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Beach: now with blue skies, sea breezes and sweet waves

Who: All your digital devils (Cielo, Gale, Serph)!
Where: Starting at the elevator, moving to THE BEACH.
When: The same morning as that April Fools prank announcement >8(
Style: [Brackets] please!
Status: CLOSED

[After getting pranked by Crowley on top of the April Fool's murders, Serph's actually mildly irritated. The murders had been... well, not a trying time, but a reminder that Vatheon could be less than peaceful at times. Another reminder that Vatheon is not Nirvana.

In some ways, finding out it had all been a joke was a relief; there wasn't some demon out there, ready to hunt his friends and Tribe. On the other hand, it was quite worrying that the city's caretakers would kill someone as part of a joke. It seems that in some ways, he hadn't left a land where the people in charge inflicted fear and death upon its people.

The joke also meant that they hadn't had the chance to show Gale the beach. Now is a good time. The others -- Argilla, Heat, Sera -- remember a blue sky. Well, even if Gale doesn't remember it like they do, he can still enjoy the beach and make memories with them. So, it's with that in mind that he's walking with both Cielo and Gale to the elevator to the surface.]
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[Cielo is a bit more than mildly irritated. He knew that nurse by name. They worked in the same building. He was worried about the safety of the doctors and the other nurses. And he was, admittedly, slightly concerned that he himself might have been targeted.

He needs this beach trip, to put it simply.

He's visited the island and the beach many times ever since arriving in Vatheon, but he never tires of it and probably never will. Cielo waves to the Station Master as the elevator doors open, setting aside his negative feelings about what happened over the past couple days to smile.

Forget you and your messed up pranks, Head Nurse, we're going to the goddamn beach.]
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[The whole situation has, unsurprisingly, been troubling for all of them. Gale is probably the least worried out of all of them- despite Cielo and Serph's assurances, he'd been wary of Vatheon after arriving. It was somewhat disappointing to have his expectations met in this way, but it wasn't shocking and unfortunate to him. It just made Vatheon slightly more like the Junkyard than he thought.

Now that the murders have been 'solved,' however, he's willing to see what else Cielo and Serph can show him of this place, which is why he's following them to the elevator. He has no memories of a beach of any sort, so he isn't sure what to expect, but if his comrades want to show this to him, then it must be important.]
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[Cielo's bad mood disappears the moment the elevator doors open and he almost runs out, but he holds himself back. Instead, he gives Gale a light jab with his elbow.]

Beautiful, ja?
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[It takes a moment for Gale to follow, because he's too busy staring out of the elevator at the beach to actually go to the beach. Not because it's familiar, but because it's like nothing he'd ever seen before. He is beginning to realize that this is the kind of thing the others found in the boat, the things they remembered there. For all his indifference at that time in the Junkyard, he's nearly awed here.]

Yes. Beautiful.

[After a moment of standing on the dry sand, he kneels down to start taking off his shoes. The grains of sand could jam the hidden knives or dull the blades if he's not careful.
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[Cielo also takes off his shoes and hands them to Serph. Thanks leader! And immediately, he shoves his feet into the sand and wiggles his toes. Aww yeah the beach is the best.]

Let's go see the water!

[And he's off, stopping at the shore and letting the waves roll over his feet.]
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[Gale had meant to keep his shoes himself, but since Serph is offering, he'll just hand them over. If for some reason there's an attack on them while they're here, they have the demons. He follows Cielo down to the water, just barely stepping close enough to let the waves touch his feet. He looks out at the water, before tilting his head back to look up at the sky. His hood is probably about to slip off, but he doesn't even care about that.

Gale is being quiet. Enjoy it while it lasts.]
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[Cielo briefly turns around and sees Serph drifting off before turning his attention back to the ocean. Serph will be fine, though sand is probably going to get everywhere. Cielo watches a crab scuttle across the ocean floor and it stops for a moment, snapping its pincer at him.

...He's pretty sure it's the same crab from his first beach visit.

