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21st-Jun-2012 04:49 am - action !!
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Who: c.c. & [community profile] vatheon
Where: park!!
Style: [ heavily pretentious brackets ] ..or not; your choice, i'll follow!! ❤
Status: swings this baby open

[ having been cooped for far too long, c.c. has decided that she isn't going to put up with it anymore. it isn't like she was ever one to obediently heed warnings, anyway; so if you're in the park today, you may just notice the girl who has thrown caution to the wind. she's dressed rather normally than she usually is in an attempt to be inconspicuous— she's even concealing her face well enough with a large summer hat.

—except, she's doing a rather poor job of being inconspicuous... if only due to the fact that she has a fresh pizza box with her on the bench she's seated and is currently sharing some of it with the ducks.

care to approach the odd girl feeding the ducks pizza? ]
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Who: Shirley, Lelouch, and C.C. to start; Nunnally and Suzaku to follow, if they're interested in jumping in.
Where: Lelouch's apartment
When: Backdated to last week with the kawaii flowers plot
Style: [Action for the lazy, por favor?]
Status: Closed

[It isn't necessarily safe for Shirley to let her guard down here-- not with Mao around. But nevertheless, not even Mao could stop her from enjoying the beautiful flowers that have recently started popping up all over Vatheon. She couldn't help herself, and picked a whole basket's worth, even bringing some home for Suzaku--although there's a lot more here than just that.

It's way too much for just Suzaku, so naturally, anyone who knows Shirley
knows who she's thinking of giving some to. It's just a matter of getting the courage to go over there...

To approach him the way she did before, and start over fresh.

Could she do that...?

Heh. She doesn't really know; but she finds herself knocking on his apartment's door anyway, alone and without moral support. Perhaps it's the flowers that have put her in a good mood; she doesn't seem to think she needs any.

Strange...but she wouldn't want to bother anyone anyway.

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Who: a witch ([personal profile] sigil), her bitch ([personal profile] geass), and the most adult of us all ([personal profile] chosehope)
Where: lelouch/nunnally's apartment
When: late evening after c.c. arrives
Style: first
Status: closed

make me a compromise )
23rd-Mar-2012 07:01 pm - add (1) Irishman to the mix
finallycowboys: (◆ oh shit)
who: henry & you
where: plaza
what: wringing out all his nice clothes... he's pretty upset....
when: march 23, morning
style: doesn't matter
status: open

[ There's a lot of incomprehensible cursing, though whether it's in English or not is uncertain. A man, dripping wet, is removing his vest and draping it somewhere, then removing his gloves (casting them aside) to work on getting his knee-high boots unlaced. ]

Bloody ruined is what this is all is, fuck...!

[ He drops a metal handle-shaped thing on the ground, looking extremely annoyed. Guy rarely loses his shit like this, but some things were just that important to him. ]
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