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special relationship times

Who: Nanaki and Davesprite
What: Nanaki is still worried about what the station master said, so she's spending time with her boyfriend to try to cheer up.
Where: at her place
When: daytime

[When the station master had told them about the plans to end the experiments soon, Nanaki had been worried. How would they get home? Would they be trapped there forever, or would they just be killed off? Some people had been sent home, and no new people had been brought in recently, so it was possible that the scientists were just slowly sending people home. Still, it was a big worry on Nanaki's mind, one that had troubled her for many days.

After a while she realized something even more troubling: even if they got sent home, it wasn't going to be an entirely happy thing. Sure, they would live, but almost all of Nanaki's friends were from other worlds, and she would probably never see them again. It wasn't like inter-planet space travel existed in her world or anything.

Nanaki would miss her friends for sure, but the one she would miss the most was her boyfriend, Davesprite. Of course, Nanaki was a realist, and she knew that, realistically, her relationship with Davesprite probably wouldn't be her only one ever. Even without the threat of imminent separation, they still could possibly break up in the future, or find other people that they were interested in, or any other of a dozen things could separate them. But as much as Nanaki tried to think of things in that way, her feelings were still getting in the way, and it hurt to think of being separated from him.

Being in love is hard. It's hard, and nobody understands.

So at some point, when Davesprite is over and they're hanging out, Nanaki will be a bit clingier than usual. She's trying to keep a positive attitude about it, but she's also staying close to him. If they're going to be separated in the near future, then Nanaki wants to spend as much time as she can with him now.

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