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☀ look what the cat dragged in ☀

Who: Rose & anyone
When: Today
Where: near the coral in the plaza
Style: Starting with prose, but brackets are cool too.
Status: Open

Rose's first thought when arriving at Vatheon was that she'd somehow blacked out before they entered the new session. But one look around at all the actual people walking around was a sign that she was not in SBURB, a dream bubble or Kansas on the meteor anymore. Wherever it was that she was now currently located, she was soaking wet in her orange and yellow god tier outfit, on the ground and pretty damn drunk.

And Kanaya wasn't here with her. In fact, at this very moment, there wasn't anyone she recognized. So not only was she in somewhere completely unexpected, she was separated from her matesprit and her friends. Her head was starting to throb and she could use another drink about now. Might make all of this easier to deal with.

That's when she noticed the welcoming brochure on the ground next to her and reached out for it.
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[Or maybe Kanaya was here with her... just on the far side of the plaza. She'd been making a point of coming down here many times a day, just in case some new arrival showed up needing assistance. And boy, there seems to be one in need of assistance down there.]

[There's just one problem stopping Kanaya from heading down there. She can't make out who it is down on the ground there, but those colors are unmistakable... and there wasn't a light player she knew of that wouldn't be something of an emotional pipe bomb for her to meet. Which one was it though?]

[The bubbles too small to avoid the problem forever, so it's not long before she musters up the courage to move in.

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[Wow, this is weird. Kanaya has never seen Rose like this before, not even during Rose's last stay in the bubble, which had been a bit odd in a lot of ways. She's obviously a new arrival, and certainly not from a point in her timeline that Kanaya recognizes. Kanaya had thought of a few different options for what she might expect if Rose Lalonde had returned to this place, and while they were rated from best to worst case scenarios, somehow this was not in the spectrum.]

I'm happy to see you as well. Are you feeling all right? You seem... somewhat incoherent.

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But I can't help but notice that my presense has had little effect on your diction.

[Naturally she takes Rose's hand. After all, she'll always lend a hand to someone in need, and has no suspicion in the slightest that there may be any other result to this than helping Lalonde back to her feet. She is completly off guard at the moment.]
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[The ghost of the FLIGHTY BROADS AND THEIR SNARKY HORSESHITOMETER explodes anew, condemning it's soul to double-death. The amount of horseshit here was too much for it, even though they're here in Vatheon and it was off in the furthest veil blissfully bouncing around a dreambubble reliving it's fondest pesterchum exchanges.]

[Alas, poor horseshitometer. We hardly knew ye. Seriously. It wasn't even clear if it even counts as a full gaming abstraction, which themselves still carried a certain amount of ambiguity.]

[So, enough of that; back to Kanaya. Oh. Wait. We can't go to Kanaya, she hasn't quite recovered from this unexpected development. So... uh... Horseshitometer, what's it like being double dead?]

[Ghost of Horseshitometer cannot reply, because it no longer exists.]

[Oh, wait, there we go.]

[Kanaya was shaken by the kiss. It seems now that her worst-case scenario was both accurate and somehow too conservative. She would step away from Rose, but she's fairly sure the seer needs some assistance in staying upright. Kanaya move to her side instead.]

That much is obvious. Let's... go find a place to sit.
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[Ouch. She hoped that maybe this could wait till Rose had sobered up, but it looks like that's not going to happen. Luckily there's several convenient benches in the plaza, and one isn't too far away. Kanaya's going to try and walk her over that way. At the very least she's not going to let Rose fall. She already feels bad enough about this situation. ]

You're not really in a good condition to have this conversation... but you deserve a full explanation. Your assessment is... close to the truth. Please, just come sit on that bench over there and I'll explain everything.
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[Funny, that's exactly how she feels. She's not fit to talk about this, but Kanaya is going to repeat herself as much as needed to make sure Rose understands. She's also going to take a seat next to her.]