Wisely leaving the crab be, Cielo instead turns his attention to Gale, who seems to be fascinated by the blue sky. Not that he could blame him: Cielo had the exact same reaction. If Gale tilts his head back any further, his hood is going to fall off.

Cielo quietly makes his way over to Gale. Closer...closer...closer...

And he reaches out and snatches that hood right off of Gale's head.]
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[jdkshf something is attacking him oh no wait that's just Cielo.

With his hood. He doesn't do something like reach up to fix his hair, or anything like that. Just taking off the hood hasn't done anything to it, after all. He doesn't have long hair like Cielo's. And it's not like he needs to check that it's not there any more. ]

Cielo, give it back.

[Just because he took off his shoes doesn't mean that he's given an invitation for everyone to take off his clothes.]
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[Give it back? After all the trouble he went through to get it in the first place? He just got it, no way is he giving it back now. Besides, it's a good look for you, Gale.]


[He backs up a few steps.]

If you want it, you have to catch me first.

[He's going to put a little more distance between himself and Gale, bolting along the water's edge.

Gale needs more fun in his life anyway.]
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[Since when did Gale care about looking good? Besides, Cielo just stole the only part of his outfit that had the tribe colors on it. Why are you doing this, Cielo. Why.

He doesn't even have time to have time to ask 'Is that a challenge, Cielo' before the scout's bolting along the water. His hood isn't even that important, but he takes chase anyway. He's not just running after, though- if he can, he'll do his best to drive Cielo closer to the water.]
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[Because...well, okay Cielo doesn't have a good reason. Or, at least, no reason that Gale would deem acceptable. Cielo may be the most agile member of the Tribe, but Gale is no slouch and of course will come up with some kind of plan of attack. It would be really easy to evade Gale just by transforming and flying, but that's not what this game is about. Of course he's going to give the hood back eventually. He wants Gale to catch him, but he's going to make the strategist work for it.

Cielo is going to keep this chase confined to the beach area - he doesn't want to stray far away and leave Serph alone or lead Gale into the forests or anything. He turns and heads away from the water, laughing as he does.]
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[The hood isn't important enough to turn into a chase that leads too far away from Serph (especially when their leader is sleeping) or to bring the demons into it. But that doesn't mean Gale is going to allow himself to be beaten even in these parameters.

When Cielo veers off, he follows, lengthening his stride- if he can't cut off the directions Cielo can run in, then he has to get close enough for Cielo to start having to worry about dodging.]
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[DAMN YOU AND YOUR LONGER LEGS, GALE. It would be helpful if there was some kind of obstacles and terrain Cielo could make use of to make things more difficult for Gale, but there's nothing but sand covered relatively flat land in the area.

He better think of something quick. He's reaching the edge of the beach now. Running along it would give Gale a perfect opportunity to cut across and close the distance.

So he turns again and starts heading towards the center of the beach. He turns his head to see how far away Gale is.

Bad idea.

His foot gets caught on something unexpected and Cielo loses his balance, tumbling down.

Well, this is embarrassing.

Oh yeah, that thing he tripped over?

It was Serph.

Sorry, bro.]
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[Gale had assumed that Cielo was better aware of his position in comparison to their leader- surely steering toward him had to have some sort of purpose. But then Cielo actually tripped over Serph, and Gale came to a halt, to see how Serph will react, but...

He just goes back to sleep.

Well, if nothing else, it shows that Cielo's clumsiness at least didn't wake their leader. So Gale continues up behind Cielo, and as soon as he's close enough, if Cielo is still distracted, he'll be taking his hood back.]

You should be more careful.
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[Worst way to get caught ever. Cielo gives up the hood without a fight.]

I know. It was a mistake.

[That should not have happened. Cielo doesn't trip over things and certainly not his own Tribe leader. It's the first time he's had to do some serious running in a while, (He's pretty sure the last time he did was when he was a peacock so that doesn't count.) clearly he was just out of practice.

