Seems like then Jade's going to have to give it a quick injection of space magic before handing it over. Not only will it actually fit into the bag, but it will stay in its pristine condition for when Ed actually eats it.]

[It's a witch giving a kid candy, isn't that hilarious.]

Do you always do this trick or treat thing? What happens if someone doesn't have anything for you?
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[She grins back, it definitely sounds like there are many different ways of celebrating Halloween and--]

I think my brother would like to meet you, he's a pranking master.
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[Why was there someone knocking at her door? After making sure her experiments are stable, a certain child-looking scientist makes her way to the door to see who is paying her a visit.


Trick or Treat?
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[Twitch. Did she really have to shout that.]

I figured. Hi Ed, hello Ein.

And just how is the candy gathering going for you?
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[Well, at least Ed was happy with her stash so far.]

I bet, well. I don't have any candy for you Ed, but~. I think I can find something that works just as well.

[She disappears into the house for a bit before coming back with a riceball. It wasn't candy, but at least it was edible.]

Will this do?
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[Well... that wasn't quite what she expected but, at least Ed liked it.]

I'm glad. Come around again sometime and I'll make you some more.
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[And just like that the strange little girl was gone. Washu shakes her head before retreating back into her home. Time to get back to science~.]
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[personal profile] malik_caesar 2012-11-02 09:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Huh? Oh!

[He rubs his chin a moment as he takes in the scrawny girl and her pet. This must be part of the Halloween holiday Zelos and Zelda were mentioning.]

I would like a treat.
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In that case, I have this candy bar for you.

[He hands her a brand new candy bar he just obtained.]

I'm not familiar with trick-or-treating, but it sounds fun.

[He rubs his chin again.]

I'm not sure I have any treats for dogs. Wait right here.

[He walks back into the house and the faint sounds of rummaging can be heard. After a quick minute he returns.]

Happy Halloween Ein. [He bends down on one knee and offers a large piece of meat jerky to the dog.]

I feel bad for not having any candy Ed. [He stands back up and looks at the girl.] I do have alternatives.

[He holds up a bag of the jerky he found and lifts up a bottle of beer. Water has condensed on the outside due to its icy contents.]