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Life's no fun without a good scare

It starts some time around 3am, Tuesday morning. Thin whispers of fog start appearing all throughout Vatheon, creeping through the narrow, winding streets, up the steps, and over the park. It starts in the lower district, but as the night progresses and daylight approaches, it spreads to the other districts as well, growing thicker and thicker as it does. By the morning rolls around, the mist is thick enough that visibility has been compromised greatly, and the temperature seems to have dropped a few degrees, an odd chill filling the air.

And on the walls, there are stains.

They are infrequent at first, just a odd ruddy brown smear and a oddly bright red drop here and there, but the closer to the Plaza, the more numerous they become. There is a large smear across the steps leading up to the Plaza, as if something big was dragged up them. In one place the blood -- for it is blood, there is no deny it at this point -- pools thickly as if whoever was responsible took a casual break there, leaving the poor victim to bleed out on the steps.

On the plaza, the mist is thinner, but that is no relief. Rather, it just functions to make the gruesome scene all the more clearer.

A woman is draped upside down on the coral. Or, well, woman. It was once a woman, certainly, but now it is nothing more than something straight out of a nightmare. The flesh seems to have been torn carelessly from her limbs here and there, showing the white gleam of her bones, her nurse outfit torn as if raked apart by giant claws and her head...

well, it isn't there anymore.

The ground in front of her is smeared with blood as well. But where the previous smears had been accidental, these are deliberate, long lines curving and meeting to spell out

hel pm e

But no help had been forthcoming, clearly. No, it seems that this murder, this brutal murder, was nothing more than a game to whoever did it. The walls of the buildings surrounding the plaza are coated in bloody, spelling out a long string of mocking 'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA's and directly in the center, behind the coral.

Who is next?

The notice board seems to have been hit too. The killer did not tear down any of the notices on the board already, but they did cover the entire board with blood-stained sheets of paper, each adorned with the same text over and over and over again.

Chop chop, sweet Charlotte
Chop chop till she's dead
Chop chop, sweet Charlotte
Chop off her hand and head.

For those brave enough to check, no, the poor girl still has both her hands. Was the killer just sloppy, or does this mean this is not Charlotte? So many unanswered questions, more born every passing moment.

Who had done this? Why? Where they going to strike again? And why had nobody heard anything?

[ooc note: Consider this your mingle log. Have fun, go forth, threadjack.

And as a further note, the fog does not seem to be clearing up as the week goes on. ]
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[Gale is new to Vatheon, but he's had comrades here, to assure him that this is a place of peace, where there are few threats. So to see a bloody, mutilated body only a few days after that assurance... well, it gets him thinking. And it doesn't make him trust the situation at all.

As it is, he's thankful that he had fed Vayu so recently before he appeared here. If the hunger were worse, keeping the demon in control around a kill would be much worse. As it is, he can focus his attention on examining the things done to the plaza, and the kill. But it doesn't mean he likes it, if the frown on his face is any indication.]

There is no honor in this...
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[Gale just happens to be standing next to one Squall Leonhart who overhears him.

Squall never thought about himself as a man of honor. His occupation in his world was mercenary, after all.

But at least he could say he had more integrity than whoever did this.]

I don't think whoever did this cares about honor.
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Then I will have to show it to them.

[If it wasn't clear how much of a threat that was just from his voice, the controlled anger in his expression might give it away. He stares for a moment longer before pressing two fingers against the bridge of his nose.]
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[Get in line. From what Squall can see, there are plenty of people who want to find this murderer. And he's one of them.

It's at this moment that he finally takes the time to take a good look at who he's talking to.


You're Embryon?
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Yes. I am the strategist.

[Gale glances over at him, and pauses when he sees the stripe of orange on the sleeve of his jacket. Well, this is a convenient opportunity.]

And you are as well.
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Right. You must have gotten here recently.

[He pauses. Introductions are in order.]

Squall Leonhart.
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[Instead, he just got a girlfriend who sucks at painting train cars. Woe is Squall.]

A few days ago.

You lead the Defense Force with Serph.
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[It's better than nothing.]

And Minato Arisato.

[Can't forget the mascot third member of the leadership.]
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[Right, there are three. He just nods at that.]

He told me about you. [And time for a topic switch, because the Tribe is always his priority...]

Why did you take on our color?
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Serph is very convincing.

[Yeah it just boils down to Serph doing his SMT Protagonist thing. Squall isn't going to go into the details unless asked.]
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He is a leader.

[Well, that's enough of a not-answer for Gale. Further questioning can come later, and Serph will tell him, if he asks.]

If assistance is needed for the Defense Force, I offer it.
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[Honestly? They're really lacking in the organizational and dare he say...strategy department!?]

Thanks...I didn't catch your name.
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I am Gale.

[And together, the two of them will form the lineface weather-name coalition. All they need now is Cloud.]
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[Best coalition.]

Welcome to Vatheon then, Gale.
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I have been informed that these are unusual circumstances here.
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That's right. It's causing quite a stir as you can see.
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I assume the Defence Force will be involved in solving this.
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We'll do the best we can, but we're more experienced in dealing with more visible and transparent threats.
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[Serph is late to the party, but honestly, when isn't he? So when he sees Gale, he moves to stand beside him. Serph doesn't like this either, but he's calm.

He will wait until Gale has collected himself, before he speaks.]
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[It doesn't take long. With his leader right there, Gale quickly collects himself. It's not that he isn't still angry, but he can plan and feel at the same time.]

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[Gale isn't the kind to really talk about his feelings like Cielo, so Serph instead offers him something else he can focus his analytical mind on.]

Do you have thoughts on how to catch the person who did this?
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They will do this again- or attempt to. If we can find out who the next victim might be, there is an opportunity to catch them.
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[Sounds like a good idea.]

I passed by the noticeboard. It was covered in bloodstained paper containing a message.

[While Serph does remember the message, he thinks it'd be best if Gale sees it for himself; maybe there'd be something else that Gale would catch that Serph hadn't noticed. With that in mind, he turns to lead the way to the noticeboard.]
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I have not yet seen it. Show me.

[But of course Serph is already doing that, so he follows. Once they are at the notice board, Gale doesn't touch it, but leans in, examining every single piece of paper on it, looking for the similarities and differences among it.]
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[Serph doesn't provide any input while Gale is examining the noticeboard, not wishing to bias Gale's thoughts by voicing his own. He patiently waits, observing Gale's reaction.]