That's his excuse and he's sticking with it.]
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[And the hood is immediately going right back on. He's not going to go without wearing his orange stripes if he can help it. And it doesn't matter what excuse Cielo makes as long as he doesn't say anything out loud, so Gale will just be drawing his own conclusions.]

This place has changed you.
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[Fun and games time is over now and Cielo sits in the sand, looking up at the sky.]

Is that a bad thing?
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You and Serph both. You are not as prepared for a battle as you should be.

[Gale frowns, and presses his index finger to the bridge of his nose.]

It has been proven that this place is not always as safe as it seems.
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[There's truth in Gale's words. With pretty much everyone they've met being friendly, there's been less of a need to be on guard. Cielo doesn't even carry his submachine gun around everywhere anymore.

He doesn't say anything and instead turns his attention to the snoozing Serph. Should they, uh, wake him up for this conversation?]
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[Probably, considering he's the one who just fell back asleep when Cielo stumbled over him. So Gale nods, and if Cielo doesn't move toward their leader, Gale will start to do it himself.]
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[Let him help you, Gale. Cielo reaches over to give Serph a shake. Wake up, bro.]
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[As soon as Serph is awake, Gale won't be wasting any time.]

You are both taking the apparent nature of this world for granted. You have changed. [There's an unspoken 'again' in there.]
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[A classic Gale lecture. Cielo almost missed those. Almost. But come on, Gale, give them some credit. They were cautious enough when they first arrived.]

Things were mostly nice for the time we've been her.
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Mostly is not completely. It is true that we do not have to worry about attacks from the other tribes. However, there is the potential for fighting. Allowing yourself to be lulled into complacency by the peace here means that you may not be ready when fighting occurs.

[He doesn't have any lectures to make about the friend-making part of it, though. So far, most of the people have been trustworthy, and a three-person clan isn't anywhere near strong enough. Not to mention that he's been doing it too.]
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[Hey, they've fought! A dragon even! (Which went about as well as one would expect considering the circumstances.) Cielo doesn't have anything to respond with, because Gale's right any way you sliced it.]
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First of all, that we ensure that the base is either guarded or secure at all times. It would be more difficult to move bases in this place, so we should not allow it to be compromised. [Especially since a garden is a pretty hard thing to move.]

And we should all train regularly. Together, unless there are others who can help us. Having a plan for all of the members of the tribe in the case of an emergency would also be advisable. Or if one of us were to die.

[This is also part of why Gale took off his shoes. See, Serph, he's thinking ahead again.]
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[This is mostly what Cielo and Serph were doing during their first days in Vatheon and he's fine with going back to that routine. It's something familiar.]

And are you going to come up with that plan?

[He's pretty sure Gale will. Sometimes he thinks Gale likes coming up with plans because it's his idea of fun.]
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[Coming up with plans is fun, Cielo. Gale likes being able to predict how people will react, or at least account for their reactions. Besides, having a plan in place will make Vatheon easier for him to adjust to.]

I will.

[It's probably expected that he will, really.] At the least, if something occurs, everyone should gather with Serph, or contact him. [He's not going to create a scenario for when Serph dies, not off the top of his head. Leaders aren't supposed to die before everyone else.]

Training against one another may suffice, but if others are still interested in doing so, they would be welcome to join. Having a variety of opponents will mean that we are more prepared.
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[That sounds reasonable enough to Cielo. If nobody else steps up to organize the combat training, they'll probably take it on themselves. Teaching others and learning how people from other worlds fight could be fun.]

So, we done here?

[Or does Gale have more concerns he want to bring up? Cielo hopes not. There's still some time for them to play around on the beach.]
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That is all for now.

[There are always lectures in the future. But they've agreed to his terms for now so he doesn't have anything else to address at the moment.]
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[Aww yeah, serious meeting's over.]

I'm going swimming. Anyone want to come?
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[...Well, it's not like the first part of the day wasn't pretty much blown anyway.]

I will.