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July mingle log

[The mingle party this month is taking place in the field on the North end of the park. There are balloons, streamers, flags and signs all showing the way to the gathering. There is a table set up with fresh fruit, cookies, cupcakes, sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers. Another table consists of various beverages and pretty blue jars to use as drinking glasses.

In the middle of the field one can find a large
ball pit with inflatable sharks inside. There are also a couple of bounce houses and buckets full of water balloons. Towels and reclining lawn chairs were close by for anyone who needed to dry off or sunbathe.

Last but not least, there is a large tent full of pillows of all shapes and sizes. There is a movie projector set up to use a tent wall as a movie screen. Bring your own movies or choose from the great classics like The Count of Monte Fishto and The Seven Samuray. Outside of the tent was a photo booth set up with a
box of silly props. A whole bunch of silly props.]
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[Roxas is originally attracted by the sign, even if he's never been in a photo booth before. Of course when he hears a familiar laughter and those photos come out, he has to poke his head in through the curtain.]

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[He's about to take a few more photos when suddenly Roxas popping his head in startles Axel and he inches away from the curtain. He's still got the stupid glasses on when he does so he looks a little more than ridiculous.]

Whoa-! Oh. Roxas.

[Slowly gonna take the glasses off now]

What's up?
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I was- curious about this thing.

[He steps further into the booth.]

How many've you taken?
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[Axel scoots over in his seat to make room for Roxas.]

Mm, quite a few, I think. You wanna take some?
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[He smiles and plops down beside Axel.]

We could use some pictures together.
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[Axel sets the stupid glasses off to the side then starts to get the set up ready for them to snap a few photos. There's borders and things with hearts which he scrolls past. Eventually he just settles for a plain photo to start then presses the red button.]

'kay, get yourself ready.
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Uh, okay.

[Roxas isn't sure how he's supposed to pose. He leans over a little.]

Are we both in the picture?
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[Axel leans against Roxas as well while the camera gets ready to snap a photo, then when it counts down from three he pulls the other into a side hug... and secretly sticks up two fingers behind his head.]

Just smile!

[Annnnnnd snap! That's one!]
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[Roxas has no idea of course, and Axel hugging him gets a genuine smile out of him for the first picture.

Then he starts to lift his head to look up at his friend and that's when he feels the hand behind his head. His automatic assumption is that Axel's about to mess up his hair and he reaches to grab the hand down.]


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[Aw, come on, you're ruining the pictures! Axel pulls back, hands raised.]

What? I didn't do nothing?
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You did, too.

[Roxas gives him an accusatory prod. These are going to be the best pictures, okay.]
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[Ow, you little jerk. Axel crosses his arms and looks away.]

I can't believe you'd accuse me of doing such a thing.
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What? You mess up my hair all the time.

[Snap! Roxas glances over.]

Is it still taking pictures?
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[He looks over and sure enough just as he makes a rather confused face there's another snap as the camera takes its last photo.]

... Well. Those are gonna turn out great.
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...the first one might've been okay.

You wanna try again?
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Heh. Doesn't matter. I'm gonna end up keeping those anyway.

[For the memories, you know? Axel sets up the camera again then resumes getting into a nicer pose with Roxas.]

Ok, this time it's gonna be serious, ok? No more fussing around.
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...I'm not sure I believe that.

[He'll try and pose nice, putting an arm around Axel, but he's kind of expecting to be tickled or something.]
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Wow. Nice to know you trust me so much, Roxas.

[And, look, he's being very good, thank you very much! He's pull you into a side hug once again and grin for the photo. Annnnnd snap! Aw, that's gonna be a cute one.]
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I trust you plenty.

I just don't trust you not to mess with me.

[He tries to sit up a little straighter for the next picture, so maybe he wonn't look as short in it.]
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[You always look short, silly.]

So you only trust me for some things. How touching.

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You know I'm right.

[But if he can get his head higher, he might not look it in the pictures!

...after one picture he sort of gives up though and puts his head against Axel's shoulder instead. Snap! Don't be mad, bestie.]
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[Axel glances over at Roxas as he rests against his shoulder like that, then with a laugh the photo snaps. Aw, that'll be a cute one.]

I never said that.
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You don't have to say it.

[Although it does look like Axel was telling the truth this time. It's about to take the last picture, and still not even a hair ruffle.]
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[See? He's being a good bestie. He actually does want these photos to turn out nice as opposed to goofy like the first reel. Anyway, after that last one takes he leans back in his seat to wait for the pictures to print out.]

Heh. Maybe we should frame these pictures.
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Is that what you do with them?

Where should we hang 'em?

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