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Who: Laguna, a giant god coral, and you!
Where: The plaza, right near the coral
When: Midday
Style: Either
Status: Open

Seeing the coral up close was something else. For all his traveling, aquatic life was still rather exotic to him, and he'd never seen such a thing of this size. Laguna walked around it, his chin in one hand and his machine gun bumping his hip. The pamphlet he had received had mentioned the need to touch it once and awhile, and the nurses post had removed a lot of the unpleasant air from the place- though he imagined he could still smell the blood. Nasty.

Still, he was here for a reason- his 'bet' with Rinoa. She had said the creature(s?) were intelligent to some degree. And if it could think it could be communicated with.


Yeah, he hadn't really expected that to work. Hadn't he read somewhere that sea life often used electromagnetic pulses or something to communicate? That had to be it!

Before long the newcomer was sitting on the ground nearby, legs crossed and eyes closed... intent on 'communing' with the worshiped coral. He was even making soft 'ooommm...' noises to himself.
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What are you doing?

[Unlike the questions Laguna has gotten so far, this one isn't exactly judgmental. Mostly, it's curious. Gale has no idea that talking to coral isn't something that can be done, though he's fairly sure that it won't return. And he doesn't know that "oooommm"-ing isn't normal, either.]
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I was not aware that it was possible.
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[Well, that's true enough. So Gale walks up to examine the coral, one hand on her hip. After a moment, he glances at Laguna.]

How do you know if it has spoken back.