The timelines aren't really interrupted. When people are brought here, they spend their time however they wish. When they are returned from here, they lose their memories of this place and go back to the exact moment they left.

I was brought here minutes after we first met in person. Eventually, I will return, and we will spend three years on a meteor together. I am the main timeline Kanaya...

But I'm not yet the Kanaya you knew.
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Well... There's a problem with that. I've been here for over a year, Rose.

[This sucks. She needs to get through this though. It's not like the news will get any better with age.]

I'm currently in a red relationship with someone here. With... Roxy. Your post-scratch mother.
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Rose? I'm sorry.

[Kanaya cannot imagine that Rose's silence is at all a good thing. She'll continue talking, for both their sakes. Also because of that whole 'rambling when embarrassed or upset' thing. she might have spent a year somewhere else but that hasn't stopped being a thing.]

I feared this would happen. I didn't know, but it was pretty obvious that we might form a strong relationship. I really liked you when we finally met. Fuck, I still like you, Rose. Given three years together on the meteor I knew that I would want us to be together. But when I came here... I wasn't with you. You weren't here. I couldn't sit back and hope that I was right about our future, and that one day they would bring you here. Listen, I... from your perspective, did I ever explain who Vriska was? What she was to me?
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[Whoops. She doesn't need to know your entire history here, Kanaya. Not right now. What, would you bring up the time that Rose spent her previously and rebuked you? That wouldn't be fair to her. That may have been her, once, but it's really not the same person.]

[She shakes her head dismissively]

Never mind. I was talking too much again, and it wasn't really that relevant. I would like... I understand what you're going through. I would like to spend time with you, to get to know you... but I understand that it might be too much, knowing that I can't really restart... start... a relationship with you.
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I'm so sorry that this happened.

[Whoa, there's a look of disgust on her face for a moment, before she turns away. She may be trying to hide it a little, but her fists are clenched in anger.]

It's unfair. To me, to Roxy... and most of all to you. This is what they do.

[Here, Rose, let her just confirm those suspicions. It's not this place that has a sick sense of humor, but the people who run it.]
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The ones that are in control of this place. The scientists, and the nurses. From what we've discovered they have some way of harvesting strong emotions to their own benefit. We are brought here as their test animals, and they do things to bring out our emotions. The Head Nurse I have no doubt that they brought you here just to cause us pain. It wouldn't be the first time.

[Oh, Kanaya has a long history of hurt and anger that she's already holding against them. Bringing Rose here like this? It's just a whole new level of pissed off to add to the litany of their crimes, and it shows. She can't even begin to try and hide her contempt and loathing of these people. Rose might even recognize the look: it's similar to her view on Gamzee, once upon a time, yet somehow more severe. ]
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I am fairly certain that I agree with you there. Sometime later I'd like to tell you more about the things they've done... but not when you're like this, and preferably after you've had a good chance to settle in and get used to this change.

[Of course, by the time she would be ready to do so, a mind-altering curse would have them all up in costumes and alternate personalities, so she'll get back to Rose a bit later than she'd like.]

Rose... I'm not your matesprit, but I am your friend and... It hurts to see you like this. Painfully arranged situation aside, I mean.

[She may not have known much of anything to do with human soporifics back on the meteor, but after a year in vatheon she's gained quite a bit of cultural experience. This does hurt, and it's making it all the harder to reject her. If Roxy weren't a factor... hell. She already feels pity for Rose now, even as she reminds herself that she's already involved with someone. ]
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[It does hurt. It hurts to see Rose in such pain, to see that she's fallen prey to intoxicants... and it hurts that all she wants to do is give Rose a reassuring hug but she can't, not now, not with this situation. Every caretaking instinct she has would just make things worse. She just wants to tell her how much she missed her, or how despite everything she's still glad Rose is here, but she can't.]

Please do so. I will be available.

[She can feel tears welling up, and she turns away to hide them.]

...Goodbye Rose.

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