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Who: Chibiterasu and everyone!
Where: Anywhere in the city, he's all over.
When: In the evening.
Style: Starting with action, but I'll follow your lead.
Status: Open!

[Walking around in Vatheon? You may notice you suddenly have a companion you didn't before. Yes, if you look down, you'll see a white wolf pop trailing along at your heels, looking... lost? Or hungry. Maybe both of those things! It is a mystery, and you won't figure it out if you don't acknowledge him. He's going to follow you until you do, anyway.

He doesn't seem to mind that he's absolutely soaking wet.]
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[Gale notices the puppy following him immediately- how could he not? He's only been in Vatheon a few days, and that's not nearly long enough to get rid of his battle instincts. Chibiterasu looks like a demon to him, too, though a small one, so his reaction isn't exactly favorable, or appropriate.

The moment he's aware of Chibiterasu, he turns and stares, shifting his balance to be ready to attack or transform in a second, if it is necessary.]
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[Cuter things have tried to eat him, okay. It's justified.

But Chibi's reaction isn't exactly that of an enemy who is trying and failing to sneak up on a target, so Gale doesn't outright attack. He's not going to stop staring at the fluffball, though.]
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Gale takes a step back when Chibi comes forward, balancing his weight on one leg so he can kick if he has to. He's not sure that the fluffball is an enemy, but that doesn't mean he'll let him get too close yet!]
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[He doesn't step back again, but he remains wary. Still, Chibi is showing more intelligence and hesitance than most opponents he's faced, so finally he speaks.]

What do you want?
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[Of course it's possible. It just means that Gale won't like it, and who cares if he does?]

You understand me?
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[He just likes confirmation, is all.]

Are you a demon?
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[Hey, Gale does too. literally. But he still has a demon inside of him.]

If not a demon, then what?
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I do not comprehend. The world has a sun. How is it that you are also it?
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[If there's one thing that Gale doesn't like, it's not being able to figure something out. But considering that Chibi can't exactly explain, he'll just have to deal with it.

That doesn't stop him from sighing and pressing his fingers against the bridge of his nose, though.]
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[He's determined to figure this out. Maybe the dog has someone else from his world who can actually talk?]

Do you know anyone who might explain this for you?
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[Talking bugs? Honestly, all of the demons he's encountered are strange, this just kind of fits in with all of it.]

Where is he?
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[A conversation that can only be made with yes-no questions. This is going to be torture for Gale.]

If he arrives, I would like to speak with both of you.