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Life's no fun without a good scare

It starts some time around 3am, Tuesday morning. Thin whispers of fog start appearing all throughout Vatheon, creeping through the narrow, winding streets, up the steps, and over the park. It starts in the lower district, but as the night progresses and daylight approaches, it spreads to the other districts as well, growing thicker and thicker as it does. By the morning rolls around, the mist is thick enough that visibility has been compromised greatly, and the temperature seems to have dropped a few degrees, an odd chill filling the air.

And on the walls, there are stains.

They are infrequent at first, just a odd ruddy brown smear and a oddly bright red drop here and there, but the closer to the Plaza, the more numerous they become. There is a large smear across the steps leading up to the Plaza, as if something big was dragged up them. In one place the blood -- for it is blood, there is no deny it at this point -- pools thickly as if whoever was responsible took a casual break there, leaving the poor victim to bleed out on the steps.

On the plaza, the mist is thinner, but that is no relief. Rather, it just functions to make the gruesome scene all the more clearer.

A woman is draped upside down on the coral. Or, well, woman. It was once a woman, certainly, but now it is nothing more than something straight out of a nightmare. The flesh seems to have been torn carelessly from her limbs here and there, showing the white gleam of her bones, her nurse outfit torn as if raked apart by giant claws and her head...

well, it isn't there anymore.

The ground in front of her is smeared with blood as well. But where the previous smears had been accidental, these are deliberate, long lines curving and meeting to spell out

hel pm e

But no help had been forthcoming, clearly. No, it seems that this murder, this brutal murder, was nothing more than a game to whoever did it. The walls of the buildings surrounding the plaza are coated in bloody, spelling out a long string of mocking 'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA's and directly in the center, behind the coral.

Who is next?

The notice board seems to have been hit too. The killer did not tear down any of the notices on the board already, but they did cover the entire board with blood-stained sheets of paper, each adorned with the same text over and over and over again.

Chop chop, sweet Charlotte
Chop chop till she's dead
Chop chop, sweet Charlotte
Chop off her hand and head.

For those brave enough to check, no, the poor girl still has both her hands. Was the killer just sloppy, or does this mean this is not Charlotte? So many unanswered questions, more born every passing moment.

Who had done this? Why? Where they going to strike again? And why had nobody heard anything?

[ooc note: Consider this your mingle log. Have fun, go forth, threadjack.

And as a further note, the fog does not seem to be clearing up as the week goes on. ]
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[Cielo has seen more than his fair share of death. He's also seen his fair share of horribly mangled corpses. He's seen messages scrawled by the deceased in their final moments. But wow.

Even people in the Junkyard who enjoyed causing suffering didn't do things like this.

He's staring impassively at the body. In a way, he's angry. He has to slay and devour to survive and it's almost like whoever did this is insulting him.

And while he didn't know this nurse personally, he feels sad all the same. He doesn't even want to think about how he'd feel if it was someone he knew. The people of Vatheon are good people.

They do not deserve this.]
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Another frustrated person.

[ a wave from the boy sitting on the bench nearby ]

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[Hmm? Oh, there's a child waving at him from the bench.]


[He's seen a few kids around Vatheon, but even now they still bring a sense of wonder to him. Children, man, they didn't exist where he comes from.]
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What are you doing here?

[ all smiles, so many smiles, he looks amused ]
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I saw a lot of people gathered here, so I came to see what was going on.

[Now he knows.]
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Quite interesting, isn't it?
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[Interesting...well, he supposes that's not wrong. It's still not the word he would use though.]

What about you? Why are you here?

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It was Cosette.

[ He's gone and lit another cigarette as he approaches, placing a hand on Cielo's shoulder. ]

Though I can't for the life of me figure out who and why anyone would do such a thing.
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[Cosette...oh he had seen her around a few times. Cielo didn't know much about her aside from her name.

Muraki's hand on his shoulder reminds him of Serph's, and some of his anger fades.]

There was someone from where I come from that hurt people because he liked it.

[He was one of them.]
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I see. Most beings have to give in to their primal blood lust at some point or another. Others know best when to reel it in and when to let loose.

[ And he's one of those.

Bit of a breath as he draws his hand away. ]

Perhaps it's up to us to clear this away, take the body back to the clinic and give it a formal autopsy in order to give those who wish to look into this case a little something to mull over, hm?
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Ja, we shouldn't leave it here.

[The bubble has had quite enough shock for one day.]

You need me to get anything?
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[ A frown as he considers this, eyeing the blood and the corpse with the slightest wrinkle of his nose. ]

...yes. A body bag and a gurney. We must begin our preparations on the autopsy. If it isn't any trouble, you should ask the head nurse if she'd want a hand in that.

But I'm certain there would be the local investigators who would still want a crack at this. Perhaps we should wait a bit more.
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[He nods.]

You just tell me when.

[Cielo's a good, hard worker who takes his job seriously.]

Do you think the other nurses are in danger?

[He also includes himself in that, but his main concern is the others.]

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[While Tiir doesn't particularly care about the cruelty of the death, having grown desensitized to such things, he does notice Cielo and his frustration, so.

Heading over to him!]

Are you all right?
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[The state of the body doesn't bother him. It's everything surrounding this strange death.]

I don't like killing for killing's sake.

[And certainly not in a peaceful place like Vatheon.]
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[... That's a bit awkward to hear as someone who does kill (had killed?) for killing's sake, but Tiir ignores it.]

Ah. That does seem to be the case here, doesn't it?
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Unless Cosette did something to somebody. But I don't think she did.
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... So you knew this woman, then?
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Only her name. She was a nurse at the clinic like me.

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[It's not long before Gale joins him in standing nearby. He's not disturbed by the body itself, as much as the destruction of the peace that Cielo and Serph had told him could be found here.

Mostly, he's angry too. It was like Lupa's death, but somehow worse, because this person had clearly not been a fighter, had hardly been able to fight back...]

He doesn't speak for the moment. He acknowledges that he doesn't have enough information about the situation to begin to make a plan.]
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[Cielo can't claim to be innocent of killing people who can't fight back. He's been devouring locals for the past two months, after all.

But at least he has the decency to kill them as quickly and painlessly as possible, and make sure they didn't die in vain.

Whoever did this did the complete opposite of that.

He's aware of Gale's presence - he doesn't even have to look to know that he's there.]

Her name is Cosette.

[He has to admit...he didn't recognize her and had to be told by Muraki who it was.]
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You knew her?

[Recognizing someone who has lost their head is a bit difficult, so it's not too surprising that Cielo might not have. ]
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Only by name. We're both nurses at the clinic.

[But still, even though Cielo only works in the same building as her and he doesn't know much about her aside from her name, he feels that much closer to her.]
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[He's a bit surprised by the clinic thing, because it seems like Serph and Cielo have been doing a lot while he wasn't here.]

Do you know anything about why this may have happened?
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No. And I don't think anybody else here knows either, ja?

[All he knows is that somebody killed and made a spectacle of it.]

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