19th-Jul-2017 03:23 pm - Booyaka Boom - She's Back!
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It had been several months since Aya had left Vatheon. For a long time, she was incredibly miserable. It took her friends some time to convince her to leave her chocobo barn and try to get back to life as normal. But nothing seemed normal with Aya gone. Life had continued anyway, though Selphie never really returned to herself. Several months later, and there was one final fight - finally, a way to leave Vatheon. She fought hard and pushed through, desperate to go home.

But home is not where she finds herself. Instead, she realises that she has arrived in some kind of city. It's not one that she's ever been in before, but it's incredibly busy, and Selphie spends some time crossing roads, following the crowds of people, trying to figure out where she is. Eventually, she sees a building for tourist information. Apparently, she was in some kind of place called London. It was definitely not part of her world. She stood, dejected, in the building beside all the maps and leaflets, and must have looked quite some sight because someone came to ask if she was okay. Eventually, after a very awkward conversation, Selphie figures out that she is in London, which is in England, which is in the UK. And that meant Aya.

Please let that mean Aya. That's all Selphie can think as she makes her way through the streets, slower now, scanning every face in case it's him. Eventually, she finds herself standing as part of a large group of people outside a tall building. There's a definite sense of buzz and excitement in there. Something must be happening soon, because there are cameras and people waving and trying to get their attention. Before long, there's a camera directly in Selphie's face, and she is standing beside a man with a microphone.

"Just look at the camera, and explain how excited you are to be here today. And smile a little - you'll look cute for the cameras."

Those are Selphie's instructions. And so, with a sad smile, Selphie Tilmitt appears on screen. She blinks uncertainly, then turns to the man interviewing her, "So, here we are in London. What a day! Tell us, how are you feeling about being here today? Excited?"

"Well, I suppose. In a way I am."

The interviewer's grin is awkward, like he's trying to communicate to her to be more enthusiastic. "Great! And what are you doing here today?"

That was an easy question, and one that made Selphie nod in determination, "I'm looking for Aya."


"I'm looking for Aya."

"Wait - aren't you here for the film premiere?"

Selphie just shakes her head, having no idea that was what was going on at all. The camera man might be heard giggling - it's live TV after all. "This is the United Kingdom, isn't it?"

The interviewer looks completely bewildered and turns away, but the camera man is still rolling, and giggling. "Of course it is."

Resolute, Selphie marches a few steps up to the camera and gazes at it head on, "Aya... If you're out there... Well, I' I'm in London. I'll keep looking for you!"

The interviewer then grunts and knocks her out of the way, replacing her instead with a few giggly girls that look excited to be on TV. Selphie stands aside, stares at the large crowd, then sighs as she turns to figure out how she will continue her search.

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